Top Ten Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned


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1 The Dictionary

It has been banned. At least in one school about which I read at the web. The school said they caught their students searching for vulgar and bad words in the dictionary. Pretty weird, but true. - Kiteretsunu

The Dictionary can't be banned! They are important for our English and of course, our SPEECH! - Adamshane1999

The dictionary is great for learning. That is so stupid that they would ban it.

Well, to answer some of those comments bellow. In some schools the dictionary was banned and censored cause it had bad words, and kids used it to find definitions to bad words - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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2 Red Ink (for Teachers)

I read recently that the colour red can negatively affect test results. If only I knew this before I got red carpets for my room and a red blanket for my bed. - PositronWildhawk

I think this might actually be true! One of my teachers used red ink and I got a bad grade! :( - funnyuser

I get good grades in red ink and bad grades in blue

Why not green pens? I MEAN RED PENS ARE BAD - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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3 Father's Day Cards

What if some one doesn't have a dad? They'll be left out or upset

Fathers Day is in summer! - EpicJake

Lmfao but they don't ban mothers day cards what

sexist BS - EliHbk

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4 Pokemon Cards

In elementary school, Pokemon was very big and everybody brought Pokemon cards to school. Even the popular kids! Anyways the principal banned them. Then Beyblade was popular and then it got banned! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Everybody in my first grade were bringing Pokemon cards until the teachers banned them, along with Silly Bands. WE all tried to sneak them into class and trade while doing assignments. - Goatworlds

At my old school they banned them since they caused fights but at my new school kids talk about them a lot and the teachers have never really brought them up - Lunala

Was this just a 90s thing. The so called genwunners? Who are more into Gen 1 and maybe Gen 2 (Sky One cancelled Pokemon after Johto season ha! ) I don't think anyone would be in school nowadays or are Pokemon cards still banned?

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5 Tag

Nowadays playgrounds are inconsistent, they "trust" the news team (which always shows news about topics people think is important like ROBLOX, Minecraft, Princess Diana and Murder Mysteries) to petition the graffiti (which only happens when they need filler) and keep the big "F**K YOU" Text on the other side of the rock wall until the said news team comes, but ban tag because of germs, I have touched over 9000 (sorry for the DBZ joke) people in my lifetime, AND I'M ONLY 13, so what's the problem, so after they banned the TGRR (Tag, Grounders, Red Rover) kids just get bored and teens do not get a positive role model (unlike the teachers micro-brain thinks) but just the only thing to do other than sliding (which they are bored of) and talking (also bored of) is to take out their huge Sharpie, aka Paint Brush, and write another big "F**K YOU" on said spot. THE END. - Maddox121

Schools are retarded. Grounders and Red Rover I can understand. But tag? Come on! You're just running around and you have to touch someone else so they become it. (okay that sounds wrong) - SammySpore

After my school banned this, we started playing Grounders. After my school banned Grounders ( they're eyes are closed and they're on playground equipment? What if they fall! ) we started playing Red Rover. Then they banned that too so now we have nothing to do.

Oh lord, I remember the day our principal pulled all 500 students into the cafeteria to lecture us on why tag was "bad". Wow - Scr3aM

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6 Darwin T-shirt

It's not Darwin Watterson. It's actually Charles Darwin. - Kiteretsunu

One the other hand, some schools ban shirts with bible quotes on them, and saying anything that has to do with religion. If only we could get along. It's a free country - ethanmeinster

Charles Darwin, Not Darwin Watterson. - aarond09

Schools influenced by the FFRF (Freedom FROM Religion Foundation, a hyper-atheist, hyper-Darwinist group) ban Christian phrases yet ban Darwinist shirts?! Hypocrisy of hyper/militant atheists.

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7 Lunch

Wow. teachers must really want to kill us

I thought it was illegal to do this! - funnyuser

Are there teachers who do this actually do this. If there are, they're monsters! Students don't have to starve. - 906389

I have no idea at all why this isn’t at least in the top 5! Banning kids from eating should be illegal! - 3DG20

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8 Regular Clothes

I hate my school uniform, it feels like you are going to school-of-worst-dress-sense. Why can't we just wear a simple jeans and top? Our uniform for girls is, brown check shirt, brown divider skirt, two braids down the sides with ribbons, can you believe it?!? Ribbons! I don't understand what's the point of dress code in school. We are there to study, so teach us and don't interfere with anything else! I can understand banning crop tops, mini skirts and all that revealing crap, but normal clothes!?!? Like, is your brain dead or something!?!?

Why the heck can't we wear regular clothes in schools!? I'm so tired of wearing the idiotic school uniform! Dammit! - PlatinumTheHitgirl

Yeah my uniform has a very uncomfortable jumper and trousers - which hardly fit me! (I work out by the way) - sryanbruen

I understand when it comes to crop tops and blouses but regular clothes? What?! Having to wear school uniforms! Stupid! Wearing itchy and uncomfortable tops and shirts, and putting brains in your hair with ribbons! Ribbons! And I hate braids in MY hair. How stupid to ban regular clothes. Back in my childhood, I was glad my school didn't ban the clothes we wear now. Kids, go to Pettigrew! It's the nicest school!

Let's brainwash kids into thinking that every job you go to is going to require you to wear formal clothes, a collar, and a suit and tie. Newsflash: not true.

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9 Dancing

The teachers are just afraid that the students will out-dance them! Chickens! - NerdyPweeps

Are the teachers afraid that kids will fall and hurt themselves or something? - funnyuser

Dancing isn't banned at my school. Heck, my best friend does the robot and the moonwalk all the time in wood shop. At least it's better then the whip nae nae or the dab.

I just did like a billion comments, sorry if I took up other commenters' room - Shamo24

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10 Pokemon Socks

This is a truly bizarre thing to ban. But it happened. - PositronWildhawk

NO! Pokemon is awesome and should be allowed anything. - letdot52

What good would banning Pokemon socks do - Gamer4life

Why I love Pokemon stupid schools

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11 Bathroom Stalls

They're all out in the open now, because of "stuff"

Are you serious. Everyone would see your junk. - SammySpore

Why do schools ban those. Is it because they're trying to ruin students lives. I mean it's bad enough they ban dancing and regular clothes but bathroom stalls! What has society come to.

Oh ok, teacher. So you want a pervert to come up to you and look at your butt. Wow. Just wow.

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12 Peanuts

I actually understand that they banned this. It's because of nut allergies.

This is understandable. Maybe you should stop only caring about yourself because there are many people that are allergic to peanuts. - 3DG20

If it was the comics, I would blow up the school. - Maddox121

Y wood ban comix, next u ban garfielf then popeye - Maddox121

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13 Bake Sales

It's a way students make money for charities, fundraisers, and other good causes. - Connor360

It's a waste of time

Aw come on! whats wrong with having fun in the kitchen for school? - LAURENRL

14 Recess

Secondary School we have a school break, its not kiddy recess. Its just a break we have in school.

free time

I don’t miss recess that much to be honest. - 3DG20

15 Flaming Hot Cheetos

Cheetos often get a bad rap, but Flaming Hot Cheetos are apparently the biggest culprit. With their dangerous heat and alarming red color, no school cafeteria is safe. (Source: The Huffington Post) - Kiteretsunu

This is one of my favorite foods - PatrickStar

Why would they ban a silly thing like that that's really weird that's like banning food


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16 Phones

Phones? I guess I see why they are banned in some schools. They are distracting, and they make kids less social. Unless they are texting. And they barely even TALK while playing POKEMON GO. PLAY THE REAL GAME PEOPLE GO VERSION IS SO UGLY

I understand why it would be banned in some aspects if the students are abusing the privileges and playing on their phone instead of listening to the teacher, but what if an emergency happened? - 3DG20

You should see our form room at lunch! All anybody does past two o'clock when we can have our phones out is play games, and it's like living with a bunch of human phones! I don't have a phone, so I tried to create the same effect with my tablet, and the phone geeks ripped into me real bad. I think they should be banned at our school,and if you use your phone for a reason that's not welcome, you should either have it confiscated or get a period six. There! That's what I think of phones!

It is a good thing, at least, you don't hear someone obssessing over the new trendy-social app or any other un-important things,

i don't know why a phone would be necessary, especially in class, and hate hearing someone obssessing about their phones, wanting to stole it back when confiscated.

seriously, why not waiting to going back to home? it's not the end of the world.

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17 Rollerbags

What are roller bags?

They are like a cross between a suitcase and a backpack/bookbag. I can understand why these would be banned.
They can be hard to maneuver.
In a crowded school, the can be a nuisance
When things get chaotic, like during a class change etc. these can make it harder for students to get to their destination, and can get in the way of those with disabilities, in wheelchair, or on crutches etc. - emeraldfennekin

18 Anything Involving Birthdays


19 Band Shirts

I can understand if its for some of the more obscure metal bands like the ones I listen to, like Cannibal Corpse etc because of the graphic nature of their merchandise, but for them to ban band shirts outright is just too much. - emeraldfennekin

If my school banned band shirts, I wouldn't have a wardrobe. - Plonderss

What if they need to tell their mom or dad maybe family member something, or what if two people are alone and one of them is having a medical emergency but they can't take out their phones then that person has to just stare at that person... think about it

I exclusively wear those - Songsta41

20 The Word "Meep"

Two words: the cuss? (Dialga king is my name even though I don't have a account)

This has no meaning whatsoever. ITS JUST A WORD LIKE - LAURENRL

Whatever, I'm going to say Meap instead as an excuse. - Maddox121

What even... - emeraldfennekin

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21 South Park T-Shirts

Well yeah, south park is for like 17 year olds. - SammySpore

Actually, this makes sense.

Well, I can't blame them because South Park is actually a little inapropriate. - EpicJake

I can understand because SP is for a mature audience and I guess the teachers don't want little kids to get the big idea..

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22 Air Jordans

What on earth did Air Jordans do to the principal?

A kid threw them at his principal and he suddenly became triggered. - AlphaQ

23 The Words "What The"

When I was in 4th grade, whenever someone said "what the" they had to run a whole mile around the track. Stupid teachers

In my school someone said "what the" in class and the teacher told them to not say that. Another time most of the boys in the class said "deez nuts" all at the same time and the teacher didn't say anything. School makes no sense. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Two very common words in the English language and some adult in some school thinks that they're words of the heathens and blasphemers. Seriously? - NuMetalManiak

They can ban "What the f***" or "what the h*ll" but what the... is just dumb - Maddox121

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24 Best Friends

They banned it because other students might feel bad. The way people have to not offend anybody and be nice all the time is just dumb. You can hardly say or do anything now without offending some prick. - SammySpore

That's just cruel... I guess some schools don't want friendship to be real..

Well me and Hunter won't be in the same school

So they want to make children sad... how mean. - LAURENRL

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25 Christmas

Gee, the principal or the school board must have been a real Scrooge or Grinch to ban something like this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's so stupid

You’re a mean one, Mr Principal - Lunala

"If you don't like Christmas you're prolly a Jew." ~ Jacksfilms - emeraldfennekin

26 Art
27 Talking

This list is getting weirder and weirder as I go down.


28 American Flag

A school in California banned clothing with the American flag on it because the hispanic kids felt "threatened" - ryanrimmel

What's next? They're going to ban the pledge or the national anthem? How stupid can schools get with banning things? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

"The flag of the country I live in is offensive, please ban it"

Typical modern stupidity.The world gets stupider every day

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29 Birthday Invitations
30 Charlie Charlie

Lol, when it was FRIDAY and we were at school, it was nearly the end of the day. And we always have this thing called "Golden Time" and we go and do stuff like that. So yeah, the teacher said we were having Golden Time. And then some boys got paper and 2 pencils to do the Charlie Charlie challenge and it kept turning to yes, then the teacher asked why we were screaming and shouting that Charlie is real, the teacher said Charlie is real and he's alive. (There is a guy called Charlie in our class so...) And they said that it was a demon and the teacher told us to stop doing it over and over again. So... Charlie Charlie is banned from our class then. -

This is so understandable someone did it once and it scared almost everyone because he was blowing the pencil so it weird people think this is weird

Yeah, because it is a horror game, kids should NOT be scared over pen and paper - Maddox121

I agree it's bad luck to disturb the spirits in their rest

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31 The Words "Oh Jesus"

I remember back in Grade 5, I literally got in trouble for saying that.

I am Jewish, so I don't believe in Jesus. But when something shocks me, I still say it. - 445956

It is offensive to kids who follow other religions, such as Islam.

It is only banned in Christian/Jewish/Ultra-Religious Schools - Maddox121

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32 Books

I live for books! In fact I couldn't survive if our school banned books!

Books are anti-literacy. Watch movies or be illiterate!

Books what the I don't get why books are band I love books


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33 Backpacks/Schoolbags

In the 6th grade, the school tried to institute uniformed backpacks. They weren't even backpacks, they were poorly made drawstring bags. By the way, we had to take all of our material home with us everyday.

Okay, hold on. You're telling me that schools, which mind you, give tons of textbooks, papers and other supplies are not allowing students to carry a bag to put their supplies in? Umm okay... - emeraldfennekin

My middle school wouldn't allow carrying backpacks around, and they want us to stuff backpacks full of stuff in really skinny lockers and bring only what we need. Very stupid. - NuMetalManiak

In 1st Grade We Used Plastic Bags Instead Of Backpacks

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34 Bows

Like the hair decoration or the old form of weapon?

Jojo Siwa (a crappy singer) would be mad if she found out about this - Lunala

35 Music

In science some kid kept playing a distorted version of Sweatshirt, Dark horse and Heathens over and over and the teacher didn't care - Lunala

Aren't schools normally supposed to teach music and famous composers? Stupid libs.

So I can't play clean versions of Melanie Martinez during class parties

My brother needs those for an education system they are not so smart

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36 Joking About Drugs

Yeah, drugs are so not funny.

This SHOULD be banned!

This is understandable! Drugs should also be banned. - 3DG20

When they were teaching us about why drugs aren’t cool, kids made jokes about smoking weed.

Not good. - Lunala

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37 Fidget Spinners

Banning these can be helpful, but it also takes a useful tool from kids who actually are benefited by using one, like myself. - emeraldfennekin

I remember there was a PLAGUE of these things in my school...

My school banned them but before the ban everyone in my grade had one. - Lunala

That's a good thing. I hate fidget spinners. - Iamcool

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38 Saying the Word "Gun"

In grade 2 we had to draw a picture of war and we were not allowed to draw guns. You weren't even allowed to draw TANKS AND JETS. Other than that, the school would scold anybody who made the "gun" gesture with their hands. - Lunala

We were doing a World War 2 project in grade 6 and our teacher said to draw all things related to it. So the kid next to me started drawing guns and stuff, and he got detention.

This dude said that he was drawing a gun and the teacher raged. E_e

A girl in 2nd grade, she freaked out whenever someone made a gun figure. 😂😂 - Untildawn8

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39 Deodorant

So we what, go stinky all day especially for kids in marching band, gym, and athletics? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That ban is incredibly stupid because if a lot of people that stink really bad are in the same room than it could reach toxic levels

Cologne and perfume I understand because some people have trouble breathing near them, but DEODORANT?!? This IS UNACCEPTABLE. - shawnmccaul22

Why do boys my age not wear deodorant? They smell like overcooked bacons and dead rats. - Lunala

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40 Hats

My school won't even let you wear ANY type of clothing on your head! Hoods, hats, beanies, tinfoil, everything! All because they think it's disrespectful. Apparently my school is full of hillbillies who are still living in 1910 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

My school banned hats AND beanies. That is stupid. "There are gangs in the area" yeah right. - Pegasister12

The only gangs in our school area is the hillbillies who live in the trailer park next to school - SirSkeletorThe3rd

If they are afraid of gangs they should be safe because there are no gangs except the police

Do hairbands count? because if so my school don't rage when I wear them. I wear them like every day. - LAURENRL

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41 Video Games

In MY school, we are allowed to play any game we WANT during breaks. Even Grand Theft Auto!

I think they mean do NOT talk about video games - Th3Zm0nst3r

Video games are not school stuff

How CAN this be banned? There isn’t any video games in school anyways! - Untildawn8

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42 Chocolate Bars

This is weird because sugar and energy are as important as vitamins and iron, there was a kid that was kicked out of his primary school because he had a chocolate bar, an apple, mini cheddar and some other food I don't remember, anyway this kid was underweight and his lunch is literally the most healthy lunch I've ever seen, even his lunch was healthier than school dinners - Harri666

My school doesn't mind what you eat. - Lunala

That's a sad story Harri666. - funnyuser

Oh my god in primary school they yelled at kids for eating “junk food”.

It was super duper traumatising. - Lunala

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43 Tank Tops

My school has done this. But kids in my school still wear tank top though. - EpicJake

In my school tank tops are only banned for boys - NicholasYellow

How are tank tops bad? - 906389

44 The Confederate Flag

It is heritage not racism it stands for the men who fought for a unified confederacy! Yankees!

It is not racism it stands for the men who fought for a separate and unified confederacy! Yankees!

Why would a school have a confederate flag anyway unless it was the school of the kkk or something. - Sunflowerswag

The confederate flag has evolved into a hate symbol and should be banned

I don't see a problem with this ban. - emeraldfennekin

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45 Snowball Fights

We aren't even allowed out in the snow at my school! never mind having snowball fights. - LAURENRL

46 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

HA! You might have banned regular Google but not Google Chrome

You want a school that has banned google? Go to my old high school, Pepin Academies. One kid was looking up bad stuff on google and they blocked it throughout the entire school. - railfan99

I hate when they take it from everybody all because one person was abusing the privilege. - 3DG20

47 Grilled Cheese

I live in Ohio. go bucks

I hate that food - masonkv



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48 Picture Day

Personally, I don't want to pay $15 bucks for a book of pictures of people I hate and have abused me over the years.

Yeah what's wrong with that it's just memories will it be banned to remember things

This is beyond weird. Crazy overprotective parents... - PizzaGuy

Our school has one every year for each class - MLPFan

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49 Gym

Banning gym is taking it too far. As much as I hate PE, people should have the choice to go to gym.

They want their test scores to be up for more funding to put in their corrupt pockets

You need gym at my high school to pass - Gusbus

Obesity is already a huge problem it now it'll be bigger because of those idiotic teachers

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50 Computers
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