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1 The Dictionary

I think they banned these because kids were looking up inappropriate words in the dictionary

It has been banned. At least in one school about which I read at the web. The school said they caught their students searching for vulgar and bad words in the dictionary. Pretty weird, but true. - Kiteretsunu


In my school library they banned it. - The_Random_Content_Guy

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2 Father's Day Cards

My high school special ed teacher FORCED the class to make Father's Day cards

They claimed it is offensive to kids with 2 moms despite the fact that some people have 2 dads - 445956

What if some one doesn't have a dad? They'll be left out or upset

What if Father's Day didn't exist when my mum was in school.

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3 Red Ink (for Teachers)

I read recently that the colour red can negatively affect test results. If only I knew this before I got red carpets for my room and a red blanket for my bed. - PositronWildhawk

Not banned

They banned red ink?! - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

I think this might actually be true! One of my teachers used red ink and I got a bad grade! :( - funnyuser

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4 Tag

It was banned in elementary school but everyone played it anyways and no once cared - sadical

Every school I've been to has banned this. - Cyri

Yea but they can't ban walking.

Nowadays playgrounds are inconsistent, they "trust" the news team (which always shows news about topics people think is important like ROBLOX, Minecraft, Princess Diana and Murder Mysteries) to petition the graffiti (which only happens when they need filler) and keep the big "F**K YOU" Text on the other side of the rock wall until the said news team comes, but ban tag because of germs, I have touched over 9000 (sorry for the DBZ joke) people in my lifetime, AND I'M ONLY 13, so what's the problem, so after they banned the TGRR (Tag, Grounders, Red Rover) kids just get bored and teens do not get a positive role model (unlike the teachers micro-brain thinks) but just the only thing to do other than sliding (which they are bored of) and talking (also bored of) is to take out their huge Sharpie, aka Paint Brush, and write another big "F**K YOU" on said spot. THE END. - Maddox121

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5 Lunch

Banning lunch would be enough to convince me that public schools want to mass murder innocent children. I bet the people running the schools worship Hitler and their ultimate goal is to recreate the holocaust. - shadomatrix

"Some school in North Korea maybe"

This happens in the US.

This is a crazy list! - ArcticWolf


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6 Darwin T-shirt

It's not Darwin Watterson. It's actually Charles Darwin. - Kiteretsunu

Sees this. Me: whaa? I like Darwin waters- oh

One the other hand, some schools ban shirts with bible quotes on them, and saying anything that has to do with religion. If only we could get along. It's a free country - ethanmeinster

Charles Darwin, Not Darwin Watterson. - aarond09

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7 Regular Clothes

Expensive and a waste of time

I hate school uniform as mines green the worst colour in the world

Why the heck can't we wear regular clothes in schools!? I'm so tired of wearing the idiotic school uniform! Dammit! - PlatinumTheHitgirl

Yeah my uniform has a very uncomfortable jumper and trousers - which hardly fit me! (I work out by the way) - sryanbruen

Really? My school let us wear regular clothes as long as it wasn’t inappropriate

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8 Dancing


Stupid, but they probably just don't want a bunch of kids twerking. (that's all they do anymore)

I do Fortnite dances - sadical

The teachers are just afraid that the students will out-dance them! Chickens! - NerdyPweeps

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9 Bathroom Stalls

Oh my goodness this can't be happening

So does that mean people can watch you using the toilet EW - Bobomate

People need privacy while using the bathroom, so why did they think it was a good idea to rip off the bathroom stall doors? - JoeBoi

What? Why would they ban this? Then everybody could see your privacy, if there's no bathroom stalls. - PhilTheCorgi

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10 Pokemon Socks

What is wrong with Pokemon socks? - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

How would banning this effect the school

This is a truly bizarre thing to ban. But it happened. - PositronWildhawk

What good would banning Pokemon socks do - Gamer4life

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11 Pokemon Cards

In 4th grade My teacher banned them because this kid was throwing a fit in front of the whole class because he made a bad pokemon trade the whole class laughed at him including me

My school did not ban it

They were banned at MY school because someone dropped one and someone else picked it up. Then the teacher gave us a lecture about stealing other people's things and talked to the principle. After that we snuck them in and we never got caught.

First they ban this,Then Beyblades,After that they Ban Fidget Spinners and they ban all trading cards,What next? Ban Youtube and Fortnite?

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12 Recess

That's stupid kids need playtime

This is just an elementary school thing. - JoeBoi

Secondary School we have a school break, its not kiddy recess. Its just a break we have in school.

I don’t miss recess at all. - Videogamesgal

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13 Flaming Hot Cheetos


Cheetos often get a bad rap, but Flaming Hot Cheetos are apparently the biggest culprit. With their dangerous heat and alarming red color, no school cafeteria is safe. (Source: The Huffington Post) - Kiteretsunu

This is one of my favorite foods - PatrickStar

"alarming red color" OH NO! THE COLOR RED!

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14 Anything Involving Birthdays

This goes for all other holiday related things, but some schools have people who are Jehovah's witnesses, which is a religion where they don't celebrate holidays. They do other stuff, to, but that's not very important for this matter. I go to school with a girl who's a Jehovah's witness, and she's really nice.

Good thing my birthday's in August. - Cyri

WHAT?! People’s birthdays are special things that should be celebrated!


15 Bake Sales

How you know if someone didn't poison your food or let a dog lick their spoon lol - Bobomate

There jealous that people would rather give money to a cancer research instead of a fundraiser for the shcool to waste on break room coffee and chalk

What's wrong with these? They're for charity.

It's a way students make money for charities, fundraisers, and other good causes. - Connor360

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16 Band Shirts

They said I'm not allowed to wear megadeth shirts. Rip - danimey

Not at my school. I see Nirvana shirts everyday.

A school banned Marilyn Manson shirts. I know worst thing ever.

I can understand if its for some of the more obscure metal bands like the ones I listen to, like Cannibal Corpse etc because of the graphic nature of their merchandise, but for them to ban band shirts outright is just too much. - emeraldfennekin

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17 Best Friends

I wonder what Twilight would think of this. - shadomatrix

What would be considered best friends though?

I went to a school that did this and it sucked. - connorp04

They banned it because other students might feel bad. The way people have to not offend anybody and be nice all the time is just dumb. You can hardly say or do anything now without offending some prick. - SammySpore

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18 The Word "Meep"

ThEy ReALeY mUsT haTe MeeP ciTY!

What if you was playing Roblox in the playground? You can’t play Meep City! - Carly19781

What if you were Beaker from Muppet Labs? I’m afraid that word is all he could say. - Interrogator

This has no meaning whatsoever. ITS JUST A WORD LIKE - LAURENRL

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19 Chairs

It's so simple just sit on the air or something,its actually really comfortable

Where do I sit then? On the hard floor?

What do I sit on then? The desk? The floor? - 3DG20

OK this list is getting pretty weird now...

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20 Christmas

Kids need presents

Your not in school for Christmas. - The_Random_Content_Guy

Christmas is the best time of the year! Why would anyone bank Christmas? That's weird!

Probably due to different religions and things, because not everyone celebrates Christmas... - Deer4Life

The school that had banned Christmas had probably Ebeneezer Scrooge or The Grinch as the Principal. Or the Principal might be even worser than the guys I mentioned! - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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21 Art

I'm that guy that said yay no art but I have to suffer and I'm glad It's summer

Yay I hate art


22 South Park T-Shirts

South Park is a good show, but I'm surprised it's ran for how long it has since it's very inappropriate. Makes Family Guy look like a baby show. - shadomatrix

Generally, you would have to be 15 or 16 to watch that show because of it's inappropriate content. So you can't walk around wearing that if you're in elementary or middle school. - JoeBoi

Well yeah, south park is for like 17 year olds. - SammySpore

Actually, this makes sense.

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23 Air Jordans

What on earth did Air Jordans do to the principal?

A kid threw them at his principal and he suddenly became triggered. - AlphaQ

24 American Flag

The why does every classroom has one?

Liberal: You see, the flag that represents the land of the free is a symbol of white supremacy. Because that makes sense.

They chose to ban the American flag because it would offend minorities? How is it offensive to them? How? - JoeBoi

That's disrespectful to America. Why would the teachers ban that? - PhilTheCorgi

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25 The Words "Mom" and "Dad"

I think it's because girls are calling grown men daddy


This rule is stupid - Th3Zm0nst3r

This is getting weirder by the minute... - LAURENRL

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26 Talking

What if the teacher asked a question - sadical

This list is getting weirder and weirder - Carly19781

This is against the first amendment! - JoeBoi

I could understand why we can't talk during class. - PhilTheCorgi

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27 Birthday Invitations

They usually ban them unless the kid invites every single kid in the class to their party.


28 Books

I think in grade 2 or 1 I brought in a comic book then my teacher said "read a real book" I mean...what!?!?!?

Yes s best rule's a school - Bobomate

School is about books :-(

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29 Backpacks/Schoolbags

My high school special ed teacher would not allow her class to have backpacks in her homeroom

Okay, hold on. You're telling me that schools, which mind you, give tons of textbooks, papers and other supplies are not allowing students to carry a bag to put their supplies in? Umm okay... - emeraldfennekin

In the 6th grade, the school tried to institute uniformed backpacks. They weren't even backpacks, they were poorly made drawstring bags. By the way, we had to take all of our material home with us everyday.

My middle school wouldn't allow carrying backpacks around, and they want us to stuff backpacks full of stuff in really skinny lockers and bring only what we need. Very stupid. - NuMetalManiak

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30 The Words "What The"

When I was in 4th grade, whenever someone said "what the" they had to run a whole mile around the track. Stupid teachers

They banned in my P.E. class. - The_Random_Content_Guy

In my school someone said "what the" in class and the teacher told them to not say that. Another time most of the boys in the class said "deez nuts" all at the same time and the teacher didn't say anything. School makes no sense. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Two very common words in the English language and some adult in some school thinks that they're words of the heathens and blasphemers. Seriously? - NuMetalManiak

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31 Joking About Drugs

The administration must be on drugs or something. - Cyri

This makes sense

We shouldn't joke about or talk about drugs anyway, because drugs are illegal. - PhilTheCorgi

When I was in the 4th grade I made a joke saying I smoke weed everyday. So someone took that seriously and told the teacher. So there was a drug inspection. Now that I'm almost a 7th grader I know how serious this is.

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32 Fidget Spinners

They were made to help disabled kids pay attention in class and a bunch of people who don't need them played with them. If you didn't need a fidget spinner in class but you used one anyways that was cruel. But thank you because the noise of them hurts my ears - HelloUniverse

Yeah, I had one that made this annoying sound. Only disabled kids should be able to use this. - Deer4Life

What where these again? - myusernameisthis

Forget about fidget spinners, they suck now. - JoeBoi

I have two fidget spinners, but I keep them home, so that:

1. They don't get lost or stolen


2. I don't get them taken away. - PhilTheCorgi

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33 French Fries French Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.

My high school used to serve French fries but they discontinued that in my junior or senior year I think?

"They're unhealthy so there's nothing wrong with banning them - Bobomatenew" shut up gay vegan

They're unhealthy so there's nothing wrong with banning them - Bobomate

Any food can become unhealthy if you have too much of them. Banning french fries is a bit too much, at least allow the kid to make a choice. - Deer4Life

WHy FrEnCh FrIeS - IceFoxPlayz

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34 The Words "Oh Jesus"

When I was in Senior Infants (Kindergarten for y'all Americans) I was in church for some kind of dumb mass. I wasn't allowed to say Jesus at home, so I decided if I was in church it was acceptable.
So, I screamed "JESUS! " at the top of my lungs in the middle of the mass.
Surprised I didn't get a detention or at least extra homework for that.

I’m agnostic and I still use words like that. - macat

I remember back in Grade 5, I literally got in trouble for saying that.

I am Jewish, so I don't believe in Jesus. But when something shocks me, I still say it. - 445956

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35 My Little Pony Backpack

I am on the boys side gumball. - Ilovestephanie

I remembered that I watched the news and they said they the principal from the school putted an boy in detention JUST BECAUSE HE HAD AN MLP BACKPACK!, they even bullied the poor guy, many people in internet are on the boy's side, and the boy even made an Kickstarter campaing so he could bring his backpack again. - GumballWatterson

I don't have an MLP backpack though. - Chromium

I have a Loungefly one…

36 Bows

Jojo Siwa is a bad signer, so her bows should be banned. - Videogamesgal

Jojo Siwa (a crappy singer) would be mad if she found out about this - Lunala

Like the hair decoration or the old form of weapon?

37 Saying the Word "Gun"

Is Trigun (anime) allowed in school?

Oh yeah, think about school shootings. - JoeBoi

It depends. Once in high school in a government class we had to draw pictures on the Amendments in the Bill of Rights. For the 2nd amendment I drew a gun and I didn't get in trouble for it. The same thing goes for the rest of the class.

That’s too bad because me and my friends, one of our inside jokes are finger guns. (Ironically)

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38 Hats

I got my beanie hat taken away once because I was wearing it in class. The teacher said it was "disrespectful." How is wearing a hat disrespectful?

No hoods in my school but hats in the summer are fine.

My school won't even let you wear ANY type of clothing on your head! Hoods, hats, beanies, tinfoil, everything! All because they think it's disrespectful. Apparently my school is full of hillbillies who are still living in 1910 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

My school banned hats AND beanies. That is stupid. "There are gangs in the area" yeah right. - Pegasister12

The only gangs in our school area is the hillbillies who live in the trailer park next to school - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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39 Deodorant

It's not like they'll sniff your armpits, I could easily get away with this one.

My last school would send letters home to people that didn't wear deodorant lmao - Bobomate

This is a stupid ban, because if you don't wear deodorant, you will stink. - PhilTheCorgi

That's why they made invisible spray people!

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40 Phones

Eh, this one isn't stupid. The idiots in my grade would probably be sitting around on their phones all day if it weren't for the fact that they're banned. We're allowed them in the mornings and after all classes are over anyway, and I'm pretty sure they'd let us use them in an emergency. - Thevideogameboy

In my school they even banned mp3 players and anything to do with music they really hate us

I understand during like class and stuff, but during the other parts of the day it just does not make sense.

Phones? I guess I see why they are banned in some schools. They are distracting, and they make kids less social. Unless they are texting. And they barely even TALK while playing POKEMON GO. PLAY THE REAL GAME PEOPLE GO VERSION IS SO UGLY

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41 Gel Pens

Why! - Bobomate

42 Chocolate Bars

This is weird because sugar and energy are as important as vitamins and iron, there was a kid that was kicked out of his primary school because he had a chocolate bar, an apple, mini cheddar and some other food I don't remember, anyway this kid was underweight and his lunch is literally the most healthy lunch I've ever seen, even his lunch was healthier than school dinners - Harri666

My school doesn't mind what you eat. - Lunala

That's a sad story Harri666. - funnyuser

They banned sweets in my old school, stupid, my new school doesn't ban Rainbow Looms, Chocolate Bars, iPhones. :D

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43 Tank Tops

How are tank tops bad? - 906389

I’m a female and they banned Tank Tops for girls but BOYS are allowed to wear tank tops in my school! -Galaxy Meowth

Come to school in an even more smaller crop top, and see their priceless reaction. - XxembermasterxX

My school has done this. But kids in my school still wear tank top though. - EpicJake

In my school tank tops are only banned for boys - NicholasYellow

44 The Confederate Flag

Perfectly reasonable. - Cyri

Well, this is understandable because it’s a symbol of racism. - JoeBoi

The confederate flag has evolved into a hate symbol and should be banned

It is heritage not racism it stands for the men who fought for a unified confederacy! Yankees!

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45 High Fives
46 Snowball Fights

We were not allowed to even GO NEAR IT

I got in trouble for touching snow. Its stupid!

We aren't even allowed out in the snow at my school! never mind having snowball fights. - LAURENRL

47 Picture Day

Absolutely reasonable

I would like this cause I hate getting my picture taken - sadical

Good I hate picture day

Personally, I don't want to pay $15 bucks for a book of pictures of people I hate and have abused me over the years.

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48 Computers

How can you ban computers?

49 Oreos

Once a kid in 3rd grade came up to me while I was eating an Oreo and he acted like as if I murdered his best friend

50 Anime

My school banned nothing so yay

Didn't happen for me. There's an anime club at my school. It was fun! - HelloUniverse

As an anime fan this makes sense because of something called ECCHI. - XxembermasterxX

Anime is awesome! Why would anyone go out of their way to get it removed from most any situation? I understand that there are some that need a bit more censorship. Yet those are the ones that are rated R! I think it is stupid that people think it's violent. Look at James Bond!

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