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21 Pokemon Socks

This is a truly bizarre thing to ban. But it happened. - PositronWildhawk

NO! Pokemon is awesome and should be allowed anything. - letdot52

What good would banning Pokemon socks do - Gamer4life

Why I love Pokemon stupid schools

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22 American Flag

A school in California banned clothing with the American flag on it because the hispanic kids felt "threatened" - ryanrimmel

What's next? They're going to ban the pledge or the national anthem? How stupid can schools get with banning things? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That is just unconstitutional

Typical modern stupidity.The world gets stupider every day

23 Charlie Charlie

Lol, when it was FRIDAY and we were at school, it was nearly the end of the day. And we always have this thing called "Golden Time" and we go and do stuff like that. So yeah, the teacher said we were having Golden Time. And then some boys got paper and 2 pencils to do the Charlie Charlie challenge and it kept turning to yes, then the teacher asked why we were screaming and shouting that Charlie is real, the teacher said Charlie is real and he's alive. (There is a guy called Charlie in our class so...) And they said that it was a demon and the teacher told us to stop doing it over and over again. So... Charlie Charlie is banned from our class then. -

This is so understandable someone did it once and it scared almost everyone because he was blowing the pencil so it weird people think this is weird

Yeah, because it is a horror game, kids should NOT be scared over pen and paper - Maddox121

I agree it's bad luck to disturb the spirits in their rest

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24 South Park T-Shirts

Well yeah, south park is for like 17 year olds. - SammySpore

Actually, this makes sense.

Well, I can't blame them because South Park is actually a little inapropriate. - EpicJake

But South Park is a good show for 10 year olds... - AlphaQ

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25 The Words "Oh Jesus"

I remember back in Grade 5, I literally got in trouble for saying that.

I am Jewish, so I don't believe in Jesus. But when something shocks me, I still say it. - 445956

It is offensive to kids who follow other religions, such as Islam.

It is only banned in Christian/Jewish/Ultra-Religious Schools - Maddox121

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26 Joking About Drugs

Yeah, drugs are so not funny.

This SHOULD be banned!

Drugs are so not funny... like farts :-)

When they were teaching us about why drugs aren’t cool, kids made jokes about smoking weed.

Not good. - Lunala

27 Backpacks/Schoolbags

In the 6th grade, the school tried to institute uniformed backpacks. They weren't even backpacks, they were poorly made drawstring bags. By the way, we had to take all of our material home with us everyday.

Okay, hold on. You're telling me that schools, which mind you, give tons of textbooks, papers and other supplies are not allowing students to carry a bag to put their supplies in? Umm okay... - emeraldfennekin

My middle school wouldn't allow carrying backpacks around, and they want us to stuff backpacks full of stuff in really skinny lockers and bring only what we need. Very stupid. - NuMetalManiak

In 1st Grade We Used Plastic Bags Instead Of Backpacks

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28 The Words "What The"

When I was in 4th grade, whenever someone said "what the" they had to run a whole mile around the track. Stupid teachers

In my school someone said "what the" in class and the teacher told them to not say that. Another time most of the boys in the class said "deez nuts" all at the same time and the teacher didn't say anything. School makes no sense. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Two very common words in the English language and some adult in some school thinks that they're words of the heathens and blasphemers. Seriously? - NuMetalManiak

They can ban "What the f***" or "what the h*ll" but what the... is just dumb - Maddox121

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29 Music

In science some kid kept playing a distorted version of Sweatshirt, Dark horse and Heathens over and over and the teacher didn't care - Lunala

Aren't schools normally supposed to teach music and famous composers? Stupid libs.

My brother needs those for an education system they are not so smart

This is retarded - Th3Zm0nst3r

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30 Saying the Word "Gun"

In grade 2 we had to draw a picture of war and we were not allowed to draw guns. You weren't even allowed to draw TANKS AND JETS. Other than that, the school would scold anybody who made the "gun" gesture with their hands. - Lunala

We were doing a World War 2 project in grade 6 and our teacher said to draw all things related to it. So the kid next to me started drawing guns and stuff, and he got detention.

This dude said that he was drawing a gun and the teacher raged. E_e

A girl in 2nd grade, she freaked out whenever someone made a gun figure. 😂😂 - Untildawn8

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31 Hats

My school won't even let you wear ANY type of clothing on your head! Hoods, hats, beanies, tinfoil, everything! All because they think it's disrespectful. Apparently my school is full of hillbillies who are still living in 1910 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

My school banned hats AND beanies. That is stupid. "There are gangs in the area" yeah right. - Pegasister12

The only gangs in our school area is the hillbillies who live in the trailer park next to school - SirSkeletorThe3rd

If they are afraid of gangs they should be safe because there are no gangs except the police

What if your outside in a 100 digress day. - Th3Zm0nst3r

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32 Christmas

Gee, the principal or the school board must have been a real Scrooge or Grinch to ban something like this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's so stupid

You’re a mean one, Mr Principal - Lunala

"If you don't like Christmas you're prolly a Jew." ~ Jacksfilms - emeraldfennekin

33 Deodorant

So we what, go stinky all day especially for kids in marching band, gym, and athletics? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That ban is incredibly stupid because if a lot of people that stink really bad are in the same room than it could reach toxic levels

Cologne and perfume I understand because some people have trouble breathing near them, but DEODORANT?!? This IS UNACCEPTABLE. - shawnmccaul22

Why do boys my age not wear deodorant? They smell like overcooked bacons and dead rats. - Lunala

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34 The Word "Meep"

Two words: the cuss? (Dialga king is my name even though I don't have a account)

Whatever, I'm going to say Meap instead as an excuse. - Maddox121

What even... - emeraldfennekin


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35 Video Games

In MY school, we are allowed to play any game we WANT during breaks. Even Grand Theft Auto!

I think they mean do NOT talk about video games - Th3Zm0nst3r

Video games are not school stuff

How CAN this be banned? There isn’t any video games in school anyways! - Untildawn8

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36 Snowball Fights
37 Fidget Spinners

Banning these can be helpful, but it also takes a useful tool from kids who actually are benefited by using one, like myself. - emeraldfennekin

I remember there was a PLAGUE of these things in my school...

My school banned them but before the ban everyone in my grade had one. - Lunala

That's a good thing. I hate fidget spinners. - Iamcool

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38 The Confederate Flag

It is heritage not racism it stands for the men who fought for a unified confederacy! Yankees!

The confederate flag has evolved into a hate symbol and should be banned

It is not racism it stands for the men who fought for a separate and unified confederacy! Yankees!

Why would a school have a confederate flag anyway unless it was the school of the kkk or something. - Sunflowerswag

I don't see a problem with this ban. - emeraldfennekin

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39 Grilled Cheese

I live in Ohio. go bucks

I hate that food - masonkv



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40 Picture Day

Personally, I don't want to pay $15 bucks for a book of pictures of people I hate and have abused me over the years.

Yeah what's wrong with that it's just memories will it be banned to remember things

This is beyond weird. Crazy overprotective parents... - PizzaGuy

Our school has one every year for each class - MLPFan

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