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61 American Flag

A school in California banned clothing with the American flag on it because the hispanic kids felt "threatened" - ryanrimmel

What's next? They're going to ban the pledge or the national anthem? How stupid can schools get with banning things? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That is just unconstitutional

Typical modern stupidity.The world gets stupider every day

62 Celtic Knots

But what if it's ancestry day? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

63 Teletubbies Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes .

The main reason for my school's ban; MLG. Everyone kept on saying, 'Over the hills and far away… Teletubbies come out to SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY' People still do it.

If my school bans doge I would rage

The main reason on why they're banned was so funny XDD

Ok don't go down it gets weirder

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64 Bad Breath

This is true. If you live in West Virginia

It should be banned in West Virginia. All those inbred so there live in shacks and don't knows what a toothbrush is. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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65 Writing On Hands and Arms

THAT'S RIDICULOUS! I write on my arms and hands all the time! I do it so I can remember stuff.

Girlfriend did it to me, school doesn't care about writing on yourself

Some people were on a feel trip, and drew all over their selves.

I write video game stuff or draw tattoos…

66 Non-Motorized Transportation

What are we supposed to ride our bikes?!

67 Best Friends

They banned it because other students might feel bad. The way people have to not offend anybody and be nice all the time is just dumb. You can hardly say or do anything now without offending some prick. - SammySpore

That's just cruel... I guess some schools don't want friendship to be real..

Well me and Hunter won't be in the same school

I would not mind that, because I have ASD and I don't have any school friends

68 Books

I live for books! In fact I couldn't survive if our school banned books!

People use books in school...

This should be much higher - Ihateschool

This is a dumb thing to ban. - 906389

69 Gender-Specific Words

What exactly do they say instead of his, her, he, and she

Like "girl"?

70 Cancer Awareness Bands

I'm doing a project on this right now and this is a really dumb thing to ban

I saw them they said WE LOVE BOOBIES

71 Jamie Oliver
72 Birthday Invitations
73 Wikipedia

Ha.. The teachers say it's unreliable, which I guess is true cause anyone can edit it, but didn't it get better a while ago?

You need Wikipedia in order to learn and research to become smarter. I guess schools want us to become dumb, not smart.

One of my eighth grade teachers said this when I was trying to google some info for a project.

74 Manga

That's not cool! I would get in so much trouble because I'm a manga artist! - emeraldfennekin

WHY?! Manga is awesome! - Goatworlds

75 My Little Pony Backpack

I don't have an MLP backpack though. - Chromium

I remembered that I watched the news and they said they the principal from the school putted an boy in detention JUST BECAUSE HE HAD AN MLP BACKPACK!, they even bullied the poor guy, many people in internet are on the boy's side, and the boy even made an Kickstarter campaing so he could bring his backpack again. - GumballWatterson

I have a Loungefly one…

76 Weed

Um, what in God's name are you kids or college students doing!

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77 Flip flops
78 White-Soled Shoes

My middle school banned them for traction reasons.

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79 MLG

Quote from a YouTube game reviewer " what does MLG even mean anyway. Don't answer that because no one cares" I agree so much

This actually needs to be banned. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Thank God for that.

Darude Dankstorm!

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80 Real Guitars

The electric guitar is still banned in schools, (a lot of them).

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