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61 Chocolate Bars

This is weird because sugar and energy are as important as vitamins and iron, there was a kid that was kicked out of his primary school because he had a chocolate bar, an apple, mini cheddar and some other food I don't remember, anyway this kid was underweight and his lunch is literally the most healthy lunch I've ever seen, even his lunch was healthier than school dinners - Harri666

My school doesn't mind what you eat. - Lunala

That's a sad story Harri666. - funnyuser

I suck because I hate chocolate

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62 Children of Students

This makes sense. You shouldn't have a child when you're still a teenager. You will have to drop out of school to take care of it. And it will tire you out and ruin your life. - SammySpore

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63 Silly Bandz

They banned them when I was in first grade or something, but we snuck them in anyways. The same thing happened with Pokemon cards. - Goatworlds

Rainbow looms are basically clones of these, plus I think these were popular from 2000-2004, rainbow looms were popular 2013-2014. - Harri666

I loved them they were popular when I was in 1st grade

Stupid teachers

My elementary school banned these because we had a whole black market and trading market with them, but a lot of teachers were in on it too, and it also encouraged us to socialize. I made plenty of friends because of the trading of sillybandz - emeraldfennekin

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64 The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank Diary)

Apparently, because it's a real downer. What exactly do these kids learn in history class?

Probably one of the most banned books of all time. - playstationfan66

I love this book... I mean come on! - Untildawn8

65 Captain Underpants

I once saw a poster just outside the classroom (at Clear Creek High School) which had one of the banned books on it. I'd rather be reading American Girl. - playstationfan66

Probably because it may be disturbing to some children like me. - skyelolwut

My teacher banned me from reading it because they thought it was too inappropriate for kids.

I love this series! Actually gets the humor right! - Goatworlds

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66 Wearing a Coat / Jumper Indoors

What the?!?!?! I wear my leather coat in school! I don't care if it gets warm! It can act as a barrier! People like me need that. It makes it so we can stay in school without out at others. I really hate having claustrophobia.

67 Celtic Knots

But what if it's ancestry day? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

68 Teletubbies Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes .

The main reason for my school's ban; MLG. Everyone kept on saying, 'Over the hills and far away… Teletubbies come out to SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY' People still do it.

If my school bans doge I would rage

The main reason on why they're banned was so funny XDD

Ok don't go down it gets weirder

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69 Bad Breath

This is true. If you live in West Virginia

It should be banned in West Virginia. All those inbred so there live in shacks and don't knows what a toothbrush is. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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70 Writing On Hands and Arms

It actually is incredibly dangerous. The ink forms into your skin, causing the ink to enter your veins. It will land you in the hospital and could do serious blood damage. - Untildawn8

THAT'S RIDICULOUS! I write on my arms and hands all the time! I do it so I can remember stuff.

Girlfriend did it to me, school doesn't care about writing on yourself

Some people were on a feel trip, and drew all over their selves.

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71 Hugging


72 Non-Motorized Transportation

What are we supposed to ride our bikes?!

73 Yoga Pants

That's 1/2 the reason guys like me, get up for school

74 Books

I live for books! In fact I couldn't survive if our school banned books!

People use books in school...

This should be much higher - Ihateschool

This is a dumb thing to ban. - 906389

75 Gender-Specific Words

What exactly do they say instead of his, her, he, and she

Like "girl"?

76 Cancer Awareness Bands

I'm doing a project on this right now and this is a really dumb thing to ban

I saw them they said WE LOVE BOOBIES

77 Jamie Oliver
78 Birthday Invitations
79 Wikipedia

Ha.. The teachers say it's unreliable, which I guess is true cause anyone can edit it, but didn't it get better a while ago?

You need Wikipedia in order to learn and research to become smarter. I guess schools want us to become dumb, not smart.

One of my eighth grade teachers said this when I was trying to google some info for a project.

80 Manga

That's not cool! I would get in so much trouble because I'm a manga artist! - emeraldfennekin

WHY?! Manga is awesome! - Goatworlds

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