Top Ten Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned


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81 Real Guitars

The electric guitar is still banned in schools, (a lot of them).

82 Friends of the Opposite Sex

I have two best friends: one is a boy and one is a girl, and we hang out all the time. And the friends that I mentioned are dating, so I don't even have a crush on the boy that I mention. Our school still lets boys and girls be friends, so that's good. Not all boys and girls who are friends are in love. - cartoonfan101

Okay, I understand if there's a rule against physical contact with people of the opposite, I even support that rule, but its completely unfair not to let boys and girls be friends.

I know that's the stupidest ban ever because that means teachers are forcing students to be gay it should be the student's choice not the school's choice

What is the age group for this school. If this was in my school, most of my friends would be gone

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83 Advil
84 Going Outside



85 Socks that Aren't Higher Than the Ankles

My school has no problem with this. The one they ban are socks LOWER than the ankles - MLPFan

What - emeraldfennekin

86 Farting

Farts are completely natural. Everyone farts sometimes - Enderninja327

It smells bad and it's gross and boys find it funny. Why not?


87 Sports

Gym class and town/school sports on school property.

I don't undestand - emeraldfennekin

88 Mother's Day Cards
89 Anything Involving Birthdays
90 Breathing Out Loud

Okay what am I supposed to do then? - emeraldfennekin

91 Crying
92 Blankets

My school banned blankets - emeraldfennekin

93 Electronics

They aren't banned for me. I have to have a school iPad, and it sucks. - Minecraftcrazy530

Kids still use their phones and teachers just sit there like they give up on the class

Completely banned at my school. - DogsUnleashed

Well, they aren't banned for me.

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94 Dark Eye Makeup

Apparently it is distracting for the teacher and fellow students. - Amyris

Nobody cares that I have super dark makeup and dyed my hair blue at the ends.

Nobody cares that I have super dark makeup and dyed my hair blue at the ends.

Soz that was me.


Don't let the goths and scenesters see this one oh my - emeraldfennekin

95 Tackle Football

Touch and Flag football are ok, but tackle is the best. - Connor360

Tackle rocks but I like flag - masonkv

96 Cartwheels/handstands

My school banned anything like that at recces but not in gym. - Spiritfall

97 Headphones

Okay I'll just blast my death metal for all to hear - emeraldfennekin

98 Hangman
99 Urinals

Because the boys kept "Showing off"



100 Running On the Field V 1 Comment
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