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81 My Little Pony Backpack

I don't have an MLP backpack though. - Chromium

I remembered that I watched the news and they said they the principal from the school putted an boy in detention JUST BECAUSE HE HAD AN MLP BACKPACK!, they even bullied the poor guy, many people in internet are on the boy's side, and the boy even made an Kickstarter campaing so he could bring his backpack again. - GumballWatterson

I have a Loungefly oneā€¦

82 Weed

Um, what in God's name are you kids or college students doing!

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83 Flip flops
84 White-Soled Shoes

My middle school banned them for traction reasons.

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85 Real Guitars

The electric guitar is still banned in schools, (a lot of them).

86 Friends of the Opposite Sex

Okay, I understand if there's a rule against physical contact with people of the opposite, I even support that rule, but its completely unfair not to let boys and girls be friends.

I know that's the stupidest ban ever because that means teachers are forcing students to be gay it should be the student's choice not the school's choice

It is because you will get made fun of by people who think you like like each other when you are just normal friends. - 445956

What is the age group for this school. If this was in my school, most of my friends would be gone

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87 Advil
88 Going Outside



89 Socks that Aren't Higher Than the Ankles

My school has no problem with this. The one they ban are socks LOWER than the ankles - MLPFan

What - emeraldfennekin

90 Farting

Farts are completely natural. Everyone farts sometimes - Enderninja327

It smells bad and it's gross and boys find it funny. Why not?


91 Sports

Gym class and town/school sports on school property.

I don't undestand - emeraldfennekin

92 Mother's Day Cards
93 Breathing Out Loud

Okay what am I supposed to do then? - emeraldfennekin

94 Crying

These dumb schools think they have control over autistic people. - 445956

95 Blankets

My school banned blankets - emeraldfennekin

96 Nintendo Switch
97 Electronics

They aren't banned for me. I have to have a school iPad, and it sucks. - Minecraftcrazy530

Kids still use their phones and teachers just sit there like they give up on the class

Completely banned at my school. - DogsUnleashed

Well, they aren't banned for me.

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98 Smoking Outside On School Property, Even for Adults/Parents of Students

How is that weird? It's good that they banned it. - Kiteretsunu

It should be banned. Only losers smoke. One time I saw a picture of a smokers lungs and it was all black and twisted. Don't smoke. - SammySpore

That's good that they banned it. - Connor360

I don't see how this is dumb. This is a ban I can get behing 100% - emeraldfennekin

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99 Dark Eye Makeup

Apparently it is distracting for the teacher and fellow students. - Amyris

Nobody cares that I have super dark makeup and dyed my hair blue at the ends.

Nobody cares that I have super dark makeup and dyed my hair blue at the ends.

Soz that was me.


Don't let the goths and scenesters see this one oh my - emeraldfennekin

100 Tackle Football

Touch and Flag football are ok, but tackle is the best. - Connor360

Tackle rocks but I like flag - masonkv

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