Top Ten Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned


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121 Ugg Boots

They banned the because girls were able to hide their phones in them. Then that same school banned some other weird crap.

WHAT! Ugg boots are like the bane of my existence!

122 Baggy Pants
123 Skinny Jeans

I would drop out of that school right then and there. - emeraldfennekin

124 Balls
125 Winning
126 Goosebumps (Book Series) V 2 Comments
127 Bows

Like the hair decoration or the old form of weapon?

128 Facebook

Why do people feel the need to share the fact that they've just been for a dump with the world? Yeah, ban facebook, please.

129 High Fives
130 The Acronym "LOL"

This ban is lol - Ihateschool


NooĆ²ooo! Don't ban LOL!

131 God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood
132 Brown Shoes V 1 Comment
133 Triangular Flapjacks

This is already on the list - Ihateschool

134 Crisps
135 Pepsi T-Shirts
136 Coffee

Coffee helps you wake up! Why is it a "Drug"

137 Running In the Playground
138 Make Up

WHY? Makeup makes me want to go to school!

139 Toxic Waste Candy
140 Sunny D

Its gross Tropicana is 1005372891919176262 times better - Ihateschool

Good. It tastes like crap. - SammySpore

Doesn't even taste good.

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