Top Ten Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned


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141 Coffee

Coffee helps you wake up! Why is it a "Drug"

142 Running In the Playground
143 Make Up

WHY? Makeup makes me want to go to school!

144 Toxic Waste Candy
145 Sunny D

Its gross Tropicana is 1005372891919176262 times better - Ihateschool

Good. It tastes like crap. - SammySpore

Doesn't even taste good.

146 Loom Bands
147 Going On the Field
148 Football
149 Father's Day


150 Lip Balm V 1 Comment
151 A Hat With Toy Soldiers On It

If I remember correctly, the Secretary of Defense protested this by saying they are called the armed forces for a reason.

152 Slap Bracelets

I'm glad they are banned in some schools, they made my waist bleed! You shouldn't have them.

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153 Vegetables

Why... just ugh I give up - emeraldfennekin

154 Leggings

Really, why would you people ban Bob and Larry?

155 Baby Bump Pictures In Yearbooks
156 Twerking

That makes sense

This is a good ban twerking is stupid - Ihateschool

Oh god I'm dying lol

Good.I hate twerking. - Elina

157 Beards

Just shave, boys. It isn't that hard to do.

158 Wheelies
159 Webkinz

Those pricks called teachers are jealous they can't get an account

I love Webkinz but I don't bring them to school because I have too many I currently own 35 - Ihateschool

My teacher Miss Nancy loves Webkinz - Ihateschool


160 AR50 Grenade Launcher Assault Rifle

The fact that this is even on the list - emeraldfennekin

How is this on the list?

*sarcasticly that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

what? why? - LetWolf

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