Top Ten Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned


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161 Metal Music

So, you ban metal yet you still allow "gangsta rap" in school?

Because freedom to like what you want still exists, I promise. - ONHOLIDAY

Okay no, I'm not okay with this - emeraldfennekin

162 Masturbating

Whoever put this on is a pervert - Ihateschool

163 Sandals
164 Shorts Shorter Than Knee-Length

Finger tip length people, finger tip.

165 High Heels
166 Paintball Guns

Painting the school


167 Water Guns
168 Adderall
169 Chairs

OK this list is getting pretty weird now...

170 Using Profanity

In my school, anyone can swear but the students themselves.

Please ban swearing! It' unusual not to hear the f word at least ten times a day if not more, and it's doing my head in. Somebody save me!

171 Computers
172 Short-Sleeved Shirts
173 Talking

This list is getting weirder and weirder as I go down.

174 Bathrooms

So, so confused? Are we expected to just "do our buisiness in the classroom then?

175 Gel Pens
176 Exams

I support this ban as a student - emeraldfennekin

177 Ebonics
178 Urban Dictionary

No they just make normal words funnier - emeraldfennekin

179 Visitors
180 Using the Word "Ghetto"
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