Top Ten Weirdest Things We Think Only We Do


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1 Peeing/Singing in the shower

Let's face it, we all do this, even me. My singing sounds like a wounded animal. - Pegasister12

Do this everyday. Earlier I was singing We Die Young and I slipped and fell on my face - bobbythebrony

Lol a wounded animal Pegasister your one funny commenter - Richkid101

2 Stopping the microwave at 1 to not hear that annoying sound
3 When you're home alone you find yourself eating all the snacks

Yeah, currently going through the regret of eating way too much chocolate.

If you think there's no such thing, you just haven't eaten enough. - keycha1n

4 You practice an argument you may not have
5 Have a feeling that other people are fake and you're real

It Is the Only One I have done, and It's The Story Of my life - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

I Know this for a fact. Plenty of fakes around - Billyv

6 When leaving a basement you get scared of the dark and sprint up stairs
7 Watching people eat food when hungry
8 Pretend to have a conversation with a TV character

Do this all the time. Freaks all the idiots out - bobbythebrony

I do this every time the telly is on. - Britgirl

9 When you know that seconds can mean sec you type "sex" instead of secs as a typo for plural meaning

Hello Ill be back in ten sex I mean 10 secs - Richkid101

10 Acting out your thoughts even if it's a secret you just revealed

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11 Have fantasies involving your leg being cut off
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