Top Ten Weirdest Things When You are in a Concert

I’m going to a TS concert, and so on top of my head, I decided to do a list about the Top Ten list of weirdest things when you are in a concert. Some may be funny or just exciting or may have a weird feeling.

The Top Ten

1 Your sign gets blown by the wind and land on the artist’s stage

Why do people even bring signs to concerts? It obstructs the view of people behind them. - MegaSoulhero

I'm happy when this happens to the person in front of me. Because now I can actually see the stage. - Zach808

Imagine if you are holding a sign for you’re favorite artist, whenever it’s Halsey, Taylor Swift, Metallica, but it’s windy and you lost your grip. It blows away and you see it land on the stage. The artist notices and picks it up. - MissRWBY202

2 You bump into an artist after the concert

That would be the best thing ever if it happened on June 29!

Bumping into someone, especially your idol can be weird and even exciting. You feel like a rush. And you feel like fanboying or fangirling - MissRWBY202

3 The artist covers something unexpected

I imagine Taylor Swift singing Monster (skillet), it would be surprising and weird. - MissRWBY202

4 Someone goes crazy after the artist

And then security came to take him away, never to be seen again. - Zach808

That would probably be me

Seeing a person going to the stage and meeting them would be awkward. Couldn’t you wait until the meet and greet - MissRWBY202

5 You see your idol in the bathroom

Imagine the fans during a bathroom break. They will swoon while the idol is just taking a restroom break - MissRWBY202

My idol is a guy so I don't think that'll happen anytime soon unless we decide to uh ya know... - Demon_Kitty

6 When you walk to the VIP Room by accident


Knowing not where to go. You try to find your seat but you walk in the VIP Room when you weren’t supposed to. It may feel cool but you need to go back. - MissRWBY202

7 When The artist falls in someone else’s arms

Imagine that and a fan catches it. It may feel weird in a position like love or something. It could be you. - MissRWBY202

8 When a malfunction happens in one of the props

This is normal but imagine a snake jerking in a Taylor Swift concert. It would be hilarious - MissRWBY202

9 You meet one of your friends in TheTopTens

My friends don't have my taste in music!

If I went to a BoA Kwon concert and saw a girl who turns out to be AnimeDrawer, it would a pleasure meeting her in real life. - MissRWBY202

None of my best friends like Dream Theater aside from kempokid. - NightmareCinema

10 A person playing Pokémon Go walks to the stage

Plot twist: The performer was Jigglypuff all along! And no one noticed because they were asleep. - Zach808

Lol! - Squidward48

Someone just comes to the stage and tries to catch a Pikachu when the artist is performing. I would be weirded out if that happens. Good thing some artists banned Pokémon Go from their concerts. - MissRWBY202


The Contenders

11 When the music has technical difficulties

And then the performer gets caught lip-synching. - Zach808

12 The artist throws up on stage

This happened in several Marilyn Manson concerts - Demon_Kitty

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1. Your sign gets blown by the wind and land on the artist’s stage
2. You bump into an artist after the concert
3. The artist covers something unexpected


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