Top Ten Weirdest Things That You Could Eat


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1 Raw Worms

I've seen people eat worms before! - Catacorn

2 Glass

Glass is actually dangerous to eat. It can puncture your heart and intestines. - Catacorn

Good luck with those small sharp objects

3 Nails

Hope its not hot nails! - Catacorn

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4 Human Toes

Isn't that technically cannibalism? - NikBrusk

This one takes my number one spot HUMAN TOES! THIS IS WHAT YUR EATING!
Human blood
Human flesh
Dead and alive skin cells

5 A Snake Heart Still Beating
6 Fried Spiders
7 Pig Blood With Bread
8 Ox Penis

I swear, who came up with eating an OX PENIS. SERIOUSLY. - Catacorn

9 Chalk
10 Cats

Yeah, you heard me right. People eat cats. Its just sad to see cats being eaten. - Catacorn

That's just down right gross. Cats are meant to be snuggled not killed. - LittleLovelies

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11 Bunnies

It's so evil. I had a bunny and I found out my grandma and my brothers girlfriend have eaten bunnies. BUNNIES ARE CUTE ANIMALS THAT ARE SOFT AND ADORABLE AND NOT MEANT FOR EATING! - LittleLovelies

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