Weirdest Times to Pass Out or Die

This is probably the lowest quality list I've ever made, but whatever. I need to release something, right?

The Top Ten

1 While at a funeral

That's the most ironic which makes it #1 for me - Metal_Treasure

2 At Your Wedding
3 While in court
4 When you are #1 on a list
5 While eating

I remember I passed out when the national anthem was played, due to lack of sleep.
It was during school ( This year in Feb )... I didn't sleep, which caused lack of oxygen in my brain and I hurt my forehead and knee.
Moral of the story - never punish your sleep or it'll punish you! :P - Ananya

6 While walking your dog
7 While using the bathroom
8 While making a list on TheTopTens
9 While chatting on TheTopTens
10 While at Walmart

Nobody deserves to die at Walmart,... Nobody!

The Contenders

11 While cooking
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