Top 10 Weirdest Topics for a Song


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1 Boxes Boxes

Man in the Box (Alice In Chains)
Jukebox Hero (Foreigner)
Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)
Lunchbox (Marilyn Manson) - Metal_Treasure

2 A Fictional Character A Fictional Character

There are many songs about fictional characters from books, movies, games. But namely because there are many songs, this topic doesn't sound that weird to me. - Metal_Treasure

Yeah totally - moviesman

3 Homework Homework
4 Your House Your House
5 Farts Farts
6 Bicycles Bicycles

Queen wrote a song about this called "Bicycle Race". Weird topic, but good song. - TheFourthWorld

7 Bikinis Bikinis

There are actually some songs about bikinis. Really weird. - TheFourthWorld

8 Someone's Peacock Someone's Peacock

Katy Perry wrote a song about this (I know it's not a literal peacock)... it's one of the worst songs I've heard. - TheFourthWorld

9 Twerking Twerking

A lot of songs are about this... - TheFourthWorld

10 Sex Sex

A lot of songs are about this... - TheFourthWorld

Even despacito is about this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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11 Bob Bob
12 Octaves Octaves
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