Top Ten Weirdest TopTenners

Weird is not a bad thing, it is actually a good thing.

The Top Ten Weirdest TopTenners

1 xandermartin98

He makes lists where he adds dozens of items himself and explains them carefully even when he knows that they wont get any attention.

No doubt that he's the weirdest user. - Userguy44

2 Dapperpickle

Um... Well pretending to be a pickle is weird so... Yeah. - DapperPickle

No he cool
I want to be a doorknob - iliekpiez

3 2storm

I am actually very weird - 2storm

4 Britgirl

Yeah she sorta is - 2storm

Very weird - EliHbk

She is weird...In a cute and good way! That's why she is amazing. :3 - Aquastar_of_DewClan

How is she weird? - Userguy44

5 Kevinsidis

Oh god oh the holy jedi refrigerator it isn't ascertainable whether this dwelling being's weirdness crosses the limit of human tolerance or not - styLIShT

Yup, I am very certain that I'm a very odd gentleman. It's been years. - Kevinsidis

I'm uncertain if I'm odd or not yet I'm very distinctive - Kevinsidis

I don't know if I'm still weird or not today. - Kevinsidis

6 ShatteredCrystal

He is and he's awkward - 2storm

7 Admin

He or she probably is - 2storm

8 Therandom

I'm not that weird... At least that's what I think. - Therandom

9 Britboy
10 Postronwildhawk

The Contenders

11 Gemcloben

I am very much so IRL. - gemcloben

13 Vip3r

Weirdest user ever! - Userguy44

14 speed
15 Gamecubesarecool193
16 DylanRob
17 Fasterthansonic
18 bobbythebrony
19 RockFashionista
20 penis
21 Custard

There's an account on thetoptens dedicated to the cat from strawberry shortcake. Um... - SpectralOwl

22 toptendudes
23 anthonybecerra831
24 Disney1994
25 desktopcoytote51
26 AlphaQ
27 NightmareCinema

I’m extremely weird - NightmareCinema

28 SpectralOwl

Of course - darthvadern

29 Demon_Kitty

Self explanatory. - Userguy44


30 RalphBob

I'm not very weird, but I added myself any ways. - RalphBob

That image. Enough said. - 445956

31 Blear

No doubt... - TwilightKitsune

32 purpleyoshi98

Oh yeah, the guy behind the custard mask - SpectralOwl

33 codydoestuff
34 nerffan8000

I voted for myself, disgrace. - nerffan8000

35 KevinJ
36 Userguy44

Yeah i’m weird as hell - Userguy44

37 iliekpiez
38 Maiko

Deal with facts. We don’t need stalkers and attention seekers here. If Xander wasn’t weird enough already... - Userguy44

39 Pooga
40 CerealGuy
41 drdevil
42 LightningBlade
43 ArigatoKawaii
44 nasaperson
45 EliHbk
46 Warwolf18

Who put this on here what why - EliHbk

47 Jay12
48 445956

In real life I am a weirdo - 445956

49 TheMartianManHunter
50 Squidward48
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