Top Ten Weirdest Types of People

We should all be able to have an answer for each of these people! As per usual, a video for this will be going up on my channel sooner or later so go check that out when it comes out!

The Top Ten

1 The Perv

This is usually some guy at school, usually in your gym class, or, if you're an adult, the guy next door peeking through your windows. He always looking at your booty! - Icegirl119

Yep, got one in my school. When I catch him staring at me, I flip him off. - Pegasister12

2 The Flu

This is that guy who is always sick, always hurt, and always needs you - Icegirl119

They are kinda creepy - if you imagine. - Ananya

@icegirl119, I think it's not just 'guys' - As I can see that in your comments for each specific item you added.
The terms or adjectives aren't applicable for a specific gender, they can be applied to any person..Irrespective of the sexes. - Ananya

3 The Spy

This guy is more of a stalker. He's always up in yo bidness, always saying "I know right! " when you weren't even looking at him, and always just looking at you. chances are, he either likes you, or he's gonna kill you - Icegirl119

4 The Bestie

That guy who is so close to you as a friend, its annoying - Icegirl119

5 The Floormat V 1 Comment
6 The Six Year Old

That guy who always throws tantrums, picks his nose, eats his boogers, and laughs over farting. - Icegirl119

The sad memer.

7 The Prophet
8 The Elephant

That guy who claims to have a good memory. Like I just proved I had good memory by skipping this on - Icegirl119

9 The Homosexual

Can I just say, that this was not originally added to the list and I do not approve of this being on my list and called weird. My homo peeps, I fully respect you, and I don't give an eff about your sexuality. Hand over my heart - Icegirl119

10 The Obsessive Gamer

Hey! I'm in this category! And you have no right to call me weird! Unless your my friend Emily, Sammy, Jordan, or Maddie which in that case, is acceptable - Icegirl119

I have a friend named Gavin. Go to his house and ask him to hang out or ride bikes. He says no, he said he is busy playing roblox.

The Contenders

11 Furries
12 The Transsexual

Whoever put this here is clearly a transphobe. - Pegasister12

Yeah, I did not put this, and do not approve whatsoever. Opinions are great, sure, but stuff like this does not need to be exercised - Icegirl119

So many anti-sexuals - SoloPotato

13 The Genderfluid
14 The Borrower
15 The Excited Crazy Person
16 Roadmen


17 The Racist Kid
18 Bronies Bronies
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