Top Ten Weirdest Vending Machines


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1 Live Crab Vending Machine, China

Living crabs are stored in plastic containers packed into the vending machines and are sold from 1.5$ to 7$ยท - Kiteretsunu

2 Milk Vending Machine, France

The machine stores fresh farm milk in bottles. When you proceed to take out milk from the machine, it gives off "cow sound effects" to create a feel of being on a farm. - Kiteretsunu

What would you do if you got a spoiled milk? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 Gold Vending Machine, United Arab Emirates

If you're super rich, this is the machine made for you! These machines are found in Abu Dubai Hotel and give off gold bars and coins of up to 10 grams. The current price of gold is checked by the machine every 10 seconds (just imagine if someone hacks it) before it dispenses the gold to the customers. - Kiteretsunu

4 Lettuce Vending Machines, Japan

At least Father Ted never got one of these for the plague of rabbits. - PositronWildhawk

This machine, developed by the company Dentsu, is able to grow 60 heads of lettuce using 40 watt fluroscent lamps each day. Unlike others, it isn't meant for consumers but for the restaurants who want fresh veggies at a very quick time. - Kiteretsunu

5 Egg Vending Machine, Japan

The machine doesn't use the gravity method of retrieval (the eggs would then break! ). Rather it uses the seperate chamber method (you put the coins into the chamber which have eggs, the door unlocks, and you pick out the eggs. Each machine has about 30 to 40 chambers). - Kiteretsunu

6 Tie Vending Machine, Japan

Neck ties are found in Japan's Vending Machines. Well, it's definitely not surprising for a country like Japan. - Kiteretsunu

7 Live Bait Vending Machine, USA

Baits include from worms to flies. If you are a regular fresh water fisherman, this machine is made for you. The baits are kept alive in highly chilled water (wow! ) - Kiteretsunu

8 Hot Dog Vending Machine, USA

The machine claims to prepare freshly made hot dogs within one minute you put the coin in. - Kiteretsunu

For some reason this doesn't surprise me in the least... - Britgirl

9 Toilet Paper Vending Machine, Japan

What!? There such thing, lol! - 170253

10 Pizza Vending Machine, Italy

The machine claims to prepare freshly made Italian pizza in just two minutes after inserting the coins. This claim is suspicious too. - Kiteretsunu

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11 Used Ladies' Underpants, Japan
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