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1 Goat Simulator

Whoever wrote these opinions probably never read the words when the game is loading

When I first saw this game I was like "a new game? " Then when I got it and played it.. It was so stupid and funny at the same time!

I have a demo and it is awesome!

I think that this is a really weird game but it is a good game

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2 LSD Dream Emulator

I think this is on Retro Gamer the games that you have never played.

How isn't this on the top 3 (at least)? It's one of the most weird games I've ever seen. It has flashy colors, no storyline at all, and the world can change just because you move your sight. - Elyte

This is probably one of the strangest games I've ever come across, bumping into walls to go to another area? Texture changing areas? Never thought about that for a game concept.

The guys who made this game had made a second game called eastern mind: the lost souls of tong-nu

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3 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

To those who made Leaving Neverland and those who where brainwashed... are you going to try and get this banned in second hand shops. I doubt many have even heard of the game.

Very weird. Never heard of it but it looks... Weird.

Played this on my Sega Mega Drive when it came out... I wish I didn't. I was afraid that I would be kidnapped and my life would be in the hands of Michael Jackson.

Did you know when this odd game came out mic jackson helped on the soundtrack for sonic three and knuckles but did not like the way the music sounded so they kepted the project as a secret no really look it up

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4 Seaman

The title's bad enough when you think about it... :P

You take care of a fish with the face of a man. Isn't that enough? - Elyte

You can tell just by the name that it's gonna be a bad game.

Lots of fun. It's virtual pet game, but man is it weird - PCgamer98

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5 Cuphead

This is Why the Indie Fanbases suck!

Cuphead are Ugly and Stupid! - sonicsonic039

Another overrated indie move on!

2 years later still ongoing ass fandom!

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6 Earthbound

Earthbound is the trippiest, weirdest, and funniest game I've ever played. How is being chased around by potentially dangerous scolding coffee cups, guitars, and musical records not weird? - ItsLeAshton

Seriously, guys, how is EarthBound not on this list? It is the trippiest game I've ever played.

I'm not denying its awesomeness. This game's weirdly awesome.

This is why it's my favorite game. - anm777

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7 Toilet Kids

Lol! What's the point of it? - Userguy44

Um yeah I think the name the name speaks for it self just look at the name it's called Toilet Kids what kind of name is Toilet Kids oh god I don't think I want to play that game

HAHA! That is such a funny name! Weird too...

The name speaks for itself

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8 Shaq-Fu

Just the name alone should make this #1

Shaq is going to get ya with a slam - jigglypuffdarkside

The story is weird - htoutlaws2012

Oh Look, I'm Shaquille O Neal. I'm gonna give up my multi millionaire basketball career and help some Asian tribe fight a bunch of monsters. I know I going to win because... I'm Shaquille O Neal.

9 Princess Tomato In the Salad Kingdom

Is there a game like this? - PinkFloyd99

The title makes me want to play it

What? I don't get it weird


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10 Action 52

Timewarp Tickers (from the NES version of Action 52) is the weirdest NES game ever.

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11 Ai Cho Aniki

Is this supposed to be a fighting game or homoeroticism?

This game was created to be weird. I saw in PS store, author calling this game "stupid".
This game is hillariously weird! Butt as final boss?! What king of drugs author was taking? And yes, better to not talk about storyline...

12 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

It’s not weird, it’s just terrible.

13 Hatoful Boyfriend

Girls mating with pigeons? The heck?


14 Cho Aniki: Kyuukyoku Otoko No Gyakushuu

That intro with the creepy-ass blue paper dude gave me nightmares - xandermartin98

15 Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets
16 Bubsy 3D

It is a piece of crap!

So what is it about

17 E.T. Go Home (UFI und sein gefährlicher Einsatz)

This European version of E. T is impossible to find. the front cover looks like the game's called "E. T go come", and on the cover there's a white E. T along with a bunch of anthropomorphic objects like a piece of pink toast with blueberry jam, a balloon with a human face and skin, a tree, and all kinds of strange creatures.

E.t you need to go home after this game

It's actually Aliens Return for the 2600.

Atari E.T meets Pac Man. LOLWTF

18 Vrchat

You do not know da wae - SoldierOfFortune

Please watch AlphaRad's video on it to see what I mean... - PerfectImpulseX

This game is so weird, but it cracks me up 😂

19 Mister Mosquito

Well there is a level where you are in a bathtub with a naked lady...

Oh yeah
good game! neh it sucks.

20 Gaball Screen

Huh. So, I guess I'm not the only one on this site who knows that this game actually exists... - PerfectImpulseX

For those who don't know, Gaball Screen is an obscure PS1 game that was only released in Japan where you play as a flying magical shoe traveling through dimensions to find CDs inside a synthesizer owned by arguably the most famous Japanese music producer of all time Tetsuya Komuro. I'm not joking. That's a real game. And it's most likely the weirdest game I've ever heard of. - PerfectImpulseX

21 Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

This game is weird on so many levels in the game you literally have sex with your classmates and have kids to fight monsters - ikerevievs

Weirdest. 3DS. Game. EVER.

22 Katamari Damacy

Weird does not mean bad, people. Apparently some you don't know that.

I'm not sure how Super Mario Sunshine is weirder than Katamari Damacy.

This game is awesome but it's still weird. - ClaudeFrollo2345

Wow I used to love this game when I was little. I still love it now... I think since I'm now into other games

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23 Link: The Faces of Evil
24 Gal*Gun: Double Peace

What drugs must've the crew over at Inti Creates been smoking when they made this bizarre game? - PerfectImpulseX

A 3-D rail shooter/dating sim hybrid by the same developers who brought you the Mega Man Zero series and the Mega Man ZX series (Inti Creates) - PerfectImpulseX

25 Drowning Simulator

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Why drown in real life when you can do it in a video game!

Its called Sortie En Mer

wait what

Ok then...

26 UmJammer Lammy

Basically the stoner-rock version of Parappa the Rapper (already a weird game) - xandermartin98

27 Dr. Mario
28 Enviro Bear 2000
29 Mario is Missing!

It's weird because at the end you see weegee

The ending - htoutlaws2012

30 Sonic Dreams Collection

You can love the game for what it is, not for what you WANTED it to be. Like Banjo Kazooie for the Xbox 360.

Explain to me how this isn't on the list yet. I thought someone had drugged me when I played this game

This game is so inappropriate and creepy.

31 Mr. Mosquito

The only video game so weird, it appears twice on the list! - PollaxDragon

So weird it made the list twice - MrMonkey

This is already in the list.

This is here twice. - RalphBob

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32 Frenzy Pop: A Emoji Movie Game

Of course this is the emoji movie game the movie is weird and creepy in of itsself - ikerevievs

33 Typing of the Dead

Hey isn't this house of dead but you kill the zombies with typing? - kidlava111

The most violent educational game you will ever get. - cdxtreme

I feel sorry for the 12 year old boys that were tricked into playing this by their parents.

The Typing of the BED! - Neinwott

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34 Radiation's Halloween Hack

The appearances of the enemies in this game were incredibly disturbing. - xandermartin98

This hack is both underrated AND creepy as hell. Needs to be higher

35 Irritating Stick
36 Stretch Panic
37 Dream Mix TV World Fighters
38 Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo

It looks bad so I hate putt putt games

Hey! Put Put is a great game, I love them, I've only played three of these games, this one is probably my least favorite, but still awesomne. - darthvadern

I saw PBG's video and played it.

39 Happy Wheels

Its taking Bieber hate too far.
You treat him like he is a slug.
You treat Bieber fans like they are flies.
You think the Baby song is like flushing your toilet repeatedly and listening to it flush.
Actually that's for all of his songs.
You treat his movie like if Boku No Pico made a movie.
Oh did he made a tweet that he doesn't like anime well its not for everyone.
Like him he is not for everyone but Happy Wheels is taking Bieber hate too far.

One of the best games ever! - Userguy44

Ok, this game is very weird but very funny! I waste a lot of time play this game but its like a drug

And my friend said that this wasnt violent... - Harri666

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40 Takeshi no Chōsenjō
41 Mediaromancer - Daisuke Asakura
42 Pikmin 2

Only part of the game that is weird is the waterwrath and some of the enemies and actually pikmin are kinda weird if you think about it - ikerevievs

43 Dalmatians 3
44 Parodius
45 The Zoo Race
46 Walk-A-Funghi
47 John Deere Harvest in the Heartland

Title says it all-


48 Club Penguin

I think this is for the only Club Penguins you have left.
Club Penguin
Elite Penguin Force
Herbert's Revenge
Game Day

I think if there was a list for "Top Most Pointless and Stupid Games For Children Under 10 List", this would definitely be #1. Who the hell put The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on this list? I think NONE of the"The Legend of Zelda" games should be on this list. No questions.

Club Penguin is overrated. I signed up for the free trial demo, started playing it, and was like, "Why in the world would anyone want to PAY for this game? It's pretty stupid."

Its a copy cat version of habbo with a mirror resemblance with a different purpose - Not-Elan

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49 Minecraft

How is Minecraft weird? Well sure, tons of mobs on a single block in the air gets this weird bundle and the Villager noses... Anyways, Minecraft isn't weird most of the time. Its only weird when you make it weird. that's how sandbox games work. Just because a game is weird doesn't make it bad. so stop saying "what this game isn't bad." If you want to see bad "games" just go to the "Top Ten Worst Video Games " Lists. GET IT STRAIGHT PEOPLE!

This game is half weird. It has no storyline, and yet there are elements of an RPG. The villagers have long noses for some reason. Yet... It isn't that weird to be so high on the list! - Hydro_shinobi

Well the game came out in like 2013 but the graphics makes it look like it came out in 1992 but still don't get how the game is weird

Its weird cause everything is...square! Talk about no effort!

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50 Wario Land 4

Believe me, this game is on here for a reason. This game really creeped me out as a kid.

I mean, seriously, have you SEEN this game's bosses? O_O - xandermartin98

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