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1 LSD Dream Emulator

How isn't this on the top 3 (at least)? It's one of the most weird games I've ever seen. It has flashy colors, no storyline at all, and the world can change just because you move your sight. - Elyte

This is probably one of the strangest games I've ever come across, bumping into walls to go to another area? Texture changing areas? Never thought about that for a game concept.

The guys who made this game had made a second game called eastern mind: the lost souls of tong-nu

Sorry but why isn't worms on here?

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2 Goat Simulator

This entire game is just insane! Just the title makes me wonder what the creator was thinking about when he or she made the game

It's weird, yes, but the core game and DLC is really creative, my favorite being Goat Z - cdxtreme

This game is actually SO fun!

AY I think I'm getting the hang of this! Oh wait, no, nope, um I think I broke everything. time to jump off a roof and somehow live! - GingersplashPlays

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3 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Very weird. Never heard of it but it looks... Weird.

Played this on my Sega Mega Drive when it came out... I wish I didn't. I was afraid that I would be kidnapped and my life would be in the hands of Michael Jackson.

Did you know when this odd game came out mic jackson helped on the soundtrack for sonic three and knuckles but did not like the way the music sounded so they kepted the project as a secret no really look it up

Maybe they should've made a Thriller Game too!

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4 Seaman

The title's bad enough when you think about it... :P

You take care of a fish with the face of a man. Isn't that enough? - Elyte

You can tell just by the name that it's gonna be a bad game.

This game I just to bad

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5 Toilet Kids

Um yeah I think the name the name speaks for it self just look at the name it's called Toilet Kids what kind of name is Toilet Kids oh god I don't think I want to play that game

HAHA! That is such a funny name! Weird too...

LOL! I imagined little kids sitting on potties with their pants down aand are singing

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6 Shaq-Fu

Just the name alone should make this #1

Shaq is going to get ya with a slam - jigglypuffdarkside

Oh Look, I'm Shaquille O Neal. I'm gonna give up my multi millionaire basketball career and help some Asian tribe fight a bunch of monsters. I know I going to win because... I'm Shaquille O Neal.

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7 Princess Tomato In the Salad Kingdom

Is there a game like this? - PinkFloyd99

The title makes me want to play it

What? I don't get it weird

The heck?

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8 Action 52

Timewarp Tickers (from the NES version of Action 52) is the weirdest NES game ever.

9 Ai Cho Aniki

Is this supposed to be a fighting game or homoeroticism?

10 Hatoful Boyfriend

Girls mating with pigeons? The heck?

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11 E.T. Go Home (UFI und sein gefährlicher Einsatz)

This European version of E. T is impossible to find. the front cover looks like the game's called "E. T go come", and on the cover there's a white E. T along with a bunch of anthropomorphic objects like a piece of pink toast with blueberry jam, a balloon with a human face and skin, a tree, and all kinds of strange creatures.

E.t you need to go home after this game

It's actually Aliens Return for the 2600.

Atari E.T meets Pac Man. LOLWTF

12 Bubsy 3D

It is a piece of crap!

So what is it about

13 Mister Mosquito

Well there is a level where you are in a bathtub with a naked lady...

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14 Katamari Damacy

I'm not sure how Super Mario Sunshine is weirder than Katamari Damacy.

Weird does not mean bad, people. Apparently some you don't know that.

This game is awesome but it's still weird. - ClaudeFrollo2345

Wow I used to love this game when I was little. I still love it now... I think since I'm now into other games

15 Cho Aniki: Kyuukyoku Otoko No Gyakushuu

That intro with the creepy-ass blue paper dude gave me nightmares - xandermartin98

16 Link: The Faces of Evil
17 Drowning Simulator

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Why drown in real life when you can do it in a video game!

Its called Sortie En Mer

wait what

Ok then...

18 Enviro Bear 2000
19 Typing of the Dead

Hey isn't this house of dead but you kill the zombies with typing? - kidlava111

I feel sorry for the 12 year old boys that were tricked into playing this by their parents.

The most violent educational game you will ever get. - cdxtreme

I prefer the arcade version not the pc honestly all you have to do is type the right word and automatically kill a zombie - jigglypuffdarkside

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20 Earthbound

Seriously, guys, how is EarthBound not on this list? It is the trippiest game I've ever played.

I'm not denying its awesomeness. This game's weirdly awesome.

I like Earthbound but Pokemon is a little better.

Weird but amazing. Play it!

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