Weirdest Video Games of All Time


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61 Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
62 Cool SPOT
63 Tomodachi Life

I love this because it's weird. It's just so quirky and that's what makes it fun. - SkylandersFan

I wasn't going to vote for this, until I saw some of the dreams, my life will never be the same again!

This is easily the weirdest game I've ever played and loved. Go around talking to people like Shaq, Mario, and, everyone's favorite, Abe Lincoln! Or how about the fact that children become fully grown adults six days after birth? Then there's the minigames, like Wedding Proposals, sneezing, hitting mosquitios, and of course, dipping dolls into paint!

Oh yeah, characters eat food whole, including the dish it sits on. - LarkwingFlight

64 Undertale

Weird in a good way. Wait, you can't vote for this. You're carrying to many dogs.

I just don't get it. Can someone message me and explain Undertale to me? I'd really appreciate it. - FluffyBanana

There it is. I was worried this wouldn't be on the list.

That's why people like it.

65 7 Grand Dad 7 Grand Dad


66 Pikmin
67 Yume Nikki

Words cannot describe... Just play it. It is available for free online.

Remember though, you can't unplay it.

Strange feeling after passing this...
Weird, peculiar and oppressive game.

V 1 Comment
68 Hotel Mario

I hope she lotsa spaghetti!

69 Toejam and Earl
70 Plug & Play

No need to explain. Just watch it on youtube and you'll get why this is here.

This is weird

71 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
72 Gitaroo Man
73 Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure
74 Xenoblade Chronicles
75 Grand Theft Auto V
76 Hyperdimension Neptunia
77 Bill Laimbeer Combat Basketball
78 Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City
79 Cooking Mama V 1 Comment
80 Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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