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81 Attack of the Mutant Penguins

One of the funniest and most random games ever, and it's for Atari jaguar

82 Time Warp Tickers (Action 52)

Playing as a pair of fingers in Checkerboardland with upside-down doors? Weirdest NES game ever!

Actually... Action 52 is weird itself. Hambo, Cheetahmen, Manchester, Boss...

83 Deadly Premonition
84 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

No This Is Not A bad game! All of the Mario games are awesome!

I do not think that the creator of this list means weird as in "bad".

85 Custer's Revenge

So playing a porn game is weird apparently, you would be more so guilty. - htoutlaws2012

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86 Terraria

It can be weird, and the bosses can look really disturbing.

Terraria is a game, when you can fight the 2 giant eyes, 1 of them shots lazers, and another shots cursed flame. This boss called "The Twins", their names are Retinazer and Spazmatism (sorry if spelt wrong). In 2nd phase, 1 of them transforms into eye lazer turret and 2nd eye opens its mounth (what! ).

What to say about a giant Wall of Flesh (yes, this boss really exists)?
And final boss, that called Moon Lord (it looks like author takes drugs)?

Yes at some moments like this, this game really weird.

87 Takeshi's Challenge

Watch JonTron's video on this, and you will be voting for it until the end of time. Also, Takeshi Kitano was drunk when the game was being designed. Well, that explains a lot...

That's so weird because nobody wqtches that boring show on max and then they think to make it a cool video game

88 Desert Bus

If I had programming skills I would make this game fun. - FernandoLemon

89 Kirby: Canvas Curse

There is a reason this game is on here the final boss - ikerevievs

The final boss is why I can't beat the game - ikerevievs

90 Sonic the Hedgehog

A blue hedgehog jumping and spinning collecting rings trying to defeat a fat man I guess that's weird...

A hedgehog can't have a human girlfriend!

91 Rayman Origins

All of the Rayman games are weird but fun at the same time. I've been playing Rayman ever since I was younger

Globox is so stupid (in all Rayman games, also that's why I like him).

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92 The Stanley Parable
93 Super Smash Bros 64
94 Unicorn Makeout Mania

What the heck...

95 Mount Your Friends
96 Sonic CD

Huh this weird? - spodermanfan1000

97 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is also a group of assassins in the Elder Scrolls.

98 Sonic's Schoolhouse

Worst Sonic game ever.

99 Little Big Planet
100 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

One of three lousy dysfunctional Zelda CDi games too many (=the Unholy Triforce)

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