Weirdest Video Games of All Time


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101 Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game V 1 Comment
102 Baby Maker 2
103 Space Channel 5
104 Marble Madness
105 Face Raiders

You take a picture of your face and shoot balls at it. And you use your surroundings as the battlefield. Who's idea was this?

106 Katamari
107 Revenge of the Sunfish

Lots of randomness in this!

108 Pokemon Snap

Oh boy, you thought the regular Pokemon games were weird...

109 Super Mario World

Weird and bad are very different things.

V 1 Comment
110 Kirby's Dream Land V 1 Comment
111 Metroid: Other M

What's weirder than Metroid? Metroid wih an AI that thinks is real...

112 Portal 2

When it comes to weirdness, Portal 2 beats Portal because of Wheatley.
It's not completely out of the question that you may have a minor case of... Severe brain damage.

113 Team Fortress 2
114 Yoshi's Safari
115 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

SSB was weird before, but then they through Sonic and Snake into the picture.

116 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

Understandable, this game is meant to be weird. - FernandoLemon

117 Clash of Clans
118 Jetpack Joyride
119 Bloons Tower Defense 5
120 Cut the Rope

Ya know, instead of teasing him, they could just GIVE OM NOM THE CANDY!

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