Top Ten Weirdest Ways the World Could End


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1 Celebrating "Hold Your Breathe for 10 Minutes" Day

Breathtaking end to this lovely world! - HezarioSeth

Let's celebrate this day with joy! - Kiteretsunu

You cannot die by holding your breath.

Let's get started (holds breath) - JaysTop10List

2 Mass Suicides

Not weird, but insanely horrible! - Userguy44

How come zombie apocalypse isn't on here?

How is this weird? This is horrible. - Anonymousxcxc

There's a list on how humanity could end... This wiuld be perfect for a #1 on that

3 Scientists Inventing a Mass Murderer Invincible Robot

At this point something like this would not Shock me! - Curti2594

Wow that would be funny and stupid at the same time! Great list! Kiteretsunu - JaysTop10List

Great idea!

4 All the Farmers of This World Taking Unofficial Leave for Five Years

Farmers: Farming is a boring job. Let's change our profession. - Kiteretsunu

Haha, liked your comment a lot, Ksunu! This would be such a bad thing to happen, hope it doesn't end that way! - HezarioSeth

5 China's One Child Policy Is Adopted by All Nations, Strictly.

For the first generation, it wouldn't be too bad. More space, at least. - PetSounds

I'm the first child so it wouldn't be bad for me

Divide the Population with 2, each time for the next generation. - Kiteretsunu

I really hope this doesn't happen. My enemy will survive and I won't. Then again, this is unlikely.

6 Celebrating " Laugh for Ten Minutes Continuously " Day

Haha! Was going to vote for 'Mass Suicide' until I saw this. Imagine if you popped your clogs laughing! What a wonderful way to go! - Britgirl

Laugh till your stomach bursts! - Kiteretsunu

I don't know if I could laugh that long, max without stopping is maybe 30 seconds. - funnyuser

Haha! This was really good, Ksunu... Tickled to death! - HezarioSeth

7 Nuclear Tests Going Wrong

Oops... That's a big one... - funnyuser

Ahhh! A nuclear bomb attack!

Wow that's a bit ott

8 Justin Bieber Starts a Cult

For real! - Userguy44

OH god no.

All the 10 year old girls would join and there would be no more generations left... Because they all die in the end

We must fight back! - ethanmeinster

9 Water Is the New Poison

But what if dust is the new water?!?!

If Water is poisonous they wouldn't be any life for Humans, Plants or any Living animal. That Would be Sad for everyone. Just Hope that doesn't happen. - Dreamformusic

Everyone would pass away if that happened.

We would all die as of then

10 Everybody Giving Up Sex Forever

Shut up you pervert


Now this is bizarre. I can picture the awkward silences. - PositronWildhawk

That will stop labor

The Contenders

11 Mass Kitten Attack

Now this is weird. - Userguy44

Totally going to happen. I'm serious; my cat was an awful demon lion. He ran away last year... Maybe he's already organizing a massacre group. - Kevie16

Kittens aren't the worst thing out there

It wouldn't kill me. I have animal gaming superpowers and a fondness for kittens. - AnonymousChick

12 Mentos Truck Crashes Into Diet Cola Factory

Oh dear! With thousands of mentos inside the truck and millions of litres of cola inside the factory. After the crash will pour over the truck. KABOOM! A giant explosion of cola rises into the air... Before dropping back onto the ground and sweeping away everything in a black and bubbley wave. very terrible.

Awesome! Get a camera! Wait... ah shoot!

Why would Mentos need a truck? - Fandom_Lover

So cool

13 The Entire World's Water Supply Is Replaced With Nacho Cheese

This would be tasteful

What a delicious way to go! - Survivor101

14 Justin Bieber Becomes God

Kanye West becoming god is worse. - Userguy44

If he became God he could no... God no! He could play "baby" for the whole world

That will be the end of humanity. For real.

Definitely not happening lol.

15 Average Human Life Span Shortens to Two Years Due to Critically Degraded Human DNA


16 Government Becomes So Corrupt They Set Up a "Kill All Children Under 8" Policy

This would be horrible! I would stop the government, some how! At least I'm not 8 or under. - funnyuser

17 A Guy Takes Over the World and Nukes Everything

This would be me. I would have everything for free!

AKA:Donald Trump ;3;

18 Aliens attack and neuter all men on planet

This could happen though. - Userguy44

Other choices ain't that good actually :P

19 Murderous Robot That Looks Like a Cat Tickles Every Human to Death

Those who ar allergic wouldn't let it come near!

20 Sudden Giant Kirby

I hope he sucks Obama - N64Dude

It's so adorable! Wait, no! DON'T EAT ME! PLEASE!

21 It Rains Lava

i like dis

22 It Gets Eaten by a Gerbil
23 The Moon Disappears

'So that's why our astronauts haven't came back! '

Ah! No moon! Why!

24 Justin Bieber Rules the World
25 Zombie Apocalypse

I'm well prepared for this!

26 The Sun Gets too Close to Earth

Oh god! - Userguy44

Good thing this ain't going to happen until next 5.4 billion years.

27 Masochists Decide to Live Life by the Golden Rule

Yep. I can see that happening.

Oh dear. - CityGuru

28 If you don't like Shadamy you get killed

Hell shadamy

29 Teen Titans Go takes over the universe
30 All animals give one another rabies and they kill all living things, including themselves
31 Alien Parasite Apocalypse
32 TNT Storage Gets Caught on Fire
33 Lake Michigan's Water Level Rises 10,000,000 Feet In 6 Seconds
34 Flaming Thunder Destroys the Earth's Crust Exposing the 1000+ Degree Core

I think you forgot that under the crust is the mantle and under the mantle is the outer core and THEN it's the inner core.

I added this to the list, but I meant to say the core would all be exposed, this goes thru the mantle too.

Yep, that's correct, anonymous.
But then, I didn't add this item. - Kiteretsunu

35 International Paper Month Is Celebrated, Encouraging the Destruction of Trees
36 Earth Loses Oxygen Forever
37 Justin Bieber Becomes President

Nobody would vote for him anyway. - Userguy44

Who woyld vote for him? Since 10 year olds couldn't vote, he couldn't win. - Fandom_Lover

That would *&%$3! Suck!

38 Giant Roomba Sucks Everything Up
39 Aliens Impregnate Every Human Female and Make It Impossible for a Human Male to Get the Impregnated Female Pregnant

That would be interesting to see. - PositronWildhawk

Oh, boy... - Survivor101

40 Aliens take all the semen in the world and humans can't repopulate.
41 Heartless Invade All the Worlds and Keyblades Don't Exist

This wouldn't be good...

42 Penis Attack That Kills All Women With Poison

Oh, come on! - Survivor101

43 The Government "Fixes" All Women Like They Do With Dogs

That would be a weird thing to see... - Turkeyasylum

44 Self Replicating Robots Take Over
45 Too Much Taco Bell
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