Top Ten Weirdest Wikipedia Pages

There are over a million Wikipedia articles, which many of them are interesting. Then there’s also some of the weirdest pages created in Wikipedia, some of them interesting or humorously weird. Here are some top ten prime examples of the weirdest pages created in Wikipedia.
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1 Buttered Toast Phenomenon

For real, the article talks detailed stuff explaining how a buttered toast seems to almost always land on its covered butter side

I should write a post on this.

2 Buttered Cat Paradox

Combining the buttered toast phenomenon and the cat. Cats tend to land on their feet on a long fall, buttered toast tends to do the opposite. Buttered toast is attached above the cats body. The main question is what happens if you drop a cat with buttered toast attached to it? This spawned some humorous speculations.

This is not weird at all

3 List of List of Lists

There's literally a page on wikipedia that lists the list of lists..

4 Toilet Paper Orientation

There are detailed paragraphs about topics about sociology and other weird topics related to under and over orientations of toilet papers preferences. Why do you need extensive knowledge on toilet papers? Head on this article if you seem to have obsessions of toilet papers. Toilet paper orientations seem to be a matter in some people.

You sit, do your business, flush, and get up. That's all the orientation you need.

5 Calculator Spelling

This page has the detailed paragraphs all for you to learn and master spelling words using calculators.

6 Chalkboard Scraping

The title sounds already weird itself, but the article explains how the brain reacts to the sound of scraping chalk.

7 List of Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

Another weird wikipedia page, stating the bizarre yet tragic deaths of those killed by their own inventions.

8 Plant Cognition

Did anyone knew plants also had signs of intelligence and capable of memory? Currently intelligence and senses of plants is not fully known but it's an interesting topic.

9 World Toilet Day

Apparently there's a detailed article related to an event called toilet day, spreading awareness of toilets and having detailed explanations of how toilets represent cleanliness, safety. World toilet day is celebrated November 19 yearly.

I'm marking my calendar for this one.

10 Unusual Articles

A comedic guide that lists all topics and pages Wikipedia considers "unusual". I would consider skimming at these entries provided there first.

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11 Pizza Farm

The page explains exactly how a pizza farm works. Pizza farms actually do exist, and they are built in circular fields. Usually they grow ingredients mostly used in pizzas.

12 Phobophobia

The article features deep explanation of the fear of fear. Phobophobia seems weird itself but the page is a combination of interesting and bizarre.

It must suck to have this. I'm gonna leave it at that.

13 Sex
14 Avril Lavigne Replacement Conspiracy Theory
15 Breast-Shaped Hill
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