Weirdest Yahoo Answers Questions Related to Farting

So farting is a hot topic at the Yahoo answers, I've chosen some of the weirdest of them.

The Top Ten Weirdest Yahoo Answers Questions Related to Farting

1 Why do I like the smell of my own fart?

At least my farts smell better than my dad's farts!


"Every time I fart I have urges to smell it. I try to keep it a secret, but it's very hard to.

I usually cup my farts and throw them at my nose, and even gone as far as farting on my bare hand so the smell stays for awhile.

Any advice to get rid of my problem?

As a child I was forced to smell my father's farts. One day we were on an elevator and had to go up to the 63rd floor and he passed gas around the 15th floor." - Kiteretsunu

Because it's your personal view on things. - PositronWildhawk

Its normal happens to me as well. I don't know but why but I always do it. It may be disgusting to other because its not their fart, however if it where they would yuck at it.

2 Is it true that girls don't fart?

I'm a girl and my farts are worse than yours!


I'm a girl and I fart a lot

Haha I'm in FART heaven! My mother would have a fit if I flatulated in public - it's "most unladylike" I have to admit that without the nearness of my mother, I have accidentally let out the odd one... Sorry... - Britgirl

3 How come famous people dont fart?

Is it ignorance or too much fan boying/girling? - Kiteretsunu

They do. They fart money when the cameras aren’t on them. - 3DG20

Um, I'm pretty sure they do... - RockFashionista

With a lot of training. - Anton110

4 What would happen if the whole world farted at the same time?

A creative question full of smell. - Kiteretsunu

There would be a lot of farting. - 3DG20

Best question about farting... Ever!

This is a good question actually

5 Why do men fart when they pee?

I'm a lady and sometimes I fart while I'm peeing, too!

Well, it never always happens with me. In fact it rarely happens with me. - Kiteretsunu

6 How to fart without smell and sound?

Just let it all out 1 bubble at a time.

Talk about training in farting. - Kiteretsunu

This more likely question

Don't fart - Anton110

7 If you fart in a jar and put the lid on will the smell still be there in a few weeks?

Yes and then your fart will turn into poop.

Solid gold poop none the less

Yes, and it will kill you - Anton110

8 Is it ok to fart in my dogs face?

I saw a friend do this once. The dog rushed crazily all around the ground and didn't want to get close to my friend. I hate animal cruelty! - keyson

Well, if the dog bites you, don't come to me. - Kiteretsunu

Yes, but be careful the dog doesn’t bite you there. - 3DG20

Yeah, very normal thing to do with your dog. - Anton110

9 Why do people lift their bum off the chair to fart?

So the chair doesn't smell.

Because of the thrust, like in an space rocket - Anton110

This is so really funny, Ksunu! Enjoyed this list! :0 - HezarioSeth

Cus if they don't they will inflate like a balloon and explode

10 A dog smelled my butt and I farted in its face. Did I go too far?

Full question:
I was at the beach and some random dog started smelling my butt. I then let out the loudest, nastiest fart I could right in its face. It was running around and looked quite traumatized. Did I go too far?

I wasn't exact, but that's all the details.

Wow. I used to do that. Until my dog died of smelling too much.

I don't know ask the dog

No, I do it all of the time. - 3DG20

The Contenders

11 Why do my farts smell like oranges with a hint of buttermilk and nutmeg?

At least they smell better than rotten egg farts

Duh. It smells like the last food you have eaten.

This guy has a golden fart. Everyone at the yahoo answers answered like this "Please fart in my mouth." - Kiteretsunu

12 Why do we do egg fart sometimes

And that's the death of humanity

13 Why do men fart, but women poot or pass gas?

What the heck? Both men and women fart! - Minecraftcrazy530

They mean the same thing

NO Men pass gas or poot and WOMEN fart. The stupidest question and answer ever. - funnyuser


14 Is it normal for women to have smelly farts?

I'm a lady and my farts smell bad sometimes

Yes, in fact it is recommended

Only if you're a fart smeller

15 Do you fart?

Not at a- *Farts* uh... That was thunder. - 3DG20

No, I'm a robot from Apple - Anton110

Only some people.

Yes I fart

16 Is it ok if I wear fart as perfume?

Yes, I do it when I go to school. - 3DG20

17 My father farts when he is sleeping. Is that normal?

Yes, everyone farts in their sleep even you. - AaronCoolness

Only if he isn't awake

Yes, as long as it doesn’t stink. - 3DG20

18 Can farts have feelings?

Yeh, they’re called love farts. c: - 3DG20

19 Can I tell by the smell of my husband's gas that he's been cheating?
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