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1 Why Do Men Like Getting Their Bum Licked?

I'm sure that the average man enjoys it as much as the average woman. Which is not at all. - PositronWildhawk

Shut up, just shut up - Dodi

2 My Dog Licks the Road?

I know a dog who licks a rock when he's excited (no really), so that could be why.

My dog licks his butt

3 What Would Happen If a Lion Licked You?

He might like you and marry you

He might like your taste amd completely eat you off.

4 I Like to Lick the Floor. Is Something Wrong With Me? Help!?

Nope, the world needs more cleaning ladies like you. - 3DG20

Please come to my house. Currently my house floors are very dirty. - Kiteretsunu

Well, my toilet floor is dirty, could you lick it to clean. Well, if you also lick my toilet it would be helpful because its dirty too

You're going insane! Go to the doctor! - funnyuser

5 Why Do Cats Lick Coal?

Maybe she is trying to identify if it is really a coal or her dried poop

Maybe she needs the minerals present in that coal.... - Kiteretsunu

6 I Like to Lick People?

Gross why would you do that

That's not creepy AT ALL. - Minecraftcrazy530

Wow. We have a vampire amongt us

So not creepy -BabyMarz

7 Screen Cleaner, Dogs Licking Computer Screen?

You said " dogs" so are you including urself or there are two or more dogs there

8 I Like Licking My Toes But Im Scared to Do It Again Because Once I Swallowed My Foot, What Should I Do?

First of all, just lick and don't swallow

Not swallow your foot

Haha:-D :-D haha :-D haha:-D :'(

Um, yeah okay then -BabyMarz

9 I lick my poop before I flush it is that weird?!

Yes. Please get help.

Not at all. - 3DG20

This makes me feel an unpleasant sensation in my abdomen. - RockFashionista

EWW makes me want to vomit

10 Sometimes I Like to Lick My Knees?? They Taste So Nice Especially When They're Muddy! Is This Bad?

No way. Its never considered bad, as it is such a good thing to do. I would reccomend you to lick it everyday because it is healthy


Eww! Man you are gross. X/

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11 I Lick My Cats Armpits Because I Really Like the Musty Taste of It? Is This Normal?

Can I have a not very detailed definition for musty? - TristGamer

It s totally normal and I support you for this. If you do this every morning it will make your stomach clean

It's so yakk.. Eww.. :-P

12 I like to eat and lick my toes. Am I normal?

If you're a baby then yes. If you're over age 1, then NO!

I like licking my hands, so you are fine. - AaronCoolness

No you're not. You can die that way.

13 I lick the windows on the bus. Is this weird?

No! I do it too!

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