Top 10 Weirdly Common Mistakes Made by the Undertale Fandom

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Watching 3LameStudios' videos
Automatically assuming that Mettaton is gay

I gotta admit it looks like the james charles of the monster world - lemur

I liked the rectangle version better - lemur

Actually, Mettaton is trans, not gay. and we do have proof.

Blaming Chara for everything that happens in the Genocide Run

The player is the true villain of Undertale.

Chara could be creepy at times with words like "*(It's as comfortable as it looks)" meaning to a coffin. But it was always us how did Genocide Path, not them. Oh, and if you ask me, it was Frisk who killed Sans and Flowey in the end, (Just like almost did with Monster kid) because we made them like that.

Hating Alphys even though she never meant any harm

I gotta admit...

I used to have crush on her - lemur

Accidentally killing Toriel due to not knowing how to spare her

Or having Toriel accidentally kill you because you don't know you're supposed to spam "MERCY" - llamakalamari

Initially thinking that Alphys is a boy due to her appearance
Sexualizing skeletons

Otherwise known as almost the whole entire undertale fanbase - lemur

Making fetish art of Temmie

Then don't look at it. It’s easy.

NO! dis art is... NOT CUTE!

Initially thinking that Sans and Papyrus are the main characters because of how overwhelmingly popular they are
Forgetting to draw Alphys' tail in fanart

The Contenders

Thinking that Sans is Ness


Giving breasts and other sexual organs to characters that aren't supposed to physically have them in the first place
Watching the Underpants series

No. It wasn't a mistake

Making Alphys look incredibly weird and ugly in fanart
Shipping Alphys sexually with the Amalgamates
Wildly overestimating Sans to be a lot more powerful than he actually is in reality
Blaming Alphys and Asgore for everything that went wrong in the Pacifist Run
Giving Papyrus pretty much any voice that ISN'T Skeletor
Assuming that the Alphys NEO fight is canon somehow
Not realizing at first that you can actually still move around when Papyrus turns you blue
Comically missing the overall point of the Genocide Run
Trying to erase the consequences of the Genocide Run from their game files
Continuing to make even more AUs despite knowing that the main reason HELP_tale exists is actually because of them
Completely removing Alphys' hunchback problem in fanart
Shipping Sans with Grillby


I actually liked that ship... - Antifi

Not reading Alphys' Adventures, Alphys Höek and Alphys VS Undyne
Forgetting that Gligar13vids is obviously a troll
Forcefully shoehorning the game into everything in existence
Overhyping the game to the point that literally nothing could ever live up to their praise
Never actually finding Gaster and his followers in-game
Not realizing that Alphys is literally giving them the answers during Mettaton's quiz
Giving Mettaton a girl voice
Somehow expecting Mettaton NEO to not be a joke boss
Forgetting to bring Sea Tea to the Sans fight for his last attack
Making Photoshop meme pictures and videos galore
Forgetting that Mettaton is actually transgender
Shipping Sans with Papyrus
Shipping Alphys with characters other than Undyne
Making fetish art of Alphys
Making dirty Undertale confession blogs on Tumblr
Making fetish art of Undyne
Making fetish art of Toriel
Making fetish art of Muffet
Losing to Papyrus
Eating the Snowman Piece
Making fetish art of Frisk, Chara, Asriel and Monster Kid
Giving female characters much larger breasts than they should realistically have
Shipping Alphys with Asgore even though said ship is already dead and would only work in prequels
Making foot-fetish art
Thinking that Sans is white
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