Top 10 Weirdly Common Mistakes Made by the Undertale Fandom


The Top Ten

1 Watching 3LameStudios' videos
2 Automatically assuming that Mettaton is gay
3 Blaming Chara for everything that happens in the Genocide Run
4 Hating Alphys even though she never meant any harm
5 Accidentally killing Toriel due to not knowing how to spare her
6 Initially thinking that Alphys is a boy due to her appearance
7 Sexualizing skeletons
8 Making fetish art of Temmie

NO! dis art is... NOT CUTE!

9 Initially thinking that Sans and Papyrus are the main characters because of how overwhelmingly popular they are
10 Forgetting to draw Alphys' tail in fanart

The Contenders

11 Making Alphys look incredibly weird and ugly in fanart
12 Shipping Alphys sexually with the Amalgamates
13 Not reading Alphys' Adventures, Alphys Höek and Alphys VS Undyne
14 Forgetting that Gligar13vids is obviously a troll
15 Wildly overestimating Sans to be a lot more powerful than he actually is in reality
16 Forcefully shoehorning the game into everything in existence
17 Overhyping the game to the point that literally nothing could ever live up to their praise
18 Blaming Alphys and Asgore for everything that went wrong in the Pacifist Run
19 Never actually finding Gaster and his followers in-game
20 Not realizing that Alphys is literally giving them the answers during Mettaton's quiz
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