Top 10 Most Weirdly Underrated Animated Movies

Some animations are good some are not so much. Yet some get despised for no reason or shrugged off. These are my personal representations of underrated animated gems.

The Top Ten

1 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Beautiful Animation coupled with powerful songs and a well done emotional music score, only add to this emotionally charged and gripping DreamWorks Entry. - TheSubinabox

2 Road to El Dorado

Fun, colorful Comedy from DreamWorks that is a delight and still hilarious to me as an adult. Plus some great tunes - TheSubinabox

3 The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

Interesting plot twist st the end, some great sings (the one sung by Pterano, Siera and Rinkus is hilarious) an uplifting ending too.
The hope that people (or dinosaurs) can change their ways rather then the evil is eternal bad guy mindset is a great message - TheSubinabox

4 The Fox and the Hound

Emotional sweet sentiment that is often sadly overlooked by Disney fans in favor of flashy tripe (*cough* Frozen *cough*)
A pity - TheSubinabox

5 The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride

The ultimate you love or hate it sequal. Featuring one if the most tragic villains Disney has ever had. The lioness, Zira. - TheSubinabox

6 Khumba

A South African Animated movie about a Zebra. Besides the interesting and fun characters and unique setting. There's some mythology with the characters that is fascinating - TheSubinabox

7 Igor

Dark edgy humor, cute plotline. A unique spun on Monster movies. - TheSubinabox

8 Pokemon 2000

Nostalgia galore plus Lugia is pretty badass as is his tune lol - TheSubinabox

9 Brother Bear

Personal favorite of mine. Good animation, vivid imagery abd eploring a strange topic before hipsters did (animal totems) - TheSubinabox

10 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Cute, fun good music awe character designs. A decent Disney sequsl - TheSubinabox

The Contenders

11 Secret Life of Pets
12 The Prince of Egypt
13 Treasure Planet

A beautiful and great movie

14 Flushed Away

I love this movie, but I feel that it is underrated

15 Rio
16 Surf's Up
17 Song of the Sea

Anyone who sees this movie will be swept off their feet by the magic and beauty of it.
This and The Secret of Kells, and The Breadwinner are definitely one of the great movies of all time

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