Best Wesnoth Units

You probably don't know what The Battle for Wesnoth is. It is a free Open Source game that works on Linux, Windows and MAC. It's a fantasy strategy game, taking place in a fictional land called Wesnoth. You recruit units and earn money by capturing villages, trying to kill the enemy leader.

Ok, now that you know, this is a list of the units that you most gladly boy and are the most useful in personal opinions. All in all the units are pretty much balanced. Let’s try to stick with only putting level 1 & 0 units (but talk about their upgrades) and not include any from mods.

The Top Ten

1 Horseman

Can deal a terrible lot of damage in good sitiuation. His double charge ability gives a good chance of killing an enemy with a final strong blow. If teamed with a mage, you can destroy enemys very fast.

2 Drake Burner

Does a lot of fire damage and has a lot of health he blows a lot of times, increasing the chance of hitting.

3 Gryphon Rider

The best scout in the game.

4 Elvish Shaman

Great for healing and slowing, can upgrade to level 4, just hide from enemys.

The humble Shaman is without a doubt the best lvl1 support unit in the game, and cheap too.

5 Dwarvish Ulfserker

Don't waste 3 turns to kill somebody anymore! Also try him on an adept and you will see what I mean.

6 Orcish Assassin

The poison can kill enemys while you are somewhere else.

7 Wose

Regenerates, isn't visible in forest, high damage and health.

8 Ghoul
9 Troll Whelp
10 Soulless

If used correctly, you can get some of free new units.

The Contenders

11 Thief

The backstab does awesome damage and she is hard to hit.

12 Royal Guard

Solid damage,above average movement,high hp,decent terrain defense.enough said

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