Top 10 "What the Hell" Moments In Anime

Anime is filled with awkward, bizarre, and shocking moments

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1 Maes Hughes Dies - Fullmetal Alchemist Maes Hughes Dies - Fullmetal Alchemist
2 Naruto Kissing Satsuki - Naruto
3 James with Big Inflatable Breasts from "Beauty and the Beast" Japanese Version - Pokemon

James has crossed dress before but never to this extent, cross dressing is one thing but wearing inflatable fake breasts is officially going to far. - egnomac

The episode is actually Beauty and the Beach I obviously wasn't paying attention when I was writhing this. - egnomac

Japanese Pokemon is EXTREMELY different to English Pokemon...

4 Vegeta Kills Nappa - Dragon Ball Z
5 Minatsuki Reveals Her True Self To Ganta - Deadman Wonderland

She completely fooled Ganta into thinking that she was this sweet innocent girl and as soon as they get to Carnival Corpse she reveals to be this complete psycho who gets of on killing people. - egnomac

Ganta should have already realize by now not everything is what it seems, it completely took me by surprise that this innocent girl would turn out to be a psychopath. - ZZDOORAL

6 Satsuki Turns Traitor - Naruto
7 Nappa Punches Tien's hand off - Dragon Ball Z
8 Hyosuke Walks in on Kaede's Room - Please Teacher

Hysosuke walks into the room thinking its his and when he gets into bed he freaks out to find Kaede sleeping there she wakes up and sees hims and thinking it's a dream she kisses hims and from then on it gets real crazy, in the next episode he avoid her which heavily implies that they may have actually done it together. - egnomac

9 Hibiki Almost Kisses Fuko - I My Me Strawberry Eggs
10 Sena's Footjob - Chaos Head

The Contenders

11 Haku is Really a Guy - Naruto

Naruto's reaction is hilarious when he says that Haku is hotter than Sakura which is true. - egnomac

Like Naruto I too thought Haku was a girl and to my surprise he's actually a guy. - egnomac

12 Kousei Trys to Come Onto Maiku - Please Twins

In Episode 2 of Please Twins Kousei try's to come onto Maiku he keeps trying to hit on him while Maiku is trying to ignore him than kousei blows in his ear and says to him "I'm grtting kind of wet down there" and and I'm like whoa did he just say that and Maiku tells him to back off and Mizuho over hears everything and is completly freaked about it and then she says very akwordly Kamashiro your that way. - egnomac

13 Naruto Farts in Kibas Face During Their Match - Naruto

During their match Naruto tries to unleash his special attack on Kiba then he sneaks up behind him and just as he's about to strike Naruto unexpectedly farts right in his face and Kiba stars gagging and the reaction on Sakura and Ino is hilarious. - egnomac

14 Ace Dies - One Piece

It was the worst thing that ever happened in Anime history

15 Officer Jenny Calls Growlithe an Arcanine - Pokemon
16 Yugi Forfeits the Duel to Kaiba - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yugi had the match won until Kaiba forced his hand and threatened to jump off unless he forfeited the match the spirit of the mellinium puzzle continued the attack until Yugi stopped him causing Kaiba to win and lose any chance of saving Yugi's grandfather. - egnomac

One of the reasons that Yugi is sometimes an idiot. - Miauzer

17 Falcon Punch - F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu
18 Akito Touches Sana's Breast - Kodocha

I know she's only 11 years old and probably doesn't have much up there anyway but still did not expect that. - egnomac

19 Naota Finds His Father's Rotting Corpse - FLCL
20 Taeko and Kaoru in an Awkward Position From Episode 6 - Ai Yori Aoshi
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1. Maes Hughes Dies - Fullmetal Alchemist
2. Naruto Kissing Satsuki - Naruto
3. James with Big Inflatable Breasts from "Beauty and the Beast" Japanese Version - Pokemon



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