Top 10 "What the Hell" Moments from the Loud House

Top moments from The :Loud House that made you say "What the Hell"

The Top Ten

1 Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud Go Skinny Dipping form Suite and Sour

I watched this episode with my younger brother and was disturbed. - RosalinaX

This was unexpected and came out of nowhere, but that's what made it so funny - Spongehouse

Come on guys just played Marco polo in front of a camera nothing to see here. - GamerXS

I would expect this from more inappropriate shows like "Regular Show" or "Ren and Stimpy" or "The Crumpets" or "Kaeloo", but not "The Loud House"! This is one of the most child-friendly "kids' shows" out there, other than the gay characters.

2 Clyde Being Turned On By Lori's Farts from Making the Case

To Clyde what the hell is wrong with you boy. - egnomac

Jeez...all he said was "music to my ears", doesn't mean he's turned on!

That was just gross - Spongehouse

Clyde needs some help. - RoseWeasley

3 "What Are Those Two Frogs Doing? from Frog Wild

In the final moments of the episode we see the class observing the tank of frogs and one of the kids points out two frogs doing something way too inappropriate and Ms. Johnson shields the kids view with a map. - egnomac

Well little girl those frogs were playing leap frog if you know what I mean. - egnomac

Me at 11: What are they doing
Me at 14: SEX - 23windomt

I guess you can say those frogs were getting BIZAY!. - egnomac

4 Lynn Pours Turkey Stock Down Her Pants from The Loudest Thanksgiving

Lynn literally looks like she's having an orgasm. - egnomac

What in the world is with that facial expression? - Jasmine21064

That face just cringeworthy. - egnomac

This image looks wrong - Spongehouse

5 That one girl saying to Bobby "Let's take off those clothes and we'll get started."

Her name was Pam and yes it was very unsettling when she said for Bobby to take off his clothes so they can get started. - egnomac

The weirdest moment in all of kids cartoons. - RosalinaX

Wow that not weird at all - 23windomt

That is TOTALLY for kids.

6 Lincoln and Lynn Sr. Dance in Their Underwear at the Airport from Legends

After losing the game on Legends of the Hidden Temple both Lincoln and Lynn Sr. are forced to strut around the airport in their underwear following a bet from earlier from their rivals they go through it expecting everyone to laugh and ridicule them but in a strange twist everyone applauds and cheers for them and they begin twerking their way through the airport until being stopped by airport security. - egnomac

An when they get stopped by security and one of them pulls out a glove it only gets weirder as they are preparing to give them both a cavity search. - egnomac

Its called weird family bonding! - Annabeth_Alexis_Chase

Came out of nowhere - Spongehouse

7 Lynn's Dutch Oven from Space Invader

Nickelodeon actually managed to make a fart joke funny which is an amazing accomplishment. - egnomac

I thought this scene was fine, even the best of shows can offer a bit of immaturity sometimes.

One of the Funniest Fart Jokes in a cartoon series.

8 Lynn Sr. Proposing to Veronica the Van From Vantastic Voyage

That was just creepy. - egnomac

9 The Sisters Tinkled in the Pool from Linc or Swim

In this scene Lisa dumps one of her chemicals in the pool that detects and eliminates urine in the water and when the chemical is put in the pool the water evaporates as all the sisters look on in embarrassment meaning that most of them probably had peed in the pool and that seem to be the case cause in the next scene Lincoln is shown cleaning out the pool. - egnomac

1 Yea even lily wernt there
2 stupid nick why Lynn, luan and Luna
3 where's the water

Lily wasn't even in the pool...

This was funny.

10 Lynn Farts as She Passes By Lisa's Room from The Mad Scientist

The timing on this moment is just perfect. - egnomac

Lynn Loud Don't Stop Farting!

The Contenders

11 Lincoln Becomes Linka from One of The Boys

This episode was a big disappointment, but I thought this moment was cool - Spongehouse

The whole episode was a what moment. - regularponyfan09

Lincoln is so cute as Linka.

12 Luna Looking Awkwardly as She Watches Her Parents Shake Their Butts Back and Forth from Really Loud Music

Seriously what the hell Loud House. - egnomac

The look on Luna's face says it all.

Luna seems to enjoy looking staring at her mom's huge butt.

Luna LOVES it. - GamerXS

13 Lincoln making out with The Cristina Statue
14 The Loud House Victory Dance Off from Come Sale Away

Just what is it with this show and butts. - egnomac

Maybe they should call this "The Butt House".

Am I the only one who actually enjoyed this moment?

And my mom was joining in. I was yelling "LET ME DIE! "

15 Lincoln Being Born in The President's Limo from Not a Loud

This is literally the most ridiculous ending whats next they're going to tell us that Lana and Lola were delivered by Bigfoot. - egnomac

Did they get writer's block halfway through writing the script for this or something? - DesiredUsernameTaken

You can't be born in a limo especially the presidents one.

Didn't make sense

16 Finding Out Clyde Had Two Dads

No offense or disrespect to LGBT users on here. It's just that you would have NEVER expected that.

Came as a big shock to me. - RosalinaX

17 Lori Becomes Leni from Change of Heart

In a very surprising moment Lori actually gets jealous that Clyde is sending all this time with Leni and she tries to get him back by trying to maker herself look like Leni to win him back. - egnomac

This was a bit creepy.

I hate this moment - Spongehouse

18 Luna turns out to like girls - L is for Love

There are sure a lot of homophobes on this entry, seriously you people need to grow the hell up your making a big deal over absolutely nothing, it makes me sick to see so many people having to gay bash Luna for such a stupid reason its sad to see how far the human race has fallen. - Nikx

I bet Luna doesn't even like Sam and is only "dating" a girl for attention to look edgy and cool

How the hell does this keep getting back up get it to last place. - egnomac

This was awesome and cute! Everyone who says they hate Luna now is probably 6 and doesn't understand this kind of thing. They think being gay or lesbian is a choice, when it's really how you're born.

You're right that you're born like that, but you still don't have to like Luna and Sam. - GamerXS

19 Lynn Shakes Her Butt in Front of Leni from Lynner Takes All

Lynn does her victory dance while chanting "Lynn-er Lynn-er chicken dinner" all while shaking her butt right in front of Leni and she responds with "I thought we were having salmon" - egnomac

Why is this show so obsessed with butts?

Leni seems to like it. - GamerXS

Lynn getting a little to close for comfort.

20 Ronnie Anne and Carlota in Matching Outfits from The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

Didn't see anything wrong with it, other then they look like people going to a strip club. - RosalinaX

In this moment Carlota drags Ronnie Anne and dresses her in a way too revealing outfit and she too is dressed the same and she adds the line "Now you gonna get all the boys attention". - egnomac

What's wrong with this moment? - Spongehouse

21 Lincoln Gets Sent Flying After Being Hit By Mrs. Johnson's Butt from Dance, Dance Resolution

That is one powerful butt.

OK, what is with this show and butts and farting? - Jasmine21064

22 Clyde Farts in the Tub While Pretending to Be Lynn from The Whole Picture

This was funny yet disgusting at the same time.

This is just wrong... - GamerXS

TWo gUYs chIlLinG iN a hOt tuB!


23 Luna Kisses Watterson's Butt from Pet Peeved

Well, if she wouldn't mind kissing another girl, she sure wouldn't mind kissing a dog's butt either.


Luna Loud: attracted to boys, girls, and animal butts!

Gross but its hard tell witch is witch you wankers

24 Lori Farts While Doing Yoga from Garaged Banned
25 Lynn Farts Under the Table with Clyde Hiding from Game Boys
26 Lucy Turns into a Vampire from Butterfly Effect

I think that the entire episode should be here.

"funnytime77" in a nutshell LOL

27 Lincoln with Bowl Cut from Insta-Gran

Luan: That haircut really bowls me over

Lincoln Oh wise guy eh (then smacks her) - egnomac

I was kind of expecting Lincoln to go all Moe Howard on Luan after she made fun of his new haircut. - egnomac

28 Lisa Poops Herself While Pretending to Be Lily from Potty Mouth

I can't believe Lisa actually went through it.

29 Lola Goes Bald After One of Lisa's Experiment from Garage Banned

This was hilarious and in an unrelated note Sam and Luna are Hot.

WHAT?! - Oliversky

30 Lincoln says "I can see Uranus from up here and boy is it gassy" from a novel idea
31 Lily Throws Her Full Diaper at Lori from Selfie Improvement
32 Lisa Dropping Her Fecal Slides on the Family from Insta-Gran

As Pop Pop and Myrtle leave Lisa rushes down the stairs still wanting to show off her fecal slides to Myrtle as she trips and her fecal slides fall on her family as everyone screams in terror all except for Lana. - egnomac

Just what is it with Lisa's obsession with collecting people's poop.

33 Charles Farting in Lincolns Face from a Mutt Above

This was hilarious.

34 Lori Saying "I Have a Special Present for You" While Acting Sexy in the Christmas Special

"Is it food and water? " What are you, dim witted, Bobby?

Hmm, what could it be?

35 Lucy reads Princess Pony

Very surprising especially for someone like Lucy who's always doom and gloom reading something that even Lola Loud wouldn't read. - Linkaloud

No cmment here - Oliversky

36 Lincoln's Helicopter Cuts Off Part of Lori's Hair from Selfie Improvement

That was funny. - Loudhouserules

lol moment - 23windomt

Ha Ha.

37 Clyde Saying "My dads are having a baby"

After the episode "Attention Deficit" do you really think they want anymore children. - egnomac

Two dudes can't have a baby Clyde. You were ADOPTED.

Its not like the movie Junior where a guy can get pregnant. - egnomac

* wonders how would that be * oof

38 Lynn says "I'm seeing a complete lack of balls in this room. Good thing I brought my own" from space invader.

Lincoln has two - GamerXS

39 Lana Dancing While on the Stairs from Come Sale Away

This was just unsettling. - egnomac

40 Luna Loud dressed up as Lincoln's mom trying to get them out of jail.

Congrats! Your kid is a criminal.

Just shows what a horrible role model Luna Loud is.

41 Leni getting tons of gifts

So it’s official. Leni has turned into the biggest Mary Sue in the history of animation.

42 Lana Scratching Her Butt with Edwin's Fangs from Spell It Out

POOR EDWIN - 23windomt

43 The Siblings Making Poor Lisa Become a Baby in Potty Mouth
44 Bobby brings Lorry the drink they had on their first date

LORI - 23windomt

45 Luan and Benny kisses from Stage Plight
46 The Close Up of Carlota's Swollen Feet from Prank for the Memories with the Casagrandes
47 Lincoln taking a picture of his first mustache hair
48 Ending from Fool Me Twice
49 Ronnie Anne Saying to Lincoln "Don't Push It"
50 Lily Starts Cussing from Potty Mouth

Could you not tell

At the end she was actually saying donut - Oliversky

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