Top 10 "What the Hell Moments" from Non-Disney Animated Movies

These are the moments and scenes from non Disney Animated movies that made you say "What the hell!".
The Top Ten
Batman and Batgirl sex scene - Batman: The Killing Joke

This scene was wrong for so many reasons. - egnomac

Food Orgy Scene - Sausage Party
Farquaad in Bed - Shrek

It case it wasn't obvious Farquaad was in bed masturbating while watching the mirrors image of Princess Fiona. - egnomac

It absolutely stuns me how people still call “Shrek” a kids movie. - 3DG20

Mr. Clipboard Enters the Store - Foodfight

This. This scene is truly disturbing. Is Mr Clipboard supposed to be human? Cause it sure doesn't look like it. - Gg2000

To qoute Nostalgia Critic "What the Hell am I looking at! " Christopher Lloyd must have had a stroke when he actually saw the character he was voicing. - egnomac

This was terrifying.

The Drawn Together Gang Listen to the Commentary - The Drawn Together Movie

The gang find themselves trapped in a carrage as it sinks and instead of trying to escape they decided to listen to the dvd commentary to find out how to escape as the commentary plays the characters just sit there for what feels like the longest time not moving. - egnomac

Mr. McMahon as an Otter Imagines Milking a Fish - Surfs Up 2: WaveMania

What? Thanks so much, I tried to forget this scene.

Just what the hell did I just see.

Beavis and Butthead Freak Out in the Desert - Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
Minion in Hot Tub with Fire hydrants - Minions

This is incredibly wrong just how did this scene get past the censors, one of the Minions I forgot which one gets into a hot tub with two yellow fire hydrants an they clearly resemble boobs. - egnomac

Tulio and Chel - The Road to El Dorado

In this scene the two were clearly doing something very inappropriate before being interrupted. - egnomac

Monstars Turn Michael Jordan into a Basketball - Space Jam
The Contenders
Melody Kisses Ash - Pokemon the Movie 2000
We Killed Them All and Ate Their Livers - Madagascar
Sleeping with the Fishes the Dead Ones - Shark Tale
Horton's Anime Dream Sequence - Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
Wild Mike - Barnyard the Original Party Animals
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