List of Banned Pokemon Episodes in America

Have you ever heard of Pokemon? If you have, do you know that some of its episodes were banned? Here's a list of Pokemon Episodes that were banned in America.

Beauty and the Beach:
So in Beauty and the Beach, Misty enters this bikini contest. Not ban worthy right? Well, I'm about to tell you why this episode was banned. So, Team Rocket enters the bikini contest, and James puts on these inflatible breasts. He then mocks Misty by saying "Maybe when you're older, you'll have a chest like this" and starts showing off his inflatible breasts. I guess a grown man in a boob costume isn't so bad in Japan, but it's ban worthy in America. Pretty reasonable.

The Legend of Dratini:
I don't think there's an official reason why this episode was banned, but I think it's mostly because of guns being pointed in people's faces. Apparently, guns are too violent for a show about a 10 year old boy going on adventures with Pokemon. Also, there was a scene where Meowth puts on a Hitler mustache. That can't help anything.

Holiday-Hi Jynx:
So in this banned episode, Team Rocket tried to get revenge on Santa Claus, while Ash and his friends discover a Jynx that belongs to Santa. Not so bad right? Well, the reason why this episode was banned is because back then, Jynx looked like one of the old racist cartoons from the 30's. The writers later changed Jynx' skin to purple.

Battle of the Quaking Island! Barboach vs Whiscash!!:
Ash and his friends are traveling to JoJo Island, but they are caught in an earthquake caused by Whiscash. Not so bad, right? Well, less than two weeks before the episode was scheduled to be released, Japan had a massive earthquake. And this episode seemed too similar to what happened in Japan, so the episode was pulled, never to be seen again.

The Ice Cave!:
Pokemon pulled this episode in America because of Jynx, who still looked racist. But like I said, Jynx' skin color was changed to purple, much less racist!

Electric Soldier Porygon:
While the others were offensive, this one might get you sent to the hospital. When it first aired, there was a scene where Pikachu fends off missles with his "Thunderbolt" attack. But that wasn't cool enough for the writers, so they added an intense strobe light effect, which was appreciated by the audience, as long as they don't get seizures. Yep, the strobe light effects were so intense that it hurt people's brains. Hundreds were sent to hospitals, while thousands​ had dizziness and headaches. Some viewers even had temporary blindness. The episode was pulled for good, Pokemon was off the air for months, and there were many reports about this episode.

So those were the banned episodes in America. And I will update this if needed. Any thoughts? Leave a comment below. See you later​


If you thought Electric Soldier Porygon was enough to cause seizures then check out The Problem Solverz. I don't think anyone with epilepsy can survive half an episode. - visitor

I tried watching the scene where Pikachu shocks the missiles but got no seizure, must be lucky - Neonco31

I'm actually glad I've only heard of the Electric Soldier Porygon episode after it was banned. - visitor

The seizure episode was nothing for me. I've seen worse. - Swellow

Woah, never knew Pokemon was so...savage - TwilightKitsune

Wow, interesting. can you do something similar to this again - EliHbk

So glad I was not watching Electric Soldier Portgon when it was live. Also, Porygon is not allowed to be shown in the Anime any more thanks to that. (Or it just can't take a main role, something like that) - SlickTooth

ESP didn't give me even a hint of seizures - Frodomar49

ESP was nothing. The inflatable breasts episode was just disgusting - Frodomar49