Top 10 "What the Hell Were They Thinking" Video Game Peripherals

Video games that use peripherals to play certain games, those video game peripherals were you ask your self "What the Hell were They thinking"

The Top Ten "What the Hell Were They Thinking" Video Game Peripherals

1 Power Glove

The power glove was just a huge failure the stupid thing rarely works and only works when it wants to and you have to input codes to play games with it - egnomac

They knew the thing didn't work yet released it anyway just a horrible way to sucker kids out of there hard earned money.

WOW I love wearing a plain old glove with advertising that is like trying to fall up, these things are great! - not

I have one of these it never worked once.

2 Sega Activator

Again was just awkward to use and have the time it rarely worked as it was suppose to. - egnomac

3 Wii Football

There's actually no point of any Wii peripheral. If you practice enough in any sports Wii game you'll eventually get the hang of it. - TwilightKitsune

The only Wii/Wii U peripheral you need is a steering wheel for Mario Kart. Anything other than that and you're just wasting your money. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Wait this exisited? I don't want to know who came up with this and not think this might not work at all.

Nintendo went completely overboard with the wii accessories that include the Wii football which more often than not get so caught up you'll accidently throw it and break your T.V.. - egnomac

4 Roll and Rocker

Hopefully you're not too heavy, or this thing would likely break after a few tries. If you haven't thrown it away already.

I tried using it as a kid and broke it.

"I'm drinking Rolling Rock, on a Roll and Rocker! " - cjWriter1997

Who thought of this? You can easily slip off the thing!

5 R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)

This thing is evil! It always destroys me in smash bros.

The idea was great, but R.O.B. moved so slowly...

Rob is a beast what

The R.O.B. may make a good collectors item but it was a lousy accessory it only worked for two games neither were that good and for strange reason became an actual character in games most notably Mario Kart DS & Super Smash Bros. series. - egnomac

6 PlayStation Jogcon
7 Virtual Boy

This wasn't a peripheral though

8 Atari 2600 Stick Station

This was just a stupid idea all they did was just stick an Atari joystick on a plank of wood that was too big you had to play on the floor to use it. - egnomac

What is this suppose to improve on? All it does is limit where the controller can be used more. - Skullkid755

9 HyperScan

The Hyperscan was a piece of garbage, it only had about 5 games and you have to swipe cards just to play the games and most of the time the cards don't always scan. - egnomac

10 R-Zone

The Contenders

11 eReader

At first it sounded like a good idea but as time went on it was just a huge waste of money, you constantly have to scan cards to play the game if you lose one card then your screwed you could also use the eReader to unlock extra levels in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 however you needed two game boy advance's. - egnomac

What were they thinking? - Frouze

12 Gameboy Camera

May have been innovative at the time but looking at it now it was nothing more than a gimmick the video quality was just horrible and ugly. - egnomac

I remembered having one of these and thought this was some revolutionary stuff. - StephanTheIdiot

Who are you running from?
Don't be so silly?

13 Tony Hawk's Skateboard

Yeah, I tried using this thing and I just fell on my ass multiple times. Why is it so small, by the way? Why couldn't they make it like a normal skateboard? - Mcgillacuddy

14 Marvel's Playmation

Disney planned on releasing Star Wars & Frozen versions as well. But this was just an idea that turned out to be a huge mess.

So unnecessary!

15 CD-i Remote
16 NES Speedboard

A hunk of plastic that makes the controller even harder to use. Brilliant.

You stick the remote in a big chunk of plastic - Jackamalio

What is it? It's a piece of plastic! - railfan99

17 Wii Vitality Sensor

It was never released, but come on.

18 Wii Remote

It's a controller...

Not a peripheral itself, though many useless ones were made for it. - Entranced98

This is probably the best. This and the PS Joystick for when I played flying games. - EliHbk

19 Power Pad

Sure, it paved the way for Dance Dance Revolution and the like, but the original Power Pad/Family Fitness Mat didn't have the best sensors. And why the two sides when really only "side B" was EVER used?

Aka the Family Fun Fitness Mat

20 Um Jammer Lammy NOW Guitar

The REAL reason no one played the arcade version of this - xandermartin98

21 Playstation Move

I know WHY it existed (to compete with the Nintendo Wii). The design is what's questionable.

22 Wii Wheel
23 Atari Touch Me
24 Wii Speak
25 Original Rock Band Guitar
26 Wii Golf Club
27 Wii Baseball Bat
28 Apple Bandai Pippin
29 Atari 5200 Track-Ball Controller
30 Pokewalker
31 Sega CD

Yes, this was a peripheral for the Sega Genesis, not a console by itself

32 Sega 32X
33 64DD
34 The Guitar Hero Grip
35 Atari Mindlink
36 Street Fighter II
37 Kinect
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