Top Ten "What If... BUT?" Questions

What would be your truthful answer to these questions? Some are just plain silly but others are thought-provoking.

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1 What if... you could get rid of your biggest fear BUT you had to pass it on to your best friend?

Then I can scare my friend with fake spiders. - Pegasister12

As guilty as I feel, I would. My fear is public speaking.

Good question - Martinglez

I would not

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2 What if... your farts suddenly became soundless BUT smelled twice as bad?

Naw I'd rather hear it louder than smell it more - FerrariDude64

Uh oh, somebody better grab the gas masks and oxygen tanks. - Catacorn

Britgirl it's seriously peed me off that you lied you were 21…

No one really cares. Go to a different website if you hate the people on this one so much. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Heh, Heh! - KingFab

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3 What if... you could pass all your exams with the highest grades BUT something embarrassing happened to you every time you left the house?

I'd only really be concerned by this if that embarrassing event affected my academic prowess. But then again, this sort of coincidence happens to me all the time. - PositronWildhawk

Only thing that changes is my grades. - Sop

I definitely would not! - saturatedsunrise

Haha I am not sure, depends on the time it takes to get rid of the embarassing things... Maybe I'd avoid it if it's too embarassing!
Great list! - keyson

4 What if... you suddenly had the ability to read anyone's mind BUT the person standing closest to you was able to read yours 24/7?

This question reminded me of a movie I love - "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

Very nice list. - Metal_Treasure

From now on, I will hang around with complete strangers until this happens to me. They can't use the flaw against me. - PositronWildhawk


I wouldn’t. - saturatedsunrise

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5 What if... you found a large sum of money every single day for the rest of your life BUT your hand became a foot?

@visitor Depends how much money. Surgery costs a lot. I MEAN A LOT. - FerrariDude64

I no need money :/

But since you had a lot of money u could get surgery

6 What if... you could save the life of anyone BUT you must have 4 years taken from your own life?

I'm more interested in taking lives so no - bobbythebrony

Good question. Those 4 years would be where Closer by The Chainsmokers comes true and I do not call anyone!

7 What if... you could become the most beautiful or handsome person in the world BUT you never experience real love?

You should download the game "What if"-it's questions like these except they come with percentages of what people voted for. I kind of used it to stare into the psyche of the general populace. If I remember correctly, a staggering number chose to be beautiful in a question relatively similar. Fascinating. - keycha1n

Never in a million years! I'd love to stay plain old me, with all my imperfections. Real love is the most perfect of feelings. - Britgirl

I would because I want to look nice and I do not want to be in love. I would only pretend that we're in love and say "I didn't mean to fall in love tonight"

I would of course do this, because I don’t want to be in love! I want to look excellent. - saturatedsunrise

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8 What if... you you could hang out with your favourite celebrity for a whole week BUT you would have to play Justin Bieber songs all day, everyday the week after?

Do you mean only one day or whole life? If it's one day I can handle it, I've been dealing with beliebers my whole life, unlucky me...

I don't need any celebrity

I would. I would do anything to meet Halsey.

Unpopular opinion, i’d do it, I love justin’s songs. no shade please

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9 What if... you could have the perfect body shape BUT you step on a Lego brick unexpectedly at some point during the day for the rest of your life?

Have you ever heard of shoes? Those might be helpful - gabgriffinfcs

Get some sandals, socks or shoes

Anything but the Legos... - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

10 What if.. you could go back to a favourite time in your life for a week BUT none of your friends or family would remember you on your return?

I think that would be heartbreaking...


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11 What if... you were living feces BUT you had cool shades in which held your defining personality trait?
12 What if... You were immortal BUT everyday you lived you would get kicked in the nuts?

Um... I don't have nuts to kick.

13 What if... You won the lottery BUT you could not spend any of the winnings?

So I just put all of it into the bank, so basically I am not spending a penny from it, but because the bank can use it, it generates money for me. So yeah, it is just what I would do with a lottery winning anyway, so it's a win-win

This would be terrible! - KingFab

Then there is no point.

That would suck. Congratulations you are the lucky winner but you can’t spend what you just won - Randomator

14 What if... you could become the most intelligent person in the world BUT you would become the loneliest person on the planet?

I don't have many friends anyway plus the only reason people talk to me is to find an answer to a question. - KingFab

I hate people. I think this would work out well. - Merilille

No.. I need friends and family - FerrariDude64

I don’t want to be smart. - saturatedsunrise

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15 What if... You got your dream job BUT your boss would always be a fudging moot?
16 What if... James Cameron directed Terminator 3 BUT Titanic and Avatar were never made?

Those are the 2 highest grossing movies of all time

This would be bad. I love Titanic too much. - Britgirl

17 What had really good musical talent BUT everyone hated your music?

It's Justin Beiber the other way round! - KingFab

My musical talent is OK but I do not show people my songs because they are bad.

Well, everyone would hate my music whether or not I have talent (which I don’t), so sure! - saturatedsunrise

18 What if… Britgirl's drawings got put into a museum BUT someone messed them up?

Who is britgirl

19 What if... you're perfectly happy with your life, BUT your soulmate doesn't love you?
20 What if... you could have sex with anyone BUT anyone could have sex with you?

It's so messed up its funny

What about the CHILDREN!? - LunaFrost

I'll be single for my whole life then

Oh God. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

21 What if you could hang with any celebrity for a week but they die right after?
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1. What if... you could get rid of your biggest fear BUT you had to pass it on to your best friend?
2. What if... your farts suddenly became soundless BUT smelled twice as bad?
3. What if... you could pass all your exams with the highest grades BUT something embarrassing happened to you every time you left the house?


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