Top Ten "What If" Fights That Should Have Happened In Dragon Ball Z

Fights that never actually happened but would have been great to watch. Maybe they should be included in the next DBZ game.

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Super Gogeta vs Super Vegito

It will be the most epic match ever if the fought. I really want to see this match more than any other dragon ball z or dragon ball gt battle

Would be great but the only way it could happen is if a goku and vegeta come from the past/future and challenge or by using the multiverse theory

Even though gogeta would give vegito a good battle vegito would win because goku would not have to suppress his power level like he did with the fusion dance


Frieza vs Cooler

To the moron who says this already happened... erm no it didn't, this fight has never happened in any canon DBZ material. So who's the dumbass now?

Frieza would win, definitely

I think frieza would win

Freiza because golden form

Ultimate Gohan vs Super Janemba

I think Ultimate Gohan should win because he has more potential and has enough power to beat SSJ3 Goku. He also could block, dodge, and deflect attacks also like he doesn't care that.

Mystic gohan ultimate gohan who care you can call him whatever you want

Do you mean mystic gohan versus janemba

Janemba defeats gohan

Bardock SSJ vs Frieza

It would be a good fight but Frieza still wins

Bardock as a super saiyan would be really strong

Bardock wins

GT Goku vs GT Vegeta

Vegito vs Gogeta would be cool but I think the 2 saiyan rivals need to finish what they started!

This fight wold be unfair because base Goku (gt) is as strong as Goku ssj3(z)

Goku and Vegeta could have finally settled their 20 year old grudge. But why did this not happen?

Hmph... I wanted an ultimate clash between the Super Saiyans 4

Damn, I wanted an ultimate clash between the Super Saiyans 4

Goku and Veget could have finally settled their 20 year old grudge. But why did this not happen?

"Kakarot! "
"Times Ten... Ka... Me... Ha... Me... HA! "
"Hmph... Final Shine ATTACK! "


Super Vegito vs SSJ4 Goku

I would say vegito I remember reading something in v jump magazine that vegito is the ultimate fusion and may even rival the ultimate ssj4 also vegito is a smarter fighter and if he saw that he was losing he would give it his all and try to end it as quick as possible

Goku will destroy super vegito

Ssj4 gogeta, BARELY! They are very close in power

It would be a draw

Pikkon vs Piccolo

This would be the best fight they look the same sort of and I think it would be a close fight.

I'd like to see that fight

This! Piccolo is slightly underrated so...

Pikkon but I still love Piccolo

Bardock vs Goku

I love bardock but goku would win

Gohan (Full Power) vs Vegeta (Full Power)

I think vegeta because vegeta beat buu but gohan did not so I'm trying to say that that there power may be the same but vegeta would still win we all knew how vegeta trains vegeta trains more so I think vegeta would win

We all have seen vegeta and goku fight and goku is stronger but I wanna see gohan and vegeta fight it would be awesome but I wil vote for gohan to win

Gohan would so win

Baby Vegeta vs Super Android 17

It would be cool to see two of dr. Myuu's creation's fight because in vegeta's normal form he was no macth but with baby it would be a easy battle

The Contenders

Ssj3 Goku vs Mystic Gohan

Yep It is stated that gohan is stronger but then seeing the anime it was apparently ss3 goku so I think that would make a good match

Would be awesome as Goku will be able to see Gohan's power.

So much debate over it, this is an argument that needs to be settled

Yeah mystic gohan would win

Gotenks vs Broly

Gotenks would win with ease

How the hell would broly win?



Krillin vs Tien

They never fight one vs the other and they are the strongest humans. I think Cell Saga was the climax of their powers, that's the reason I'd like to see in this series.

Which one would win?

I am a krillin fan so krillin would mop the floor with tien destructo disk style

Interesting, but since Tien trained harder than Krillin, Tien would win

Tien trained just as hard as krillin

Goku SS4 vs Vegeta SS4

I would make it a 6 hour special movie event called 'The only legendary warrior" it would have 4:30 hours of nonstop talking, flashbacks and fighting then someone turns into a LEGENDARY super saiyan 5 (goku) beat vegeta then vegetas pride and edge will take him to the same level and showdown then both fall to the ground vegeta says to goku "kakarot you are the best saiyan and person I know, go with shenron maybe one day we will meet again " both cry and shake hands giving props and they say goodbye as goku mounts shenron. Finally there will be an end credit where it will show all the z-fighters battle. 6 hours of pure fun. I can only imagine

They need to make this battle an hour long movie on its own! Would be the most epic battle in Dragon Ball history!

Vegeta, but in case Goku was a Full-Power SS4, then he'll win.

I would love to see that battle honestly because of vegetas anger I think vegeta would win

Android 18 vs Zangya

I love the show and there's not enough babe battles. Though she would lose... Go 18!

They'd. Argue over krillin, 18 would freak out and kill her

The Ginyu Force vs Cooler's Armored Squadron

Coolers and Frizas bi***s fight (jey for biches)

Vegeta vs Piccolo

Vegeta would normally have the advantage in power, but Piccolo has tactics and can get inside Prince Charming's head, this on top of having the advantage that Vegeta underestimates him all the time. I'd really like to see SSJ Vegeta vs the nameless Namek. It would be a fight to remember.

What I mean why did no t they should have it would take forever but it would have taken about 11 episodes and it would be a showdown and vegeta would LOSE

It would really be an epic fight but vegeta wins

The best villain turned hero, the coolest guy, the ultimate showdown.

Roshi vs Crane Hermit
hatchiyack vs broly

There both huge and badass who wouldn't want to see the battle of giants but I would go with hatchiyack because it took all the z fighters combined super moves to kill him and it took a punch to kill broly

They would be evenly matched if you take Broly when he fought vs Gohan, then it would be even because Hatchiyack was stronger the Broly.

Broly from his first movie VS Hatchiyack would be good to see but Broly in second and third movie takes it.

Broly came back stronger so no

SSJ2 Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell

This fight would've been awesome. Cell's power was unknown when he returned, you didn't know if he was stronger or still weaker than Gohan. They would've probably been evenly matched in my opinion, because in the Kamehameha struggle, Cell was stronger, but Gohan's left arm was broken. Would've been great to watch.

After gohan turned ssj2 it wasn't really a fight, they just stood there and gohan beat up cell any time he tried to attack.

You mean ssj2 adult gohan vs super perfect cell

"Whoever put this is just plain stupid" what are you talking about? This fight never really happened. It was just a kamehameha beam struggle and it wasnt even fair (gohan arm was broken)

King Piccolo vs Piccolo
Broly vs Majin Vegeta

It's the Pride of a saiyan prince against the reputation of the legendary super saiyan who wins vegeta with a final explosion

Broly vs vegeta majin vegeta wins

Really just wanted to see more of the Legendary Super Saiyan. However, a fight between the Legend and the Prince of all Saiyans again would be epic.

I keep seeing in the fights with Broly in them. They think that Broly is sooo weak because he was beaten by a punch from ssj1 Goku. That's stupid because Broly was slightly weakened and Goku had the power from all of the Z fighters. And, Broly then got a zenkai boost. Stop. Being. So. Stupid.

Fat Buu vs Gohan Ssj3

Hmm, gohan would have far more power than fat buu, but the energy consumption would be enormous, I think gohan would win if he ended the fight fast.

Android 18 vs Android 17

This would be awesome to watch

Would love to see this fight

17 would win

It already happened watch dragon ball gt

Gogeta vs Broly

First of all vegito was technically the strongest saiyan and gogeta is far more powerful than broly, I don't care what V-Jump says, do you really think ssj Goku would have been able to take a hit from someone stronger than ssj3 Goku (as gogeta was, and apparently people think broly is to). broly doesn't have infinite power, he has infinite potential, anyone with ssj2 could probably kill him.

Would be awesome as Gogeta and Broly would have a even power and even fights are awesome!

Gogeta would not move and kill broly


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