Top Ten "What If" Fights That Should Have Happened In Dragon Ball Z


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41 SSJ Vegeta vs Freiza
42 Adult Gotenks vs Baby Vegeta Ape Form

We had never seen to much goten and trunks action (in gt) this would be an epic way to show what they could do

This battle could have easily happened if ss4 goku didn't interrupt in gt

43 Dabura vs Perfect Cell
44 SSJ Bardock vs Frieza

As Bardock turns Super Saiyan, he finally has a chance against Frieza. Who would win?

Frieza wold win. The ssj transformation multiplicates the power level 50X so if bardock became a ssj his PL wold be 500.000 weaker than first form Frieza

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45 Omega Shenron vs Beerus

Beerus this would be a good fight but omega only destroyed a planet beerus destroyed planets by tapping them

I believe that since its clear the gt and super are different universes (if not than the show is ruined by plot holes at this point) they are both top league characters in there universes, but Beerus has higher feats than Omega shenron without even going full power, I believe the dbs is almost completely taken over dbgt in terms of power at this point.

You guys do realise that beerus is a alternate name for bills

46 Great Ape Vegeta vs Frieza 1st Form

First Form Frieza would mop the floor with him.

Great ape vegeta was the same strength as no, frieza would win, unless you mean namek vegeta who didn't have a tail

47 LSSj Broly vs SS2 Goku

Broly doesn't have infinite power, his power is constantly growing, he doesn't have infinite strength he has infinite potential, ssj2 goku would put him down.

I wanna know if brolys infinite power will be enough before Goku puts him down

48 Gogeta SSJ 4 (Max) vs Perfect Cell (Max Power) V 4 Comments
49 Bardock Super Saiyan 2 vs Frieza 1st Form
50 Ultimate Legendary SSJ4 Blue Gogito (Kaio-ken x20) vs Zeno
51 Cell vs Dabura

I believe cell would win pretty quick, ssj2 gohan was much stronger as a kid, hell ssj goku could probably have made dabura work for his victory

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52 Super Janemba vs Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

These monsters were far too much for Super Saiyan 3 Goku, but a fused form of Goku and Vegeta overpowered them. So who would win? I think it would depend on where they fought, as it seems Gogeta gets a power increase in areas where Darkness is stronger than light. For example, When Gogeta fought Janemba in hell, Janemba's evil influence turned the land dark and evil. Also, against Omega Shenron, the world was ravaged with evil.

I'm pretty sure buu would win, because there's a debate about gohan vs janemba, and if that's even a question than with super buus power added on, janemba would be kinda messed.

53 Sword Trunks vs Final Form Cooler

This fight happened in DBZ Multiverse, ( watch it on YouTube, it's great! ) but it was fighting Trunks that fought him. What if, in Universe 12 ( the universe we know and love. ) when Mecha Frieza and King Cold came to Earth to fight Goku, Cooler came with them ( I don't know if "Revenge of Cooler" happened yet, sorry. If so, just think that Cooler never went to Earth. ) and defended his father and younger brother in his final form? I know about Goku fighting him and winning, but if Cooler trained for the mission with the amount of foresight he has, he may be able to hold off Trunks long enough either for King Cold to transform ( I think he can, because it was stated that Frieza's final form was his true form, as was Cooler's. ) or for Frieza to send a charged Supernova at Trunks when Cooler would knock him to the ground.

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54 SSJ3 Goku vs Ultimate Gohan vs Kid Buu

Ultimate Gohan is a little bit more powerful then SSJ3, while Kid Buu is equal to a SSJ3. So in other words, this would be an epic matchup.

Mystic/ultimate gohan could mop the floor even if kid buu teamed with Goku

Kid buu would be destroyed as he wasn't actually that strong tnh, then gohan and Goku wpould go at it, gohan would have the upper hand in power but Goku has more skill...overall, id give it to gohan, Gokus power would just drain away and even if it didn't, there is a pretty huge power gap between mystic gohan and ssj3 Goku, gohan wins either way.

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55 Yamcha vs SSJ4 Vegito

Yamcha is the strongest thing ever period. He can easily take down Janemba, he will kill Gogeta, he will kill Whis. Vegito is just a stick to Yamcha.

You are dumb he is the most worthless person on the z fighter and your telling me that he can beat vegito

What are you talking about yamcha can not even beat a saibamen or Dr. Hero so ss4 gogeta

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56 SSJ2 Perfect Cell vs SSJ2 Goku

What if gohan dies with krillin and piccolo with a kamama blast in the body to kill them to push goku to the next level to stop this moster

57 Supreme Kai vs Cell

It is said in the manga that Supreme Kai could kill Frieza with a single blow. But like the other Kais he couldn't manage to kill Buu, but what could he do against Cell?

58 SSJ2 Vegeta vs. Frieza (Final Form)

I would like to c that one time because through out all the dbz series Vegeta is bitter bout Freiza destroying his planet I would wanna c him get revenge

59 Hercule Satan vs Cell (first form)

It is so obvious cell would kill mr satan in ten seconds flat who would want to see a fight like this?

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60 Beerus vs Gogeta SSJ God

Well...i think gogeta would have a pretty god chance of winning, I hope we see this in dbs, gogeta finally gets cannon

Gogeta would toy with beerus like he did to Omega shenron.

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