Top Ten "What If" Fights That Should Have Happened In Dragon Ball Z


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61 Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Gogeta and Super Vegito

They would destroy the universe and gogeta ss4 would have to fight quickly because he has a shorter time limit so he might do the big band Kamehameha! x 100

You do know that super vegito and gofeta ssj4 are the same strength right? I know it sounds kind of ridicules but vegito is really that powerful, so id have to give this fight to super gogeta and super vegito.

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62 Hirudegarn vs Baby Vegeta Great Ape

A good battle between most powerful giants of the whole dragon ball series. - TheExperimentAge

63 Tapion vs Broly Legendary Super Sayian
64 Mystic Gohan vs. Kid Buu

Mystic Gohan was more than three times the strength of kid buu, if he really tried he probably could have one shot him.

65 Hercule vs SSJ God Gogeta

I would like to see this.

66 Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs Broly

...ssj4 Goku, hell ssj2 Goku would kill him, what are you on about?

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67 Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs Broly Legendary Super Saiyan

According to V-Jump Broly's power level is 1400000000 and Super Saiyan 4 Goku's is 1500000000 so Goku would win but it would be a good fight to watch.

Yea no, V-Jump has officially been dubbed one of the most inaccurate sources, broly was not that strognand, ssj2 Goku could probably beat him.

...v jump is very wrong, super perfect cells power level was 1,300,000,000...gogeta is WAY stronger than v jump?

68 Cell and Frieza vs Super Buu vs Broly

I feel like broly would just grab them all in his huge hands and crush them but if they work together they might live a little longer but buu works alone and cell and Frieza only have power in hell and barely even there

I know this is not a thing but cell and Frieza might fuse and buu might absorb broly so very very very good battle

Again...broly is not that strong, buu would probably just kill them all

Frieza. If we're going by their current incarnations.

69 Bulma vs ChiChi V 2 Comments
70 LSSj Broly vs SS2 Goku

Broly doesn't have infinite power, his power is constantly growing, he doesn't have infinite strength he has infinite potential, ssj2 goku would put him down.

I wanna know if brolys infinite power will be enough before Goku puts him down

71 Roshi (Revival of F) vs Nappa

Roshi wins without a sweat

72 Beerus vs Golden Frieza

Whis said in ressurection of f to vegeta and Goku that if their where to work as a team they could beat beerus Goku fought freiza as equals.

73 Android 16 vs Olibu
74 Adult Gotenks SSJ4 vs Gogeta SSJ4

Is that even a battle to be honest gotenks would struggle badly against omega shenron

75 King Piccolo (Kami Fusion) vs SSJ Kid Goku
76 SSGSSJ Goku vs Bills
77 Base GT Goku vs SSJ2 Enraged Vegeta
78 Fat Buu vs Gohan Ssj3

Hmm, gohan would have far more power than fat buu, but the energy consumption would be enormous, I think gohan would win if he ended the fight fast.

79 Pui Pui vs Cui V 1 Comment
80 SSJ 2 Future Gohan vs Cell

I believe they would tie, he wasnt as strong as present gohan but he has far more experience

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