Top 10 "What If" Questions to Ask About Video Games


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1 What if Twilight Princess and Wind Waker switched art styles?
2 What if the main character of the Mario series was Luigi?

Good, more interesting - iliekpiez

3 What if indie games had the graphics of AAA games?
4 What if the obnoxious hatebases for video games didn't exist?
5 What if Five Nights At Freddy's was actually scary outside of its fourth installment?
6 What if Undertale was a full-fledged, 80-hour long, filler-loaded JRPG like Xenoblade?
7 What if Super Smash Bros. Brawl had good online play?

Never played the online mode. Was too late to do it. - MeeMeeCandy777

8 What if the Wii wasn't hackable?
9 What if Nintendo had actually localized Mother 3?
10 What if Street Fighter had Mortal Kombat's fatalities?

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11 What if people didn't have so much nostalgia for Ocarina Of Time?
12 What if Undertale hadn't infamously won GameFAQs' Best Game Ever poll?
13 What if indie games weren't the most overrated thing since sliced bread?
14 What if video games weren't automatically required to have horrendous fandoms?
15 What if Nintendo hadn't shoved Rosalina down our throats?
16 What if there was literally an entire F-Zero spinoff game about the one and only Captain Falcon?

I'll be happy about it. - MeeMeeCandy777

17 What if Nintendo were to actually show Samus completely naked?

Then, everyone might create more artwork of her. lol - MeeMeeCandy777

18 What if the Sonic series had been made by actually responsible developers?
19 What if Hotel Mario and the Zelda CD-i games had never existed?
20 What if Smash 4 and Mario Kart 8 didn't both require you to buy ridiculous amounts of DLC in order to fully enjoy them?
21 What if Nintendo started doing microtransactions?
22 What if Nintendo made an actual Skylanders-style game starring the Amiibos?
23 What if Duke Nukem Forever hadnmt sucked so hard?
24 What if Rareware hadn't left Nintendo to join Microsoft?
25 What if Sonic 2006 didn't have so many glitches in it?
26 What if Ubisoft hadn't whored out the Assassin's Creed series so much?
27 What if Reyn was the main character of Xenoblade Chronicles?
28 What if Link could actually speak?
29 What if Konami hadn't abandoned the Metal Gear Solid series in favor of Pachinko machines?
30 What if Funky Kong wasn't a playable character in Mario Kart Wii?
31 What if Undertale had been a violent, grimdark, forcedly edgy M-rated game?
32 What if Mother 3's storyline hadn't been a blatant ripoff of Star Wars?
33 What if indie games were able to get the same type of public advertising exposure that AAA games do?
34 What if Shulk hadn't been in Smash Bros?
35 What if Super Smash Bros had indie game characters?
36 What if Conker's Bad Fur Day hadn't been such an overrated, unfunny pile of crap?
37 What if Fallout 4 was as innovative as Fallout 3?
38 What if Bioshock Infinite wasn't such a cloying pretentious and generic shooter?
39 What if Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were to cross over with each other?
40 What if Undertale and Earthbound were to cross over with each other?
41 What if Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Wooly World switched art styles?
42 What if Luigi was actually playable in Super Mario 64 and Sunshine?
43 What if Zant had actually been the main villain of Twilight Princess?
44 What if the Game & Watch never existed?
45 What if Mario didn't have so many spinoff games?
46 What if Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric didn't have so many glitches in it?
47 What if Shadow The Hedgehog hadn't tried so cringe-inducingly hard to be edgy?
48 What if Undertale's creator was a fan of Final Fantasy?
49 What if the Earthworm Jim games after the second one hadn't become based off of the cartoon series?
50 What if ET and Superman 64 never existed?
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1. What if Twilight Princess and Wind Waker switched art styles?
2. What if the main character of the Mario series was Luigi?
3. What if indie games had the graphics of AAA games?


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