What Should Happen to Flower from Battle for Dream Island

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The Top Ten

1 Tell another cartoon character to poison her

That will be Me-Mow.

2 Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy work together to kill her
3 Tape her mouth shut

That will stop her from saying mean words to all the other objects.

4 Make Pen tell Flower that she must stop talking or else Eraser will kill her.
5 Tell Cuddles to stick a knife in one of her petals

Cuddles will be so proud to do this.

Cuddles is not a killer flippy is

6 Tell the creator of BFDI to make an episode called Flower pees her pants

It should be called flower pees her pants

Flower: You touch me again, I will-(peeing noise) Uh oh. Help! 😱
Dora: did somebody say help? I can help! Where are we going? (Clap clap clap) bathroom! (bumps into a tree with flower)
Flower: ouch. 😥
The rest of the Bfdi characters: Ha ha ha ha!
Flower: it's not funny. 😠
Pen: Not really funny... But this is! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Flower: (cries)

7 Make her scream so loud her head will explode

That will be so epic, NO MORE FLOWER

8 She and her brother fall into a volcano
9 Make Tennis Ball tell Jacknjellify that Flower is mean

That should also be Leafy, Firey, Pencil, Match, and Bubble too.

Tennis ball rules! Flower drools!

Tennis Ball is awesome! not flower.

10 Flower poops her pants

It will be so funny if she dose!

The Contenders

11 Eaten by Flippy
12 She gets bitten by a snake
13 She gets crushed by big orange chicken
14 Make her watch her own show
15 She rolls in a pit of spikes
16 Trophy throws Flower away

I hate flower now

Trophy sucks! Flower is neutral in my opinion but she is mean!

17 Blocky breaks up with her
18 Blocky kills Flower on Blocks Funny Doings International
19 Make her watch baby shows
20 Blocky tells Flower that he doesn't want to be her crush anymore
21 Make her listen to Justin Bieber with the highest volume
22 Flower gets eaten by bugs bunny

That would be bossome

23 Flower is forced is watch Teen Titans Go episodes on repeat
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