Top Ten 'What tha Hell?' Moments In Cartoons

This is including cartoon movies. Makes you say, 'What the hell?'.

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Sally Acorn - Sonic the Hegdehog (1991)

No one asked for her really. At the time everyone was just fine with sonic and tails. But NO Archie just HAD to make Sonic have a princess. HE didn't need her. She get to much attention it the sonic community. Plus Sally came out 2 weeks before Rosy the Rascle (AKA Amy Rose). So I don't understand why they put Sally in when their was already going to be a female in the games. I find her a usless brat that breaks up with sonic and then 6 hours later they get back together. I understand that couples fight But they fight all the time! Sally your 17 grow up already

HAHA see lovers? she is basically a retard now. (well she always was) but now when people see this list and they see Sally, Their gonna see how bad Sally is. Who ever is a Sally hater, don't listen to the lovers. They don't know what they're talking about. The Sonic fanbase is a terrible place so its hard to know whats real and whats not. So don't be fooled by Sally lovers

All she wore was a vest

Please just please go away Sally. PLEASE

Live Action Man In a Gorilla Suit Riding a Horse and Beating Up Patrick and Sandy - SpongeBob SquarePants

That gorilla was so scary! Not just because of how real it was, but that it put Patrick and Sandy in a bag and started beating them up. I'm just surprised how they survived all of that.

The ending didn't make any sense at all. What is a gorilla doing underwater anyway? And why was he riding a horse named George?

"What's a gorilla doing underwater in the first place? " My thought process was overloaded.

Why was there a live action family at the end of this episode? And in case you wanted to know, the episode was titled Safety Freak.

Heather Loses Her Top - Total Drama Island

"That looked like it almost hurt. Did you see how close the shaver was to her face? "

Yes, Heather going bald was great, but this refers the the episode X-Treme Torture where Heather tries to make the Bass lose. Her plan is interrupted by a tree branch cutting through her top. She than realized, and quickly covered her "private parts" up. But Harold still saw them anyway.

That looked like it almost hurt. Did you see how close that shaver was to her face?

I remember this very well... I was scarred for life when I saw her stripped naked.

This is why Total Drama should be on Adult Swim

Dawn Kissing Ash - Pokemon

I've seen every Pokemon episode (Including Electric Soldier Porygon) and this has never happened

I wish this did happen. Dawn is a better character than Misty and the FAKE FANS who hate everything past the mediocre Indigo League and Orange Islands ned to SHUT UP!

I like the pairing( please don't hate me! ), but I don't think this ever happened...

Exactly when did this happen?

Scooby-Dumb - The Scooby-Doo Show

Is his brother Scooby Dumber.

He was called Scooby-Dumb 4 a reason. He's a dumbass!

Spongebob Getting Round Pants - Spongebob Squarepants

That was pretty stupid

Not surprising at all.

That was very weird.

Brian Griffin's Death - Family Guy

Why, Seth, why? At least they brought him back, but if you're really going to kill a character, why not Chris or Lois? While I have nothing against Chris, I feel that he's a very unnecessary character, and Lois? Well, I just don't like Lois.

Master Roshi Rubbing His Head On Android #18's Boobs - Dragon Ball Z

Master Roshi is a pervert

Uhhh... Sexual harassment much?

Start to End On Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Start to end was 'What the Hell? '

Rogue Kissing Tails In An Arena Fight to Win - Sonic X

I didn't see this, but one of my friends told me.

Kissing actually wins a battle?

The Contenders

Patrick Admits He's Not Stupid - Spongebob Squarepants

And in that very episode Patrick became one of the most hated animated characters of all time

Who could forget about this moment?

(from The Card:) "I can't stick with my everyday stupidity. I have to mix it up a bit, keep you on your toes." So... What does that mean about Patrick?

He's an egotistical jerk who thinks he's smarter than he actually is. - Synchronocity

Trent Kissing Heather - Total Drama Island

Heather definitely tried to get Gwen jealous. But heather never realizes that will get her eliminated

Thank goodness Heather got what she deserved at the end.

Damn! Didn't notice goths can cry after that incident!

Naruto Farting In Kiba's Face - Naruto

I saw this a long time ago when I was young and I was like "what? " I didn't really watch Naruto as a kid.

Kyle's face change during the "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand" Song - South Park

During the song Kyles face unexpectedly changes and I'm like what the Hell happened to his face.

The Twin Switch - Total Drama Pahkitew Island
Captain N: The Game Master

Pit was called Kid Icarus, Simon Belmont had blond hair, not brown hair, he also had a blue tunic in stead of leather clothes, Mega Man was green and yellow, not blue and dark blue AND THIS SHOW HAD A BLOODY GAME BOY!

This was a good show.

Ren Feeding Fish Chum - The Ren and Stimpy Show

Yeeaah! Fish just love eating their own guts

Two Homers from the Boys-Scoutz 'n the Hood Episode - The Simpsons
Nappa Punching Tien's Arm Off - Dragon Ball Z

Did Nappa just unlock a cheat code to blew Tien's arm off in one of the Dragonball Z episodes? That's painfully sucks!

The Ending from Da Boom - Family Guy
Cleveland Brown Getting His Own Show

We all knew that show didn't last five seasons.

Sheen From Jimmy Neutron Getting His Own Show

I know. And it was awful.

The only episode I liked was trial by jerry

Pumbaa Farts During the Presentation of Simba's Ceremony - The Lion King 1 1/2

That's just plain disgusting.

Lindsay Curses Heather Off - Total Drama Island

Not only that but she also flips her off which is of course blurred out.

Again, Total Drama should be on Adult Swim

Lindsay must have a really serious temper.

Mr. Garrison gets a Sex Change - South Park

Thanks episode I really wanted a real sex change happen, what's next a live abortion, burn in hell if you do

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