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21 Cleveland Brown Getting His Own Show

We all knew that show didn't last five seasons.

22 Sheen From Jimmy Neutron Getting His Own Show

The only episode I liked was trial by jerry

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23 Pumbaa Farts During the Presentation of Simba's Ceremony - The Lion King 1 1/2

That's just plain disgusting. - ZZDOORAL

24 Lindsay Curses Heather Off - Total Drama Island

"2-faced, backstabbing, lying little *BLEEP*" - Lindsay - Catacorn

Not only that but she also flips her off which is of course blurred out. - egnomac

Again, Total Drama should be on Adult Swim - N64Dude

Lindsay must have a really serious temper.

25 Mr. Garrison gets a Sex Change - South Park

Thanks episode I really wanted a real sex change happen, what's next a live abortion, burn in hell if you do

26 Lady Gaga on The Simpsons

What about katy perry on the simpsons?

27 Sudden Switch to Anime Art Style - South Park

Wasn't tree a switch to anime in the middle of "Black Friday" too? That's the episode where Kenny becomes a Japanese Princess. - Turkeyasylum

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28 Where's the Mountain - Dora the Explorer

Any part of Dora is a " what the heck? " moments. - funnyuser

Where's the mountain?! (Big and obvious mountain in the background)

All Dora moments deserve to be on this list.

29 The Ice King and Marceline Having a Past Together - Regular Show

Uh, good sir, isn't it Adventure Time, not Regular Show?

That's adventure time you dumb ass

REGULAR SHOW? This guy is the stupidest person ever - N64Dude

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30 Maggie Shot Mr. Burns - The Simpsons

Yeah,it's definitely a 'What the hell! ' moment when the one behind the murder mystery is the baby.

31 Heffer and Filburt spy on Rocko and film him walking down a staircase naked - Rocko's Modern Life

This scene is awesome. Admit it. Whoever commented two spaces away from me, why all the hate? I hope you know that this was actually the most underrated episode of the series. The scene and everything else after that point in the episode was hilariously priceless and actually made sense when you think about it. It was also a sneaky reference to "Nude Descending A Staircase", which is pretty darned clever actually.

This was from an episode called "Camera Shy", correct?

It was a what moment, yes, but that's why it was hilarious! - xandermartin98

This is why I stopped watching rocko's modern life and gave up on it for good.

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32 The Art Style - The Problem Solverz
33 Scrappy Doo's Debut Episode - Scooby Doo

Are you talking about Scrappy's birth at saint Bernard's hospital?

34 Naruto - Naruto Kissing Sasuke

I was all like what?!

35 Gumball Squirts Lemon Juice In Nicole's Eyes and She Enjoys It - The Amazing World of Gumball

She told him not to take life lemons and make lemonade. She told him to squirt it in her eyes.

Yes, that was a what the hell?! Moment!

36 Cartman Craps Out His Mouth - South Park

Kyle says it best in the episode when Cartman actually craps out his mouth and says "get the F out of here". - egnomac

37 Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby (Phone Sex) - Rocko's Modern Life
38 Filburt cross-dresses as a woman and becomes Rocko's false wife (and tries to use it as an excuse to give Rocko a foot massage) - Rocko's Modern Life

Oh, come on, who wouldn't have big enough of a crush on Rocko to want to do such a thing themselves? (wink, wink) - xandermartin98

39 "You're Not Perfect" - Courage The Cowardly Dog

First time I saw it, it was nothing. But then I watched a video of Danger Dolan (now Planet Dolan) showing the 30 moments in cartoons that scared us as kids. I watched it at night. It was number one. What the hell...

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40 Minimoose - Invader ZIM
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