Top Ten 'What tha Hell?' Moments In Cartoons

This is including cartoon movies. Makes you say, 'What the hell?'.

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41 Cartman's Mom Is Reveled to Be His Father - South Park

There is no way Carman's mom could be his father, they obviously didn't want the people to know who Cartman's dad really is. - egnomac

Maybe it wasn't so bad we got that full length Terrence and Philip cartoon, this reveal is just disgusting, but seriously the worst part was the town turning into canibals I really hated them after that

42 Minerva Mink's Foot Fetish Tease - Animaniacs

That bit where she stuck her sole up to the screen and wiggled her toes up and down was just too much.

43 Jim and Peter Puppy, after being shrunk to microscopic size by Psycrow, fly into his ear and Jim crams Peter's tape player into Psycrow's brain and Psycrow starts dancing like an idiot - Earthworm Jim

Okay, seriously, just TRY to watch this scene without laughing. I DOUBLE dare you. - xandermartin98

44 The Wheel Of Fortune Breaks The Fourth Wall - Rocko's Modern Life

Forget breaking the fourth wall, this is a case of a gigantic wheel breaking everything in sight before stopping on WIN.

45 The Great Mushroom War - Adventure Time
46 Simon (Ice King) and Marceline's Complicated Past - Adventure Time

They destroy my lacrimal ducts when they sang that heartbreaking song while my love marceline was crying and that flashback about their first encounter was shown...

I've never cried so much for a cartoon!

That's a total tearjerker! I feel so bad when I see my honey marceline singing,playing her ax bass an weeping at the same time! If she weeps I weep too.

47 Knowing That Amethyst And Pearl Can Morph Into a "Giant Woman" - Steven Universe

So can Garnet with either of them.

48 Auntie Mama is really a Man - The Cleveland Show

Even more messed up Cleveland's dad Freight Train actually has sex with Auntie mama and Cleveland doesn't tell him until the very end and his reaction was hilarious. - egnomac

49 Kenny Magically reappears in the Episode Cartman's mom is Still a Dirty Slut - South Park
50 Cinnamon Bun (age 30) hooking up with Flame Princess (age 15) - Adventure Time
51 Krillian Fights Bacterian - Dragonball Z
52 Alf Travels Back In Time Just for a Slice of Freaking Pepperoni Pizza - The Problem Solverz

Alfe: "Hmm... Pizza. Time. Yesterday. Maybe I can, like, use time, and make it yesterday, and then I can get some more pizza..."
Roba: "STOP mumbling about PIZZA! "

53 Leela and Zapp Pose As Adam and Eve - Futurama
54 Slurm's Source - Futurama
55 Bugs Bunny In Drag - Looney Toons

The most overrated and tired joke in all of looney tunes

56 Fry has a tattoo of Bender on his @$$ - Futurama
57 "How would you like to suck my b****?" - South Park

That was so hilarious - N64Dude

That was so funny. - Catacorn

I remember this

58 The Truth Behind the Popplers - Futurama
59 Zoidberg's Disgusting Bodily Functions - Futurama
60 Cartman Poops On Mr. Garrison's Desk - South Park
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