Top 10 What Would You Do? Scenarios

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1 If you were president

Ban sites like patreon. Selling fan art is illegal.

Get my least favorite presidents/political figures who are still alive get executed by lethal injection.

Run the country the way it was supposed to be run in the first place: with some common sense. - Mcgillacuddy

Raise the wages and send more troops to the Middle East, hello America...wake up

2 If the world was ending

Pretend it's a zombie Apocalypse and go around shooting random people - bobbythebrony

I would do all the stuff I've ever wanted to do but never had the courage / strength to in the past.

I would binge watch all the anime I can. - Pegasister12

Ride all the horses in the world, so there you have it.

3 If you had super speed

I'd compete in the Olympics and go for the gold. Also, I'd do what Superman did, running so fast that time reversed, preventing 9/11 from happening. - ethanmeinster

Exchange it for teleportation and invisibility - bobbythebrony

I'd actually loose weight. - AnonymousChick

I would run away from my problems... THAT'S ONE HELLA RUN EVEN WITH SUPER SPEED.

4 If TheTopTens got too popular

I think I'll troll many users with another account.

Sigh because more idiots have arrived - bobbythebrony

5 If TheTopTens admin brought back No-Hate Week

I would just keep on doing my regular routine - bobbythebrony

I would move to another site for the time being.

Just keep on normally - Martinglez

Not hate for te week but once the week is over, doublé hate. - AnonymousChick

6 If you could do anything you want

Give all good lifeforms who were not able to live before old age a second chance and murder all evil lifeforms, animals included. As for me, delicious food and drinks, have genie powers and use my powers to make managing stuff easier for me.

Would it be wrong to say "burn down my elementary school and the house of this kid I hate? " - AnonymousChick

I would buy a cat. And only wear medieval Noble clothes. - Merilille

Kill people. That is all. - bobbythebrony

7 If McDonald's closed

Cry cause the school jocks lost their jobs - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Laugh at all the people who now don't have jobs - bobbythebrony

I would need a new place to eat hot cakes.

Then let me eat at KFC or Burger King.

Those places are better anyways. I only go to McDonalds if there's an exclusive Pokemon event or something. - RiverClanRocks

8 If you could delete any list on TheTopTens

I would delete my early lists (they are below awful) - idontknow

Delete every list by "certain people" - bobbythebrony

I don't need that.

Delete my old sucky lists - AnonymousChick

9 If you had to eat hamburgers for the rest of your life

As long as you it tastes good and you can eat it fast, I think that would be totally fine.

I don't wanna be fat - bobbythebrony

I would eat the tomatoes last

Die (vegetarian style)

10 If you could never die

If I could never die? Watch my beloved ones die all around me? I'd probably kill myself... - Britgirl

Oh I would have so much fun destroying everything in sight - bobbythebrony

I would be the biggest troll known to man.

Kill - bobbythebrony

The Contenders

11 If religions didn't exist

Then Islam wouldn't exist and the would would have no problems - bobbythebrony

Then there would be NO wars whatsoever - Dalice

12 If you had one wish

You can wish for more wishes but as soon as the statement is done being said all those wishes are nullified - CityGuru

I would wish for unlimited wishes.

Oh there's so much to choose from - bobbythebrony

I would wish to open an animal sanctuary. - Pegasister12

13 If you found out you are the only one who lives young forever
14 If you hear a nuclear bomb is going to hit in 15 minutes
15 If you saw a creepy ghost in your house
16 If this list never existed

Then I would read other lists. Plain simple.

Read another list - bobbythebrony

17 If you suddenly got infinite money
18 If you were banned from TheTopTens even though you did nothing wrong
19 If you see someone burn down your house intentionally
20 If you had to use the bathroom while performing in a play and you're the main character
21 If a rattlesnake bit you
22 If the government ordered for your true love to be killed


23 If a ghost of Freddie Mercury talked to you
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