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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


This ranking has no meanings. Most of the voters should be Koreans.

S. Korea should go to International Court of Justice with Japan, and ask the lawyers to review the two county's reasons, as Japanese government has proposed. It does not make sense to let their citizens demonstrate in the the Olympics stadium, or commit suicide for the cause.

Japan can show all of the world international evidences why Takeshima is a Japanese territory while Korea cannot, simply because Japan is the owner of Takeshima.

The reason why Takeshima belongs to Japan is

1. "Takeshima was never treated as a part of Korea, and since about1905, has been under the jurisdiction of the Oki Islands Branch Office of Shimane Prefecture of Japan. " said by former USA assistant secretary of State Dean Rusk

2. "The United States states that the United States concluded that Takeshima was a territory of Japan. " said by Ambassador Van Fleet

That is it. All Japan and Korea do is just to take the dispute to the International Court of Justice.
Let us prove it there.

Korea and Japan must go to the ICJ to open the debate. In the case two parties have a conflict, 3rd party should judge which one to lose or win.

During post WW2 turm, South Korean Pres. Syngman Rhee suddenly ruled the national security line so-called Syngman Rhee Line. 328 Japanese fishing vessels were arrested with 3,929 fishermen, and 44 were killed or wounded. Takeshima was intentionally within the border in order to steal the islands, then they started insisting they own them. International community must brame such a rogue nation. Recently Japanese government is going into a court action to get them back to Japan, but filthily, Korean government is trying to get out from the court.

In the treaty which the United States decided, it is a thing of Japan.

Judging from the VERIFIED evidences, the island or the rock on the Japan Sea should be considered to be a property of Japan. I have investigated grounds of their respective claims and I have no choice but to conclude that the grounds for Japan are based on verified facts and international treaties, while those for Korea are merely their one-sided advocacy. I wonder if many of Korean citizens know the fact, but I am very sure that Korean government knows well that they have no chance to get successful lawsuit if they go the International Court of Justice unless they are real fools. Before the case be transferred to the ICJ, Korean citizens should learn and study the verified evidences so that they can notice they have been deceived by their own government.

South Korea should show proof that Takeshima belongs to Korea at the ICJ.
If South Korea do not go the ICJ to show the proof, many people and government think that South Korea can not go to the ICJ because of South Korea telling a lie.

South Korea should go to the International Court of Justice.

Recently, in what appears to be evidence that the Korean side comes out, the Takeshima There are many materials that does not belong to Japan, the logic that the ones in Korea is too much a leap too, so is a mistake. South Korea since it became independent state in 1948 in the first place, I want to say itself that for Takeshima was incorporated into Shimane Prefecture in 1905 and earlier, South Korea to speak with their territory and nonsense.

If that island belonging to South Korea, then why do not you come out to the ICJ?
The answer is simple.
There is nothing in the evidence from South Korea to claim the island internationally.

Korea found Takeshima 720000 years ago? Laugh out loud Great Korean fantasy

There are many true evidences about Takeshima.

South Koreans just fabricated historical stories.
Because they are liars like they say Pizza is original from Korea.

Japan always try to settle this matter in the international court, yet Korea always make up excuses and run away. If Korea truly believe what they claim, she should accept this case and let the court to decide.

Everybody in the world Takeshima is Japan's.
South Korean stole from Japan illegally.

There is no island named and called Dokdo on the earth! South Korea stole the Japanese island, TAKESHIMA. They are the invaders. The precious sea-shell, AWABI, which many lived in around the island, was destroyed for a long time ago because of Korean fishermen with dirty desires. There is no excuse to keep invading the Japanese island TAKESHIMA. We Japanese want you to look what shameful people Koreans are!

We know the history of Takeshima.
Takeshima belongs to Japan.

Hey, Korean guys.
Takeshima is Japan's territory.
All historical dossiers and objective testimonies prove it.
Conversely, you're saying it's your territory without any proof, rather all proofs you have are casuistry.
That's why you can't appear in ICJ.
For the same reason, there's no way that sex slaves could be.
They were just all prostitutes.
Then, what do you think about now in America?
How many Korean prostitutes are in other country?
They'll call themselves the victims some time some day somehow, saying, "We're forced to take to this country! "
Anyway, you're whore's progeny at all.

People in South Korea have been brainwashed by the education by the government. They do not know it.
Everything is decided by the Rusk's note and San Francisco Peace Treaty, and they are common senses in the world.
First of all, observe an international law if South Korea wants an international country.

From the research I've done on the issue it seems that, while Korea may have had a historical claim to the island, in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War rights to the island should, for all intents and purposes, lie with Japan. Japan got the short end of the stick after World War II, and now South Korea is using that opportunity to be extremely aggressive in their claim and construction of a flag on the island, which just seems like bad manners to me.

Corian don't even come to the international court of justice.
That's all.

As usual, South Korea lied about histories. We want to make sure the truth at the International Court of Justice.

Takeshima exists in old Jpanese maps. Dokdo does not exist in old Korean maps. San Francisco Peace treaty recognised Takeshima as Japanese territory.

I hope so, because it's good for security stability of Korea peninsula.

A South Korean history textbook is the number 1 fabrication work of the world.