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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


Dokdo is an inherent territory of South Korea. It has been a part of the South Korean territory since 512 A.D. , and the first Japanese written record on Dokdo, the Records on Observations in Onshu published in 1667, admits this fact.

Silla, ancient Korean country, found Dokdo about 35000 years ago. However, Japanese said that they found Takeshima about 100 years ago. Korea found it almost 20000 years before!

We all must acknowledge the fact that Korea throughout its long history has been the actual owner of the island Dokdo. Even most of Japan's historic maps and artifacts prove that Dokdo has been the territory of Korea. The reason Japan nowadays asserts Dokdo belongs to Japan is the fact that they, during the World Wars, forcefully took Dokdo away from the Korean government by trading with China. Because Japan forcefully took away the diplomatic powers from then, the Korean government had no power. However, this is where the problem starts. The Korean emperor, who actually held all the powers did not sign the treaty that yielded the diplomacy power to Japan meaning that Japan used its military force to do whatever they wanted with out the Korean's approval. This means that the trade Japan made with China regarding Dokdo is also invalid because the diplomatic powers still lied in the Korean Government.
I really hope that the Japanese government realize the truth and follow their ...more

Dokdo is a Korean territory. We have tons of proof. For example, even a Japanese map from 1905 doesn't mark Dokdo as Japanese territory. It was only later, after Japan illegally invaded Korea with force, that they became interested in taking away the Korean islet. The only reason Japan wants to bring the Dokdo case to the ICJ is because they have a Japanese judge in the ICJ who can rule in favor of Japan, regardless of their lack of evidence. Furthermore, the Japanese government have been brainwashing its people by teaching distorted history in schools so it's not even surprising that a lot of Japanese mistakenly believe that Dokdo is rightfully theirs (which is sad because they aren't even aware that they've been taught false history).

Japanese politicians you stop lobbying and passing bribes. Do you think we don't know that you guys have already sopped the people from the states? Don't try to distort an absolute fact by coaxing the majority. 1+1 is not 3 even though 60 billion people believe so. At the first place we never have to go to ICJ since Dokdo is definitely a Korean territory but you are just trying to bring us to ICJ which will stand for your side. If you really want to do this, then let's also ask ICJ if Japan is Korean territory ot not. If you think you really need to bring this case to ICJ, provide us enough evidence that shows Dokdo is Japanese territory and rebut any of our evidence. We have plenty and you are saying nothing about them. You are making us to think that you agree to those evidence.

There's no point for us to do this survey. The reason is that it doesn't matter whether japan lies and distorts the history of it.
Japan has released a map of japan which tells Dakeshima is not under Japan's rule after The World war II. (precisely, Dakeshima wasn't even in the map)

We have been keeping Dokdo as our own property for almost 80yrs. There is not doubt about that its ours. Japan now, all of sudden, I don't know whether they have planned for a while, tries to insist other countries that that dokdo island is theirs. It does not make any sense.

Japan is having a lot of contraversial disputing islands with other countries adjacent to Japan and occured war.
They are Criminals. I have no offense to Japanese citizens.
I have many japanese friends. The goverment is the only trouble maker.

Dokdo was included by Silla's general Lee-Sa Bu in 512, according to Samguksaki. (silla is ancient kingdom of Korea) And, On the basis of the book Sejong-sillok-Jileeji which is King Sejong's royal history, Geological document, Dokdo was located in Joseon's territory. In 17C, the Joseon person An-Yun-Bok, which was just a fisherman, got the Japanese governor of Tsushima island the affirmance that Dokdo was definitely Joseon's territory.

But, Japan insist that Dokdo belonged to Japanese territory in 1905, because they occupied owner less land. It's very ridiculous. Since Korea has Dokdo before 1905, Japanese claim is unpersuasive. And, Japanese ancient book say Dokdo was Korean territory. So, Dokdo belongs to Korea.

Dokdo was, is and will be Korean territory.

First of all, geographical location of Dokdo makes Dokdo territory of South Korea. Secondly, History proves that Dokdo belongs to South Korea. Third, I don't get why people are saying that Dokdo belongs to North Korea. Dokdo is located on the same longitude with South Korea, not the North Korea. AND! Even if North Korea takes Dokdo, they will just sell it to Japan, or give it away to Japan! SO stop claiming that Dokdo belongs to North Korea. If you guys have hard time distinguishing North and South Korea, I'll say that North Korea is a country that has extreme communistic Idea. HOWEVER South Korea, is a country that is in G 20 party.(which is assembly formed of top 20 countries in terms of economic/other developments) And South Korea is a republic, has a woman as a president, owns SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI and LG and several other large, global companies that produces electric devices. Please study history for the goods of South Korean people that are about to loose their territory (Dokdo).. ...more

Dokdo has only been described as part of Japanese territory in all Japanese maps since 1905 until World War II ended, during which S. Korea was under Japanese colonial rule by force. There are many kinds of solid evidence in South Korea why Dokdo belongs to South Korea for such a long time in history. No lies.

My teacher has taught me Japanese have deficit in their brain that is proven by many scientific investigation that why they can't understand that DOKDO IS OUR South KoreaN'S TERRITORY!

every one wishes Japan is destroyed by earthquake. Japan, please disappear from the earth for man kind.

The reason why Japanese insist on going to International Court of Justice is that some members of the Justice are Japanese. Shame on Japanese. Look back on what your ancestors did in Korea and other Asian countries like Sex Slaves.

Japan just want dokdo because there is a huge amount of methane under the dokdo which will be using in the next generation. They have no evidence that dokdo is theirs and it's not even convincing. In the past south korean already knew it was theirs so they didn't bother to say it was south korean's but after Japanese found out that under the dokdo, there is a huge amount of methane now they are saying stuff that dokdo is japan's

Before the Japanese occupation in Korea, They executed their own fisherman for fishing and hunting seals in 'foreign territory', but after the occupation, they suddenly started saying that Dokdo is their island.
All they actually want is actually to complete their 'sea diamond'
Not long ago, they turned a small rocky island, into a cement platform, just to claim it. This island was extremely far away from their mainland, but they did it, just to get the natural resources, and claim the area around it.

It makes no sense that Dokdo is japanese just beause there has recently been some political incidents in korea. Totally no relation to historical truth. Actually its sad to see that only 44% of people here know that dokdo if koreas territory and voted. This shows how many japanese people are brainwashed by their falsely written history text books during last decade and how poorly korea has worked to make it known around the world that dokdo is koreas land. So wrong and so heartbreaking

Wow... I don't know why this vote is existence...
When you are searching the internet Japan said acknowledgment Dokdo is Korea's territory about 100years ago. But now Japan is strange... And some Japanese are saying Takeshima is Korean's territory.
So what I want to say history is not a toy!

South Korea has lots of proof. Japan is trying to hide the truth. They trying to deny their past history. They deny the history of all Sex slaves forced labor, including human experimentation. They is a liar.

Dockdo is South Korea's land. Japan is saying lie. Japan want Dokdo because of their benefit. But Korea love Dokdo so much. Because they know Dokdo is Korea's land. Many Koreans go Dokdo, but Japanese people don't go Dokdo. Korean police live in Dokdo to protect Dokdo. And Koreans live in Dokdo too.

This place, the island named Takeshima is actually need to be called Dokdo. It is in Korean, so you can know that it is a Korean island. And also, lot of people knows that Dokdo is Korea's island, and the Sea of Japan is actually the East sea, and it is the Sea for Koreans. So I think Takeshima, no Dokdo is Koreas Sea.

Do not doubt. DOKDO is a Korean territory.
It is militarism of Japan and scapegoat of territory scheme.
Proof that DOKDO is a Korean territory has much low degree.
Old map that BoA is so, and the South Korea is doing now effect control BoA so.
Should this become vote why?

South Korea is the Owner of Dokdo, completely. If someone thinking about Japan is the Owner of Dokdo, please, give me a reason. I really can not understand and I don't want to understand. Please, don't forget our history. It's for all of us.

Dokdo, the Easternmost island in East Sea, is an integral part of Korean territory historically, geographically, and under international law. No territorial dispute exists regarding Dokdo, and Dokdo is not a matter to be dealt with through diplomatic negotiations or judicial settlement

No discussion needed for this. Obviously Dokdo is included in Korean territory. Historically, politically and every fact exists in the world proves the truth. I really hate to even explain why Dokdo is Korean territory. It's just so ridiculous as asking is New York included in US or Canada.

After South Korea became a free country after Japan's Invasion, Japan gave up South Korea which included Dokdo. Before that, it was part of Korea. And After that, it is officially part of South Korea. Since when did Dokdo became part of Japan?

Japanese has not apologized for their cruel War crime in world war 2. They are trying to take over the world once again. Dokdo has been the territory of Korea, and it always will be. We Koreans are not gonna let Japanese invade Korea and other countries.

Dokdo is officially, legally, historically, and internationally South Korea's territory. There should be no doubt about that, and the liar Japan is distorting the truth. The world should be the place where justice is understood.