Top 10 Whinest Simple Plan Songs

Here is the band that is the grand champion of whining.

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1 The Worst Day Ever The Worst Day Ever

I'm starting to contemplate about liking Simple Plan to begin with. There are a few good songs, but that's it. They're mediocre, and I actually mean that. - CrimsonShark

I don't even hate emo but man, these titles are making me sick. - Swellow

I love this song.

Oh gee, why are they saying it's the worst day ever? is it because there was a terrorist attack that killed 1000? Nah, is it because a war started? Nope, is it because a natral disaster destroyed a city? Wrong, it's the worst day ever because *GASP* you have to wake up in the morning and go to school, because that is totally worse than those 3 things I just mentioned,
oh and don't love the fact that these are grown men whining about this crap? Because grown men really need to keep on whining about crap that shouldn't even matter to them at this point in their life. - christangrant

2 Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?) Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)

This song is supposed to be about drink-driving... or at least what the music video tells us, because I'm not buying into that meaning. - Swellow

What a cheesy song. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

This one needs no explanation it became a meme because of how whiny and laughable it is. - christangrant

Blink-182’s Untitled is a lot better than this crap fest.

3 God Must Hate Me God Must Hate Me

Just look at that title, God Must Hate Me? Right because taking dads car without asking and he crashed it into a wall, God Must Hate Him for that, he forgot to study for a test, God Must Hate Him for that and near the end of the song he keeps on whining that "He wants to go home" over and over again just like a little kid would. - christangrant

Simple Plan, channeling their inner Antitheism towards everyone via their music. This is NOT something a pop-punk band would say. Rather, an edgelord would come out and say that. Or Deicide or another Satanic Metal Band if its music. - CrimsonShark

4 Grow Up

Oh boy, now they are whining about how "they don't want to grow up" and "they want be a kid forever" because that's we need more of in the music industry, we need more grown ups whining about wanting to be kids forever and not wanting to grow the hell up. - christangrant

Don’t worry Simple Plan, age is just a number. - 3DG20

5 This Song Saved My Life

Music does not save your life. If anything, YOU save your life! I swear to god these guys are literally 14-years-old!

6 I'm Just a Kid

It's a song about how they whining that life sucks and they keep on saying "I'm just a kid" as if that really is going to help through get through the hardness of life, whining about it, yes because whining about problems will totally solve them and won't make you a laughing stalk especially since you are grown ups. - christangrant

They definitely have the mentality of a kid. - 3DG20

I am neutral over this song. I have heard this from Cheaper by the Dozen. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 Welcome to My Life

I guess they still think whining will solve their problems after all it helped them so much the first time. - christangrant

8 I Don't Wanna Go to Bed

Seriously? Are these guys like 6 or something?!? Please tell me this song was written as a joke.

Ok, I admit, the titles of some of the other songs on this list did represent some of my feelings back then, but *Laughs* This?!?! Are they trying to mock these times? - SpectralOwl

9 My Christmas List

Look they did a Christmas song so maybe it will be about spreading joy, celebrating the holiday actually no even better it's a song about whining that Christmas should last forever, because as I previously stated whining about problems will totally solve them because it totally worked the last few times you did it and it definitely didn't make look childish and immature, especially since you are grown ups. - christangrant

10 Perfect World

The world is so cruel but I am gonna whine about it and will totally make the world a better place, because after all whining totallly helped you didn't it? - christangrant

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11 You Don't Mean Anything

A girl said no to you, well whine about how she doesn't mean anything to you, because after all whining will solve every problem you have, it will not make you look once again childish and immature. - christangrant

12 Shut Up

So people are criticizing your music for being whiny trash? Just say Shut Up to them,
cause screw taking criticism and actually trying to improve why not just make same whiny bullcrap you did the first time they will totally respect you and call you great NOT!
I hope ya know I was being sarcastic throughout my comments on this list because why in the holy mother of crap would I praise a band like this? - christangrant

13 I Don't Wanna Be Sad
14 Everything Sucks
15 Perfect
16 Me Against the World
17 Loser of the Year
18 Anywhere Else but Here
19 Your Love is a Lie
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