Top 10 Whiniest Rock Songs

Rock songs that suffer from whiny vocals and are completely unlistenable because of that. However I'll be excluding most Post- Grunge and Nu Metal for this list. I'll mostly be including emo bands for this list.

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1 Last Resort - Papa Roach

This song would still be pretty bad if the vocalist were good, but I can't think of a worse sounding voice in any song. - kempokid

It's so damn whiny that it hurts... - SomePersonYouHate

He isn't even singing good. - Userguy44

2 The Drug In Me Is You - Falling In Reverse

This band's entire discography is a whinefest... - SomePersonYouHate

3 Rollin' - Limp Bizkit

One of the most whiny Rock songs out there. - SomePersonYouHate

Fred Durst makes every LB song whiny - Userguy44

4 Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine

Whiny and downright terrible to say of the least. - SomePersonYouHate

5 In the End - Black Veil Brides

Whiny and obnoxious as hell. - SomePersonYouHate

6 Bad Girls Club - Falling in Reverse

Whiny and downright cringey to say of the least. - SomePersonYouHate

7 Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides

Whiny and annoying as hell. - SomePersonYouHate

8 Scars - Papa Roach

Whiny to the max to be honest. - SomePersonYouHate

People do not like my tastes at all X'D - EliHbk

9 Welcome to My Life - Simple Plan

It's Simple Plan... what more needs to be said? - SomePersonYouHate

10 King for a Day - Pierce the Veil

The Newcomers

? Boom - Simple Plan

The Contenders

11 You're Insane - Escape the Fate

This entire song is a whinefest. - SomePersonYouHate

12 Caraphernelia - Pierce the Veil
13 Bulls in the Bronx - Pierce the Veil
14 All the Small Things - Blink-182

Disagree with this. - Userguy44

15 Centuries - Fall Out Boy
16 I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick
17 Tear in My Heart - Twenty One Pilots

This song genuinely annoys me. - CloudInvasion

18 Alone - Falling in Reverse
19 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Not whiny in my book. - SomePersonYouHate

This is far from whiny - Userguy44

20 Closer - Nine Inch Nails

It's not whiny to me also this is genuinely the only NIN song I can say I legitimately like. - SomePersonYouHate

21 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
22 Weightless - All Time Low
23 I Love the USA - Weezer
24 Dear Maria Count Me In - All Time Low
25 Fat Lip - Sum 41
26 Immortals - Fall Out Boy
27 Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy
28 Sugar, We're Goin Down - Fall Out Boy
29 My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy
30 Ex's & Oh's - Elle King

This is NOT a Rock song FFS. - SomePersonYouHate

31 Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine

Not whiny to me.. - SomePersonYouHate

Doesn't sound anything like whiny.

32 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

This song is awesome! This person how puts this on the list hates the lyrics of the song probably. - Userguy44

I don't see how this song is whiny at all... - SomePersonYouHate

33 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
34 Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) - My Chemical Romance
35 Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
36 Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock
37 American Bad Ass - Kid Rock
38 Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
39 F*** Me - Vanilla Ice

This is a RAP song not a Rock song. - SomePersonYouHate

40 Suck My Left One - Bikini Kill
41 F*** You and All Your Friends - Falling in Reverse
42 I Miss You - Blink 182
43 Adam's Song - Blink 182
44 Josie - Blink-182
45 Apple Shampoo - Blink-182
46 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

Also not whiny in my book. - SomePersonYouHate

47 Jane Says - Jane's Addiction
48 Ted, Just Admit It... - Jane's Addiction
49 Stop! - Jane's Addiction
50 Low - Cracker
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1. Last Resort - Papa Roach
2. Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides
3. King for a Day - Pierce the Veil
1. Last Resort - Papa Roach
2. Rollin' - Limp Bizkit
3. The Drug In Me Is You - Falling In Reverse


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