Top 10 Whitney Houston Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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1 You'll Never Stand Alone

I adore this track - Whitney sounds gorgeous. This "beauty" should have been a single. I think - Irina2932

I've always thought this was a gem that should have seen release! It's a shame that it was overlooked. Sometimes I wonder if Arista knew what they were doing!

Love this song so much!

She sounds so amazing on this track. she gave her all here

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2 For the Love of You

This track was originally performed by The Isley Brothers but I love Whitney's version much more. She brought real vocal power to this song - Irina2932

3 For the Lovers

I love her album "I Look To You" and this is my favorite non-single track - Irina2932

4 Thinking About You

Just awesome track from Whitney's debut album - Irina2932

5 Lover for Life
6 I Bow Out

Sweet non-single track from amazing "My Love Is Your Love" - Irina2932

7 I Got You

Another great song from "I Look To You" - Irina2932

My favourite song from the album!

8 Get It Back

I don't know why but I adore this song.
"My Love Is Your Love" is master-album - Irina2932

9 After We Make Love
10 Love Is a Contact Sport

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11 I'm Knockin'

Very interesting sound - reminds me of Madonna's I'm Breathless period - Irina2932

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