Who Is the 2012 Queen of TOG

With Randommm, SailorJessica and heroin and wetonwet and GirlRacer mainly in other rooms. Who really is the new queen of T***orgtfo?

The Top Ten

1 Pixxiie

The sexiest girl in tog. Nice body, she is not shy and willing to please the guys.

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2 Jardine

Jardine it's simply amazing. I dream every night with her...

The new girl on the block - chrome

Jardine it's the sexiest girl in world...

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3 NakedGuy

Nakedguy is amazing and always cheers me up when I'm having a bad day.

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4 MissMeow

This girl is is amazing! Sexy, Hot and my dream girl. Always a pleasure to have in the channel and on Cam.

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5 Pussycontrol
6 Gingerminge

This ginger has a beautiful soul - chrome

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7 Natcake
8 Nihil

The room is better place when with her in it - chrome

9 Littlequincy

She is so beautiful. You can see in her eyes how romantic she is. 10/10 <3 -Z420

10 Letsbefriends

The Contenders

11 Topsecret432
12 Purplelion
13 Meloramolly
14 Bambi
15 Iare
16 Brostorm
17 WheatWheat

Ass in the air. Is there any better?

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