Who Should Be the Queen of the Foreveralone On Icanhazchat?

Who do you think is the most friendly, prettiest and all round awesome camdiva on Icanhazchat?

The Top Ten

1 Anna_w

When she drew the penis coming up out of her waistband, I knew that she was damn near perfect.

2 Randommm

random rocks, without her their is no TOG.

if I won the lottery if be able to actually meet random for dinner at least

Where is she? Not seen on Icanhaz for a long time nor on chaturbate either

I miss you random, where are you? I miss you and SailorJessica and heroin and wetonwet and GirlRacer... Email me pollysanto214@yahoo I miss you guys... Raddaraddaradda ^. ^

Meh no comment, she's hawwt, end of story.

3 Rubyred

Smart, sexy and sure of herself. Rubyred is a joy to behold and chat with. For a wise and self-secure man, many happy hours could be spent in her company; but a fool would be squished like a bug.

She has the best girl next door quality you'll ever see in a fine woman. Totally the apex of woman hood.

It's ruby... That's all the reason you need.

I hope she's enjoying her Summer and comes back soon. The current residents of /ftl pale in comparison to her.

4 Bugchan
5 Oracle

I love her eyes ;-)

6 Red
7 Wetmoon
8 Mrs.Frozty
9 PrettyPanda

She needs a penis in the pooper. That ass is a sight to behold, especially the cute bow tattoo on her lower back.

10 Tsimf***is?

The Contenders

11 Runningawaytocali

Amazing girl, great personality. Beautiful. That ass. BEST MOD EVER

12 Peche
13 Heroin
14 Herps
15 Dragonsss

Makes the best nicks on the site, never have I seen her be rude to anyone

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