Who Should Be the Queen of the Foreveralone On Icanhazchat?

Who do you think is the most friendly, prettiest and all round awesome camdiva on Icanhazchat?
The Top Ten
1 Anna_w

When she drew the penis coming up out of her waistband, I knew that she was damn near perfect.

2 Randommm

random rocks, without her their is no TOG.

if I won the lottery if be able to actually meet random for dinner at least

Where is she? Not seen on Icanhaz for a long time nor on chaturbate either

I miss you random, where are you? I miss you and SailorJessica and heroin and wetonwet and GirlRacer... Email me pollysanto214@yahoo I miss you guys... Raddaraddaradda ^. ^

Meh no comment, she's hawwt, end of story.

3 Rubyred

Smart, sexy and sure of herself. Rubyred is a joy to behold and chat with. For a wise and self-secure man, many happy hours could be spent in her company; but a fool would be squished like a bug.

She has the best girl next door quality you'll ever see in a fine woman. Totally the apex of woman hood.

It's ruby... That's all the reason you need.

I hope she's enjoying her Summer and comes back soon. The current residents of /ftl pale in comparison to her.

4 Bugchan
5 Oracle

I love her eyes ;-)

6 Red
7 Wetmoon
8 Mrs.Frozty
9 PrettyPanda

She needs a penis in the pooper. That ass is a sight to behold, especially the cute bow tattoo on her lower back.

10 Tsimf***is?
The Contenders
11 Runningawaytocali

Amazing girl, great personality. Beautiful. That ass. BEST MOD EVER

12 Peche
13 Heroin
14 Dragonsss

Makes the best nicks on the site, never have I seen her be rude to anyone

15 Herps
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