Top Ten Who Was Books

The Top Ten

1 Who Was Jesus?

You can't say he ain't the best. He is! Not 5th. Best. He rose from the dead men after he was crucified for blasphemy.

2 Who Is Neil Armstrong?

You know him. First man on the moon. 1969.

3 Who Was Henry Ford?

The man who built tons of cars. Infact, he gave a model a to his son for I think Christmas.

4 Who Was Galileo?

His last name was Galilei but we just call him Galileo. He discovered four moons of Jupiter including Io.

5 Who Is Bill Gates?

A Microsoft man. He worked with my uncle.

6 Who Was Steve Irwin?

An animal planet guy who was killed by a stingray in 2006.

7 Who Were the Wright Brothers?

The airplane inventors from 1903. They died and were born at different times.

8 Who Was Teddy Roosevelt?

The vice president when Mckinley the president was assassinated in 1901.

9 Who Was George Washington?

The leader of the U. S army during the American Revolution. Also, the 1st president and the only president not to live in the White House and the only one to die before the nineteenth century.

10 Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci?

The the means from. He was a long time painter.

The Contenders

11 Who Was Thomas Jefferson?
12 Who Was Abraham Lincoln?
13 Who Was John F. Kennedy?
14 Who Was Ronald Reagan?
15 Who Was Franklin Roosevelt?
16 Who Was Paul Revere?
17 Who Was Isaac Newton?
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