Best Whodunnit US Season 1 Cast Members

This is the top 10 cast members of ABC's Whodunnit.

The Top Ten

1 Melina Alves

In all honesty, I don't see how you didn't win. The Killer (don't worry fans, I won't spoil it) should have taken into account that you made a pretty solid theory when it was 3 against 1. He or she also should have thought about the fact that she had only gotten information from one place, and had managed to use that information to piece together what happened in the other two. So all in all, I think she was pretty bad ass! She never intentionally deceived anyone, she was nice, kind, and a fighter.

She was smart nice pretty And she was just amazing I couldn't picture you in the morgue not breathing I really wanted h to win if not than for you to be the killer just because you were really amazing I wish you didn't die and I hope if there is a second season your in it

I thought she was one of the greatest players there

Melina seemed to be the most honest player in a game of lies and death. It was sad to see her not win Whodunit. You have one fan here!

2 Dana Davis Blake

She was a true southern belle. I loved her personality the most. She wasn't the best at playing the game (relied too much on others in a competitive environment) but her personality. Sophistication and charm were refreshing.

She was great and never backed down.

Dana has been my favorite since the show started. It's 2016 now, and it aired in 2013 so for 3 years she's been my favorite. I can sort of understand why people dislike her, but it's all Team Dana for me!

She's way to elegant to be anything lower than #2

3 Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey was an early favourite after showing her bubbly personality on the show. An easy contestant to root for!

She was playing both sides and a was a liar.

4 Cris Crotz

My favourite contestant from the beginning, and I almost immediately pegged her as a possibility for the killer! Was so excited to see her at the end with that final cheesy menacing rhyme!

For a killer she did very good hiding it.

She was hot and p;ayed the game very well. I don't care if she was the killer she is still my favorite of the cast of Whodunnit.

Well she was the killer and if not all knew she was then she deserves number uno

5 Sasha Horne

Sasha is by far the best! Why isn't she higher?

6 Giles

The butler was great in whodunnit I hope he returns.

I feel Giles was the best on the show, his acting was impeccable and hilarious, in fact he was so funny on the show, I would even like to see him do some stand up, the best part was when the Hawaiin party was going on, also I liked it when he was sunbathing, there must be a season two and he must return.

Although this well-dressed Brit truly played both sides, Giles entertained with wit and deserves the real prize.


Even though he gave people the creeps sometimes, he is the most awesome butler I've ever seen/heard of/read about!

7 Ronnie Padron

Bounty Hunter and that Trained Monkey idea your great dude! Oh by the way love the stash!

AMAZING GUY! Should've won, monkey theory was logical with the info he had. Good job Ronnie! Long live the monkey!

He was to overconfident in himself

My friend and I always laughed at what he said and he was AWESOME!

8 Don Tabak

I liked don more than most of the rest of the cast but I he died to early.

9 Kam Perez

I love Kam, he was intelligent and arrogant in a good way.

Kam was the smartest of them all, hence the reason he won

I did not like Kam. He was very arrogant.

Kam was loyal to his team

10 Ulysses Wilson

#BowtiesForUlysses forever.
He was a great player, I wish he made it further.

The Contenders

11 Geno Walker

This is a travesty. Geno 6th? Are you kidding me? The only reason he didn't win is because Ronnie is a backstabbing bastard who was too cowardly to even ice Geno out. Shame. Shame on all of you for failing to recognize greatness when it so obviously lies before you.

He was also very overconfident

12 The Maids

They were always quiet and nice.

13 Adrianna Iwasinski
14 Sheri Marsh
15 Dontae Mosbey
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